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    **Spoilers** By the Light...as I gaze upon the once blue skies of Lordearon... I see something that I believe I have yet to fully comprehend... Argus itself now sits within sight of Tyr's Hand, and my views now seem so horribly short sighted. When I sat and watched The Prophet touch the head of The Deceiver, as if to absolve him, if nothing else to show mercy and pity in the Demon Lord's last moments... I look at my own world view and cannot help but question myself... what sort of follower of the Light am I? The Prophet Velen is a paragon of the Light... a true believer... It would seem as though I do not hold all the virtues as close to my chest as I have sought to, I must look inward... I must look to the Light... and I am afraid that when I am done looking, I will have forgiveness to ask...