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  1. It is also the only game, where with a straight face I can say "I've got wood for sheep"
  2. Kiaransalius smirked as she read the notice, "What is the term...? 'Get in line?'" So many wished harm to those that donned the colors of the Grim, the knight did not even bother to keep note. Shaking her head slightly, she could not help but laugh lightly as she walked away.
  3. [This takes place before the journal entry on 11/21/08] Kiaransalius guided her wyvern in a gentle turn as she descended upon the small island in Nagrand, not far from the very gates of Shattrath City. The area was her refuge, no their refuge, from the world. The relaxing sounds of the nearby falls were all that were heard, even when the city was a bustling center of activity not so long ago. The beast landed gracefully upon what little clear land was there, and the knight dismounted equally so. Patting the neck of the wyvern, Kiaransalius reached into a saddle bag and pulled out the Grim tabard she had given to Lascivious long ago, and the reins to the forsaken's wolf. She dismissed the beast as she turned toward the small copse of trees that provided cover from anyone in the area. Holding the items tenderly in her grasp, Kiaransalius knelt down slowly at the very spot she remembered being when she had heard Lascivious was dead. She did not believe it at the time, but she had to come to as time went on. Many servants of the Lich King that called themselves Death Knights had broken away from his grasp, and were now part of the Horde and even Alliance forces. Her love was always of strong mind and would surely have broken away with the others, but when time had passed and there was no contact, Kiaransalius accepted what was told to her by the one that called himself Madred. Lascivious was dead. The woman dug in the earth for a few moments and placed the bridle wrapped in the colors of the Grim into the small hole. As she looked at the items, her hand rang along a chain around her neck where the ring she was given that day hung. She fingered the ring for a few moments and sighed softly, before scooping the earth back into the hole and covering the belongings. Once she was done, the elf built a small cairn of stones to mark the "gravesite" and stood slowly. Kiaransalius turned and started to walk toward the edge of the water, unbuckling her armor as she moved, when she noticed tracks. They were the tracks of another wyvern, hers had not moved from the area where it landed before taking off again. Irritated that someone else had been to her retreat, the woman refastened her armor and called her steed down. Mounting the beast, she scanned the area one last time and spurred it to flight.
  4. The young knight sighed as she reached her destination, a place shown to her quite a time ago. The ringing sound of the smiths rose up to the perch, the smells of the forges still quite distinct, their eerie glow making the street appear to be glowing with embers. A city burning. She thought back to the battle of Orgrimmar not so long ago, the chaos that came to this very district of the city. The Lich Kings forces swooping down upon the city ferociously, before finally being driven off. Kiaransalius had taken part in the battle, her first real combat action in many months, and was pleased with how she had fought. The Knight had sequestered herself away after learning of her lovers death. Breaking contact with nearly everyone, as she prepared for her journey ahead, both mentally and physically. Finally, she believed she was ready, and she was pleased she would not be doing it alone. The forces of the Horde were on the move in Northrend, assaulting the Lich King's armies. The holds were there, but there was much fighting to be done. Slipping into a meditative trance, the elf let her form sway slightly to the rhythm of the hammers. Soon she would have her revenge. She was so distracted that she failed to notice the lingering cold about the platform...
  5. QFT.... I really cannot sum up my thoughts any better than this. We have had limited contact in game, but you are easily one of my favorite persons in this game/these boards.
  6. I used to be on constantly as an escape, now, I am happy and it is recreation again. As it should be! Fun time with someone I care about who happens to have the same hobby thankfully. Precedence over doing other things? Not so much anymore, depends on what else there is to do! There was a time it was like crack, but that was as I said, escape time. So it was like therapy
  7. <p>friday and saturday are terrorist weekends</p>

  8. <p>How are you still online!? Shouldn't you be killing terrorists like Abric says he does constantly? I mean hell... Im slacking today but you are fighting for me!!! MEEEEEE!!!</p>

    <p>*wonder ginger power - ACTIVATE!*</p>

  9. A key factor in this all, is the officers ability to relate information to the members of rank and file. While some do not care, I know it is easy for it to seem like one person is doing all the work (for good or bad image) and others do not seem to do anything. I myself am guilty of these thoughts, but I also do know that it is a thankless job to be an officer much of the time... and difficult to do it and enjoy the game sometimes. I have been in other guilds, and I know it's a ton of work. It is one of the reasons I tend to not like taking on that kind of responsibility again... my job is enough work. *good post though!*
  10. Pretty sure I know what Eric Idle would say to the subject line...
  11. WoW is the reason that I still havent fully unpacked at my apartment... but I typically play wow to hang out with folks that I dont live near that I like bullshitting with. The game itself is a side bit of fun while doing that. It has overtaken all my other games as the primary force of entertainment in video game form though... which kind of disappoints me.
  12. Wrathgate... amazing. I agree that it is back to an old school feeling of WoW and I love it. Plus you can't go wrong in the main theme being lets fight the scourge... Undead, dragons and undead dragons... cant be much better And the music is awesome.
  13. The air is crisp and cold in Northrend... It gives one an energy that I have not felt in ages. I had believed this land to be completely overrun with the Scourge, and while they are here in overwhelming numbers, our bases of operation are quite secure it seems. The Fjord shall be in our control soon enough, and then the rest of Arthas' forces will be driven back to the Citadel. I only hope I live long enough to see him cut down, hopefully by one of the very knights that were in his service if not by my own hand. Vengeance Landing... quite appropriate.
  14. The Stand is awesome... need to read again... and Im more than willing to read Dune. Just waiting on you to bring me a copy.