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    Grand New Year Story Contest With the new year let’s see if we can kick off a new contest too. This new contest has a submission window of two months: why two months? Because we have some nice looking prizes courtesy of Maikull and we want a chance for everyone to participate! Due to low voter turnout we’re also going to try something new and select three to five judges at random, this has the added benefit of pulling opinions from outside the community, ensures a set number of votes, plus guarantees fairness that one group is going to outvote another. If you want to volunteer to be a judge please message me or Maikull and we’ll make sure you are added to the draw. Rules -Your story must be self-contained and be at least one paragraph long. This means your entry must be condensed into a single post. If you have more than one post your first one will be the only accepted entry. -No thread Necromancy-the story you submit must be new. - You must have a character on Twisting Nether or Ravenholdt to participate - Neither you nor the character needs to be active. -Story must be WoW related and connect to the theme. Prizes Courtesy of Maikul we have some juicy prizes up for grabs: -The winner of the contest will receive 30 days free game time or 1 WoW token worth or free in-game gold. -2nd Place will receive 1000 gold per each multiplied by the number of contest participants. Theme: Artifact Weapon Please include Artifact Contest in the title of your story for your submission to be considered and include a link to your entry below. Submission Deadline is February 28, winners will be chosen after the first week in March. Good Luck!
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    The Arakkoa of the Lower City didn't seem to mind too much that a priestess not of their own chose one of their platforms for her own personal rumination. Maybe they did. She didn't notice. Didn't care was much more likely. They didn't know or inquire as to why she was there, and she was no more comfortable around them as they were with her there, but the Birds left well enough alone. A sack of shiny stones were payment for the space she occupied anyway, so they kept their beaks shut and went about their business. Even if they did look at her a bit strangely when inspecting the baubles. Maybe that's just how they always looked at everything. She didn't know, couldn't tell and couldn't be bothered for a second to find out. She wasn't there for them. She planted herself in the most sheltered spot she could find: between a lectern and a shrine that each seemed hardly used, facing the cliffs where saplings tried their luck of sprouting. The skies were cloudy, the air damp. Perhaps she chose that spot because of its discomfort, combined with its relative safety, to think on things unfortunate and traumatic from the recent and distant past as she had all around the city for some time. Refugees the Arakkoa were, but Aaren felt much less imperiled around them than she did around the humans and orcs down below. They were less likely to try to talk to her, sell her things, beg for money. Stalk her. It was enough so she didn't have to think on these things, at least. How many things she guarded in her mind. Of course in the past few years many things have happened to traumatize her, warp her slowly into a new person as time generally does. The attack that nearly finally killed her had left her an entirely different person, on the inside. For years she had developed ways to shield her mind from those that wished to peek in and ruin her secrets. For years she guarded herself from often painful prying. The hidden benefit of her techniques was the capability to suppress her own memories so that the most excruciating trials of her past would not be so readily recalled. The attack had left her entirely vulnerable, and what will she had used to keep those barriers in place had fallen in a crash. For weeks her emotions and her psyche were at best a mess. Once or twice she did reach out to another, but ultimately she was completely alone to mend it herself. So many questionable choices plagued her, but everyone has those regrets. The suffering she had caused, even if in the line of duty, that was more unique. As much as she appeared to hide the scars on her face and on her body, she wasn't ashamed of them. She deserved them, if even in her own mind. She still missed her mother as the day she learned she was gone. Keltares and Casean, those were cruel sources of seemingly infinite pain. Losing one before she even really had him, and even now plagued by the abuse of the other. She wouldn't ignore the more recent harassment from cartoonish creeps, enough to make her roll her eyes on the outside and dread on the inside if another would come to copy their wickedness with her as their target. Watching the dwarf die in front of her, such a pleasant man he was. He was only trying to protect her. She would go back at any moment to take charge and do things another way. Regrettably, she couldn't fall into a deep enough transfixion. As it seemed to finally come, the foggy, misty air felt oppressive as she breathed. Her chest tightened and jarred her back into focus. Perhaps only because the location was just all wrong for the meditation she wanted to achieve, or the discomfort of a strange people surrounding her being too great and artificially magnifying the cool, humid breeze. She departed as silently as she arrived. The feeling of eyes fixated upon her was unshakable, even in her meditation, and history had taught her time and time again that temping fate was generally a dire mistake. She departed for the Scryer's Tier. Her heavy hood was drawn over her head to hide her face as she returned to her quarters, knowing it very well possible that several people she knew could be in the area at any given time and she didn't want a single one to find or approach her. Tonight she would drink herself to sleep again and try to catch the elusive tomorrow.
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    Small feet tapped out a rhythm on the cobblestones, skipping over the cracks as the small child wandered through the streets of Dalaran, lost in the bustle that was clearly new to her. The child looked to be around five with tangled black hair and wearing a brown jumper that seemed more at home on a farm then in the big city. She stopped briefly, distracted by the fountain and leaning over to stare into the water and the various coins at the bottom. Dalaran children ran about the city all the time. But this one…she didn’t fit. Maikull had just emerged from the Guardians Vault under the Central Spire, and once again got turned around, walking out near Grayfang’s Enclave. As he made the trip around the city to head back to Windrunners Sanctuary, he noticed the little girl by the water fountain next to the Glorious Goods shop. Most of the children who ran around were not far off from their citizen parents, he leaned against the staircase to the Curiosities and Moore shop across the street and watched the little one for a moment. Emily didn't seem to pay notice to anyone around her as she leaned in, trying to reach one coin at the bottom that was nearest and dipping her arm into the water as far as she could manage. For a moment it looked as if she would fall in, but the child stabilized, hooking feet and legs onto the lip of the fountain until she was able to reach deep enough to grasp the coin, from there she appeared stuck, flailing without sufficient support to lean back out. Mai’kull watched the events unfold, and was slightly disheartened. The bustle of city life, grown ass people going on about there day and not one of them stopped or took notice of the child’s plight. Granted, the little beasty shouldn’t be snagging coins from the well, but that was a discussion for later. Giving a deep sigh, he hoisted himself off the wall and headed towards the small human child. His hand slipping into his pocket activating the powers of his [Orb of Sin’Dorei]. He was going to help the child, not give it a heart attack. As she struggled amongst the edge of the well, a Water elemental reached out taking hold of the coin. It slowly rose to full form, giving the girl the leverage she needed to get down, but not letting go of the coin in the process. A Black and Red Clad Blood Elf stood behind her with a small smirk, “I think he wants his coin back…” he said to the girl in a semi-off version of Common. The water elemental seemed to be a shock for the poor girl and there was a gasp of part surprise and part wonder, her hand closed as she tried to reach the coin to no avail and but any further attempts were halted by the interruption of the elf. The child spun around, looking like every bit the guilty party as her eyes fell on the stranger, she seemed shy but appeared to be doing her best to put up a front of not being afraid, not even in the face of water elementals. Her head darted around as if seeking someone out and then seemed to realize she had no idea where she was, having lost track around five shops ago, the tangled mess of hair that must have one been a sloppy braid continued to dip on the stones from it's recent dip into water. “You know, people drop coins in the well to make a wish upon, for a better day or for luck…Taking the coins out takes away their wish.” The Elf said to the little girl. He studied her for a moment, pathetic little thing. “Tell me…where are your parents?” There was a slight pout on her face, it might have been that she was trying to be mean or intimidating but the effect was no where near what was desired. When he mentioned her parents she seemed to get something of a panicked look, eyes darting as she tried to search the crowd. To her credit the child appeared to hold most of her panic in on not locating what she was looking for and adopted a poorly attempted poker face that was reduced in its effectiveness by the occasional repressed sniffle. " ... Around." Emily straightened, trying to look tougher and taller than she was actually feeling He sighed at her attempts to save face. She was lost, and by now, if her parents were around they would be rushing to her at the sight of talking with a stranger. “You have no Idea where they are…do you?” he asked, an ‘I know your lying’ look was on his face, but so too was a humorous grin. Children…a tricky subject. Since his undeath, he lost the ability to have one of his own, and even with this one being a human, he held no ill will towards it. It was a child, a true innocent. He saw no reason to bring the mandate to bear over the child as some of his brethren might have. Emily stared up at the elf, making some last ditch effort to maintain some dignity that was quickly faltering before finally dissolving into tears and full on crying. Great, now he had TWO water elementals to deal with. He looked around for a moment, at the sound of a crying child a parent, even one not paying attention would rush to aid…but nothing. Mai’kull took a seat at the edge of the water fountain, waiting for the child to finish its tantrum, his face was unimpressed. Using his magic he manipulated the water elemental in the fountain to shrink down to the child’s size, and in a mimicking fashion, the elemental began to cover its ‘face’ as water droplets fell into the fountain. “Oh now...look here, you made bubbles cry too.” At the sight of the blubbering water elemental Emily stopped, clearly not something she had seen before the construct distracted her from her tears. There was a general sniff as she tried to reclaim the leaky snot caused by her blubbering but for the most part curiosity had overtaken her sadness. "...Bubbles?" The voice was hesitant, still uncertain how she was supposed to feel.. Continuing to manipulate the element, 'Bubbles' stopped it's weeping and looked at the girl with a nod. "The more you cry, the more water goes into these elementals, until their so big no one wants to play with them anymore." "Come, let's go find your family, I'm sure their not far off" Maikull said, holding out his hand to the little girl. Emily nodded, giving one last big sniff as she uncertainly took the mage's hand, wrapping it mostly around his fingers. "I'm Emily" "I am..." He hesitated for a moment, giving her his real name, "I am Mai'kull...and you have met bubbles." he motioned behind him at the Water Elemental who was now blobbing along behind them. He took the little girls hand and lead her away from the water fountain, "Now...I think i know where we can start looking for your parents." he said with a small smile, leading her towards the toy shop “The Wonderworks” He had hoped parading her around in front of the Alliance Enclave might warrant an eye or two. Emily stared, lingering around at the toyshop, she seemed to stop in her tracks as she was fascinated by the moving trains and floating zeppelins "That one looks nice..." Maikull said pointing at the Carousel Gryphon. He took notice of her interest in the paper zepplins with a smile. He stood in the doorway carefully watching the child, and looking out for any outside who may have been paying attention. "Emily!" It was a gruff, growling voice laced with worry that called, something that came from deep in the throat and stayed there. The enormously sized creature followed, black fur and sharp teeth protruding from a long snout. It looked as if he had been running on more than two feet but had chosen to rise up in a bipedal run as he achieved visual of the small child. As usual for floating above the broken isles he wore minimal armor that looked vaguely similar to Stormwind Militia but had rusted and dented as a result of its owner either not having the funds or no longer caring to maintain it. The worgen was of average height as far as the race went but appeared to be of leaner build with a muscle build that suggested the creature possessed more athleticism than strength, capable of moving quickly and efficiently. He didn't seem to be even looking at Maikull at the moment, indicating he had sniffed the child down rather than seen her cavorting with the enemy. Emily turned at the sound of her father and reached her arms out as the worgen scooped her up in a display of relief. "Don't wander off like that" The small pink haired gnome approached the embracing couple, with a small package in his hand. "Excuse me sir, I do believe this is yours!" he said offering the paper zeppelin kit to Emily. Mavis looked with confusion at the package. "I'm sorry, you must be mistaken" "Oh no Sir, the Kind Elf who brought your child in had purchased it, hes right ov..." the Gnome turned to the doorway where Mai'kull was standing, but he was allready gone. Though relived that she found her way, Mai'kull felt it no longer nessessary to linger, Worgan and Forsaken did not get along well and he did not want confrontation in front of the child. His elemental remained int he doorway briefly, giving the little girl one lazy wave before evaporating into the air. Emily giggled as Mavis stared in the direction of the vanished elemental, he sniffed the air, catching the lingering scent of undeath. His brow furrowed in confusion as he tried to seek out the elven scent, but there was nothing recent and Dalaran was full of them that it would be impossible to know. He turned back to the Gnome, still bothered by the mystery as he accepted the box. "Uh, thank you." Emily stared at the object, appearing to fully know the gift was hers or at least behaving as any child in the assumption that all boxes brought from a toy shop were theirs by default. "I wanna open it!" The shop keeper wiggled his nose as he handed her the kit. And underneath the initial package was a single gold coin, the same one that Emily had fished up originally in the pond.
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    *Warning, this thread will contain NSFW content.* Baal’themar returned to the Cabin late in the evening, the cool air helped relax him after an eventful night of heated conversation. He opened the door to the dark and empty Cabin and made his way through the silent rooms. He walked down to the basement to gather one of the blood stones he had in place to move the Cabin to another location... if the need had arisen. He looked around for Mikki, the Goblin woman he and Nathandiel had saved from her ‘escape pod/death trap’ device, she was nowhere to be seen. Baal’themar finished with the stone, placing it on the floor next to him. The room looked dead, the entire cabin was a tomb… the smell of old blood and rot hit him, he hadn’t noticed when he entered but the fresh air must have stirred up the stench. It’s so quiet now… no laughter, no baby crying and no idle chatter. He felt his guts twist. Alone again. It crept up his throat, the acrid taste of bile. Guilt, shame, anger and sorrow. Feelings made flesh with the sick taste of acidic bile. "Did you expect any less?" a voice in his head questioned. ”Human’s aren’t like that.” The words haunted him. It could have worked… we could have been a big family… why couldn’t you even try? He felt his head spin. “You could have TRIED to make it work!” He roared to the silent stone walls. “You had us both when it started! How was this any different?!” His voice echoed around the dark rooms and hallways. "This was how it was always going to play out… you know it was. If it didn’t end like this, it would have ended in a few years anyway. Don't let yourself feel for a loss that you knew was coming." He slowly let it all slip from his mind, he sat staring at the blood stained stones. The smell started to get stronger, the foul air came up from deep within the basement. "You tried for happiness, gave it a solid try. Nothing to be ashamed of… but you should have known better. You lost sight of what truly makes you happy, that stench isn’t from the rotting family. It’s from work left unfinished, a symptom of your attempt at ‘normal’." He remembered what he was meant to be doing, the High Shield family. He had let them die down here and his work on them wasn’t even halfway finished. The bloated bodies would be in their cells, the sisters only slightly changed and the mother ended without seeing what he had planned. They had died pointless deaths, he had failed to give them the chance to see what they were on the inside. The voice calmly said "Once the paint is dry there is little you can do to change the picture, you can paint over it but it will never be the same... better to start new. Fresh paint and a new canvas." Start over, move the Cabin and continue my work. The thought pushed the bile back down and he picked up the blood stone. “Mikki, were leaving!” He yelled into the emptiness. Baal'themar turned on his heel, his mind focused on something he could change, something that he could achieve by himself. He stormed up the stairs to the main room, the smell of death followed him. “Mikki! Get your shit ready we are moving the Cabin.” He yelled pointlessly to the empty cabin. He placed the blood stone on his bed and gathered his ritual equipment. He was going to do this tonight. No more distractions, work the list. he repeated his new mantra in his head. Work the list, work the list. He gathered the ritual components and headed back down to the basement. He would need to power a new stone to replace the old one, that one had a new and grand purpose. Baal'themar removed his combat gear down to the waist, he set up the ritual candles and burning urns, the smell of burning plants masked the smell of rotting elf. He pulled the curved blades from their sheaths and coated his chest in oils and set about cleaning the blades before the final step of carving runes into his flesh. The wet sound of fresh blood hitting stone helped him focus on the ritual, slowly some of his life force was poured into the stone. It would take all night but he would ensure this final stone was ready… the Grizzly hills was a nice idea, but it was time to move. [c1]
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    Because I am a sap. A horrible sappy sap. A healthy dose of violence should balance things out.
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    The handwriting for the entry is far sloppier than normal and at times repetitive as if he had lost track of what he was writing. More than likely he was inebriated at the time. January 1st: The last line of my entry a few months ago was just a saying… A hyperbole. Apparently the universe took it as a challenge. With so much that has happened where do I even begin? We fended off the initial attack of the Legion, costing us Vol’jin, Wrynn, and the tense ceasefire they had established. Sylvanas is Warchief now and despite the squabbling between her and Greymane it seems a large chunk of adventurers from either side are working together in groups outside the faction dispute. We have gained our foothold and now we are picking up speed. With the Emerald Nightmare pushed back we’ve turned our sights to the Shal’dorei city of Suramar and its traitorous leader, Elisande. Just what we needed, more elves. If I could just focus on the Legion, I would be happy. But instead, I find myself drawn into the conflict between Grim and Sanctuary against my will. I have tried to stay neutral but this time they’ve all but made it impossible. Tensions were building even before the Legion invaded as Sanctuary grew more and more aggressive in response to Syreena. Now they finally did something in response. Apparently paladins have changed since Fordring died, there was no swift death as “justice” would demand, but weeks worth of torture, pinned to the wall by the blade of an enchanted sword. Julilee apparently tried to deal with it properly but was unable to get past the security Cerryan had left. So she decided to call Lilliana for help. Though at this point I’m wondering if it was out of an honest need for assistance or just to kill two birds in a single strike. As soon as she saw what her subordinate had done, she decided the right thing to do would be to slay Syreena and anyone who would have stopped her. I can’t blame Lilly for going, I don’t know what line Julilee used to attract her but she should have known anything that delusional bitch wanted probably would put her at risk. Instead she goes at it with the same devil may care attitude and nearly gets herself killed. Julilee would have slain her, Syreena, and the unborn all to avoid Sanctuary getting its comeuppance when Syreena recovered. Julilee probably didn’t know. Hell it even took me a bit of prying to get it out of her. Lilly is pregnant… And it’s mine. In the midst of a Legion invasion, that’s when it happens. Guess it already has my luck. She’s taken means to hide it, hell we’re basically forced to. Between the Grim’s sense of duty and Sanctuary’s lunacy I can think of several people who would either use it as leverage against her, demand she get rid of it, or try to kill it immediately just for fun. It’s a messed up world when we can’t even have this. Back on track, Julilee failed to kill any of the three and retreated, spouting off some nonsense about justice. For once, Lilly was up front with me about what happened, but then again she was upfront with everyone about it. She’s been trying to be the mediator (Though not being obvious about it) for months but this was the last straw with Sanctuary’s actions. I feel that another civil war between the Grim and Sanctuary will erupt soon. Though now I’m uncertain if it’s a bad feeling or something I want to happen. I mean I did spend all of today plotting when I should have been working on the Cantina’s next location. I’m so scatterbrained I can’t even keep the events in order. When I heard what had happened, I was angry, infuriated even and who could blame me? Julilee, who I have done NOTHING to, endorses my death and then tries to kill my family and my friend. I made the mistake of saying out loud that I would kill her… And Lilly smiled. There was no grim resolve in doing what needed to be done, just a happy smile that she was getting her way. That smile broke me out of my planning at around the seventh hour of coming up with ideas. A notebook full of plots later and I was suddenly struck with an important question, why? Julilee deserves punishment, but just whom am I doing it for? My own preservation through removing an incompetent leader? Revenge for Lilly and Syreena? Protecting the child? If it’s the latter perhaps I should be directing the spell at Lilly too! I suddenly realized the line I had been willing to cross for her, and what it would mean. If I did something that ended up getting Julilee killed, Lilliana would abuse it. The dam finally broke and I started thinking more and more about just where I stood at the moment. I tell her to not step so close to the cliff, and she leans further over it just because she finds my distress amusing. I warn her of what could happen if she takes a solid hit, she denies the fact and laughs at me like I’m a fool. I warn her to be careful and she goes out and gets a talking dagger from a cultist. Not something a pregnant lady should have! Who knows where it has been! Everything that made me love her, every scrap of depth and deeper meaning that she covers up with a sheet of idiocy is gone. When she should be maturing, when she should be thinking about more than just herself she returns to her old, selfish, pleasure seeking ways. So yes, Julilee tried to kill her and the child… But Lilly has been doing the same thing almost every day with her carelessness. Every time I’ve tried to protect her I’m treated with condescension, scorn, or mockery. Then off she goes off to get in over her head and stress me out even more. She picks fights she has no chance of winning, she meddles with things that not even a healthy person should touch, makes a game out of playing with curses and worse, and once she even just stood in a Skrog’s path, grinning at me as if saying ‘You’d better step in!’ Some days, I feel like she would break her own legs just so she could blow a raspberry at my horrified face and say ‘It’s no big deal’. She doesn’t care, and I’m just now realizing that it’s not just in regards to my health or safety or even her own. She doesn’t care about anything, at all. The world is her toy box and it doesn’t matter how many others suffer and die or even how much she is hurt so long as she’s amused by it. It took me until now to realize how low my standards have dropped. I was happy that she told me about the attack. I was happy because unlike the last time, she was forthcoming, she didn’t hide it for weeks and get angry when someone asked about it. How messed up is it that you’re overjoyed when a person tells you the truth for once? So much so that you overlook the horrible things they’ve done otherwise? The pregnancy should have been a turning point… I know such a thing doesn’t make anything easier but I thought that she would change. She would become more responsible and put something else first. If anything she’s worse than before and I feel like I’m starting to strain and snap. When was the last time I said I loved her and truly meant it… Probably the last time we were at the campgrounds. Meanwhile the only time she was able to reply in kind was when she was afraid of losing me and I had no reason to trust her words, I still don’t. That should have been a sign but I deluded myself and tried to mend fences. I would have rather been abused than alone. I was fully willing to kill for her and become just as bad as the worst members of either side. Doing so would invite more pain. It’s no secret that she makes a habit of testing my patience in every way. She prods and prods until I snap and she cowers… Then she does it again. Doing this for her would erase the line she has been toeing for over a year. She would find any reason to get herself in trouble, hurt, or worse and then come whining to me to deal with it. I should have realized when I said those words and she beamed like a giddy girl whelp instead expressing grim resolve that a horrible yet necessary situation warrants that this was a mistake. She was so happy at getting me to finally fall into her world of thinking. Killing Julilee isn’t a necessity to her… It’s just fun. I’ve repeated myself too much in this entry and half of it is complaining about Lilly. I can’t keep my promise for Julilee… But I will find a way to make her pay. Tomorrow I’ll wake up and realize that this is ridiculous. Things will go on as they have been. I will be abused and people will do stupid things while I will try to rationalize why. I will convince myself that they don’t mean it or they have the best intentions. I won’t make any rash decisions and nothing will change. Yet, after writing this I wonder how much more I can take. How much longer will I be the nice troll? The empathetic good guy who tries to help people bent on self or mutual destruction? How long before I stop caring and join the rest of these idiots in the rush for immediate gratification as the world ends? Part of me hopes I break soon… It sounds better than what I’ve been doing. Vendetta List: Sanctuary: Enough said, these idiots have been bellowing about ideals that they’ve done nothing to achieve. I’ve tried to be neutral but now, anything that does them wrong is fine by me. Lilliana: Despite her claims, I know that her own desires will always come before anything else. She has hurt me in every way without a second’s hesitation but will always whine when something happens to her. If she’s not going to be an adult, neither will I. She wants me to loosen up? Let’s see how she likes being with someone just like her. Payback List: Soon to be filled Silver Lining: Our world is ending and people have managed to lodge their heads even further up their own asses. If you can find the bright side to this, let me know.