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  1. <p>Did I hear something? Nah, it was probably just some old owl in the night.</p>

  2. <p>Well well well, last activity 03-04-2013.. I see I'm not the only old face prowling these forums *grins*</p>

  3. Aiyan


    Oh, and thanks for the tips, Szordrin! No idea why I didn't notice your reply before haha. I was actually going for the slight slant to the eyes, as Renne is/was half Blood Elf. In most novels and things, authors comment a lot about how angular their faces are, with slanty eyes, etc. Looking at it again, I can definitely see that the head is in the wrong proportion to the shoulders. Fortunately, I've just finished dissecting a head, so not only do I know what all the names of the muscles are, but where they originate, the direction the fibers run in and what they insert into! Here's hoping my second attempt's a bit better
  4. Aiyan


    Portrait of Aiyan I did awhile ago and never scanned.
  5. Love love love! This forum needs a like button *sage nod*
  6. <p>You really must be. It's sad <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sad.png" alt=":(" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sad@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> Good thing your husband's so wickedly awesome and amaxing.</p>

  7. <p>I'm a lonely, lonely druid...</p>

  8. <p>*clings back* You only have 3 friends!</p>

  9. <p>*clings*</p>

  10. << FUTURE WRITINGS>> . . . .
  11. <<RECENT WRITINGS>> . . . . Oh, I hope in your day Auraya, you learn a bit about manners. Given the generation that's only just come before you though, I cannot say I am too hopeful. Goodness me, only reading those words I have written do I realise how much I've grown to be like Aurin. It is funny how similar we become to our role models as we grow. Perhaps it is intended - the decision to use an inspirational example as a framework upon which to base ourselves, and by doing so, becoming them with time and age. I feel egotistical thinking you might choose me, and while I would be flattered, I would hope that you would find a stronger man. Shadows and subterfuge have been my tools of late. Manipulation, another. Orchestrating events of my own design because I am incapable of accomplishing my task alone. It is a dangerous game to rely on others for success, Auraya. Alas, it is the command I have received, and it is the command I shall of course, follow. My stamina is not what it once was. I've resolved to try a new recipe for the condition. Here's hoping that its success will allow me to hand this Compendium to you myself, many years from now. If not, at least this tool remains. Any words I can provide are certainly better than none. . . . . The Hood Masks can be physical as well as metaphorical. Their function is, of course, concealment. My purpose for concealment is two fold: one, I am capable of representing more than I am; and two, I convey little to no facial expression in a conversation. Non-verbal cues are amazingly powerful tools. Often, they can betray your thoughts, and reveal truths that you would prefer to keep hidden. With my hood donned, I am more than a withered, old kaldorei with lines creasing his face, scars from previous mistakes in battle, and hair with fading vibrancy. I am anonymous, serving as an instrument rather than a person. It was a technique I learnt in my years serving the Highborne family in Ashenvale, before their banishment. As a servant, I was treated as being lesser, and for most of their dinner parties and functions, I wore the plainest clothing and a high collar that masked the better portion of my face. Taking that idea further (or perhaps not so much), I am still a servant, merely to a different entity. I can appear as more than a man, or less, depending on the situation. It gives me an option of greater control. It was many millennia ago that I learnt how to alter my shape to become a beast. I have since learnt the art of shape-shifting to become a different elf. The greatest challenge of the art is remembering how to unmask yourself. . . . .
  12. <<PAST WRITINGS>> . . . . Perception is greater than reality. Understand that principle, my daughter, and I might hope to better justify my actions. Your mother would be the first to tell you of my fondness for 'masks' - my need for privacy, and the false emotions and guises I wear. It was for protection as well as usefulness. Anonymity allows for objectivity and rational decision-making, both of which will be important in your life. Not always, mind you. Your mother was one to teach me the wonders of love, which is perhaps the most common irrational force known to us all. You were another to teach me this. Appreciate what you hold dear, because with the unpredictability of life, you've no idea when things might change. I have learnt that sore lesson with Ashenvale. I pray that when you read these words, it is a wondrous sight to behold once more. I doubt it very much. But we must hope, and so I do. I work hard to try and change its course, which is yet another important quality: determination and conviction. Learn them well, and you'll be the happiest and most-stubborn lady your friends will come across. If you are anything like your father though, I've no need to tell you that you should be stubborn. It is curious, in writing this, I reflect on what it is I have learnt and lived through, and even though I have lived perhaps one hundred centuries, there is not a great deal. I am not sure if these words are of comfort to you or not - perhaps it is a sign of the simplicity of life, that learning how to do well at it doesn't involve much at all. Make the most of your years, dear one. They pass by faster than you like, and that will only hasten as you get older. Know that I love you very much, and that already, I am so proud of all that you are. ~A~ . . . . How I Met Your Mother It was your Aunt who introduced me to the Sanctum, and after learning of its goals and the people who comprised it, I had made the decision to join their ranks. At that time, the meetings were held in the Stormwind Park - perhaps I shall show you exactly where, one evening. My induction proceeded smoothly, however I was of the mind that the newer generation of druids had forgotten a great many of the practices and ethics that I deemed to be crucial. As is my wont, I decided to rant. On and on, I prattled about the degradation of morals and an understanding of true druidism. I spoke of the blending of our culture with that of the mortal races, and all that I felt we had lost with it. As the humans say, I was standing on my soap box. All the while, there was a certain snowy-haired woman who was glaring daggers at me. She was affronted at my insinuations, as she felt she was being incorrectly represented by this old whining bogrot. My words kept spouting, and her anger kept rising. Finally, she spoke up against me. In that instant, I learnt two things about Angeni Riverdawn: one, she will speak her mind when she feels the truth is being poorly conveyed; and two, she valued the ancient ways as much as I did. Both qualities, I admired. Perhaps in a later entry, I might entail the development of my relationship with her. . . . .
  13. <p>*points* YOU!!!</p>

  14. Aliss Dusksinger has escaped from the Violet Hold! The Kirin Tor, enraged by this insult, are now turning to adventurers and guilds they have dealt with in the past to bring this murderer to justice before she kills again. If you would like to take part in the hunt for Aliss RP event, please send a message to Aiyan on the TNG, or Valcune on Alliance side in game ))
  15. Around the streets of Stormwind, Dalaran and Orgrimmar, a new poster is put up, addressed to all adventurers and guilds...