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    Doomsayers unite! I had mentioned this last week and decided to put things on hold to see if more interest could be gathered. I admit there is no huge IC plot development with this, but it could be some fun and interesting RP. The idea is for people to portray Doomsayers on a path from Stormwind to Ironforge. Skylah and crew will trek from the city gates to the tram. Once in Ironforge we will cross through the Military ward on our way to visit old Ironforge (where Magni once was). Along this path, we will stop and speak with every IC Doomsayer. This is where you come in. Whether you already have a character created, use TRP to be someone else, or roll a whole new toon, it all works for me. And for what you wish to say, I leave that to you. I love surprises. You can be one of those people trying to sell Legion outfits, or a crazy "repent now and save your soul", and anything in between. We will react to whatever you decide. My character (Skylah) is curious to listen to what is being brought to the masses. So you are free to have fun and be creative. And if there are any Alliance that just "happen" to be in our path and wish to join us, I am open to that as well. If those playing Doomsayers want to switch over after they do their bit and join in, the more the merrier! I really think this could be some light and fun RP. I like the idea of not knowing how the Doomsayers might act and look forward to responding to them! Date: Wednesday August 3rd Time: 8pm server time Place: Stormwind and Ironforge
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    A duo of menders retrieved Ul-Rezaj’s body from Frostwall Garrison. They unbound the earthen wards, put in place by Kazarak that kept his body from stiffening or rotting, but only after becoming decidedly content that a great portion of the venom seeped out and had sufficiently been undone. When the body had been picked up, Ul-Rezaj sensed it. From the shadowlands, the aching reality of incapacitation beckoned a sense of emptiness. He kept his spirit form sharply peeled on reality, but, like a creature born with blurred vision, he could only depict what he knew were shapes moving his form. They stopped at the Throne of the Elements. There, Ul-Rezaj drew close, attempting to pry into their machinations. A tauren shaman dropped Ul-Rezaj on the grassy plains and closed her eyes, calling for the ancestors to provide insight as to what steps needed to be taken. After a moment of deep meditation, she stated: “The spirits say this one should let go.” Flinching from the shadow realm, Ul-Rezaj shifted with a sense of panic. His focus enhanced as he peered down on the two menders. He identified both forms more clearly: Nokokomah and Lilliana. Their proximity to the orcish sacred place of communing caused his senses to intensify as if he had been in his actual body, giving him an ear to hear. Lilliana lingered a few feet behind the tauren shaman and Ul-Rezaj’s limp form. She had something fairly precious in her possession. The shadows that weaved through his detached heart seemed to intermix with her own, and it was difficult to tell from where the shadows originally came from her or the heart. Ul-Rezaj felt a sense of satisfaction, seeing as he had been correct in his final moments to recognize that the priestess might have some attenuation to the magic at play here. Still, after hearing Nokokomah’s words to let him go, he hoped desperately that Lilliana knew how to proceed. She had his heart, but he screamed, despite having realized he had no voice. Nokokomah looked up, her gaze fixing on Ul-Rezaj as she was able to see him as though he stood beside her whole. Her eyes narrowed when he screamed. “Speak plainly, spirit,” she said. “I can hear you.” Ul-Rezaj shifted from within the shadowlands, cautious about whether the spirits were really just tricking him into passing with ease. “Prove it,” he demanded, “Would you prefer that I pass, too?” Confidence surged through him; he knew that no Grim would attempt to throw his life away for a variety of reasons. But, in this particular moment, the expressions of Nokokomah were not clear in the slightest. “You would serve the Mandate better in life, I believe,” she answered, appearing as if speaking to thin air around Lilliana. With something equivalent to an eyeroll, Lilliana replied. “I don't want him to let go. The spirits are being dumb.” Nokokomah tilted her head. “But you must be the one to desire it, or this shall fail.” At once, Ul-Rezaj knew these were, in fact, Grim. No orcish spirit, especially on this world which detested the Horde, would be privy enough to invoke a trick through using the Mandate. They would only understand it as a doctrine, not as a practice, as a means, or as an end. It would be, to them, merely a phrase with a vague purpose. He grinned broadly. “Good. Now then, do you have a plan for this restoration process?” Nokokomah exchanged glances with Lilliana. “Many parts of him are tainted,” the tauren informed her, “His heart, with poison and shadow, his mind with demons and fel. The fel, perhaps, we do not need to cleanse completely, as it is his nature. Tell me what befell his heart.” Lilliana had been able to reach Ul-Rezaj through the dark shadow magic that emanated from his heart. From the moment Lupinum handed it to her, Ul-Rezaj knew she had handled it like a confusing puzzle box, attempting to solve it to reach his spirit. She had succeeded to an extent, learning certain aspects about the specific magic that might apply here. But she had only gone far enough to make Ul-Rezaj aware of her tampering, she had, after all, not been able to do that for years once she lost approval from the troll loas. She neither saw nor heard Nokokomah talking to Ul-Rezaj, even as she subtly pricked into the heart’s tendril plumes for information. The outside discussion was clearly causing a disruption on her concentration. She gave up, having the procedure take too much out of her. Lilliana's gentle blue eyes trailed down to the prone form of the warlock. “Well like, he got infected with the fel stuff, that was meant to...take over the control he had over it and stuff,” she explained. Ul-Rezaj put his palm to his face. He laughed desperately at Nokokomah. “Maybe you can do better. Don't shaman bathe things clean by the waterfall or some such nonsense?” Nokokomah glanced up at the spirit, unperturbed. “I will do my best, warlock. But the spirits help those who help themselves.” Ul-Rezaj raised a curious brow. “And how do the spirits suggest I do that?” Nokokomah did not answer right away. She looked down at the body, holding her hands over it. Green life-energy flowed from the earth around her, the grasses with the dirt, illuminating and outlining the body. Where there is still demonic taint, fel stands out against the pure green in a purple and reddish ichor. “The body will be easy to prepare. The heart will be more difficult,” she informed Lilliana. In return, Lilliana held tight to Ul-Rezaj's heart as if it had been an infant within her arms, cradling it. It was wrapped in a sturdy cloth. “Don't be grumpy with Ul-Rezaj, this so wasn't his fault.” Nokokomah tilted her head, listening to them both. While she does so, the vivid green earth energies wrap around Ul-Rezaj's body, working on purging away the taint that remains, and infusing the strength he will need to survive the shock of being brought back to life. “A sacrifice must be made,” she said, finishing the cleansing ritual. Ul-Rezaj shrieked, "What, the ground is eating me! Tell me the sacrifice is not my physical form, then?" Nodding, Nokokomah replied, “That would suffice, but then we would need to find you a new physical form, which would defeat the purpose.” Lilliana was hesitant to leave to hunt down a sacrifice, but noticing the nearby low-flying Windroc, she asked, "Are they enough...?" Ul-Rezaj took a deep breath. Even though he did not need to, he still felt the custom as a mandatory urge. He doubted it. After all, all of the southern tribes, from Gurubashi to Farraki, rejected bird worship as feasible due to their weak souls. He held his doubts but kept his tongue to see how Nokokomah would answer. She followed Lilliana's gaze to the birds nesting nearby, studying them for a long moment. Nokokomah shook her head. “They already belong to the element of air. For this, we need something that will appease both earth and water.” Ul-Rezaj folded his arms. “And what is that?” Again, she did not answer right away. Nokokomah sat back in her haunches. The green energies continued to creep over Ul-Rezaj like mindless tentacles finding energies to feed on. When they are done, they retract back into the earth, but for one that latches onto his wrist. “Blood,” she finished, “The blood of the earth.” Ul-Rezaj winced, surprised at the response. Lilliana followed suit, demanding to know what that meant. Nokokomah stood and slowly turned, taking in the vista of the lands before them. Ul-Rezaj let his arms unfold and fall to his sides, holding a finger to the plain. “I hear your words, Nokokomah, but how can the earth itself bleed?” For the first time, Nokokomah answered at once. “We must go to Frostfire.” Lilliana fidgeted from where she stood, heart cradled. Ul-Rezaj glanced at both menders. "For what?" “To cleanse your heart, warlock.” Blood of the earth, it did not mean anything to Ul-Rezaj. That could be clefthoof blood, orc blood, or even an antidote extracted from a plant for all he knew. Both menders gathered up his body and carried it to Frostfire Ridge. They surveyed the area. Finding a lava spring, Nokokomah’s expression broadened to a grin. “Here,” she stated, landing a wyvern on the side of a mountain with heavy snow accumulation. Lilliana seemed more than uncertain about the shaman’s plans. Ul-Rezaj himself, however, lost some of his attenuation as they gained distance from the rich, primal essences of the Throne of the Elements. His spirit lingered in the area, as if stranded, but the distance of the shadowlands created a narrow chasm, akin to a ravine, through which he thought he could shout. The power of the metaphysical realm thrummed and bridged, at least to some extent, the real gap between the two locations of Nagrand and Frostfire Ridge. “Lilliana,” started Nokokomah, eyeing the lava pit with certainty. “How good are you at throwing?” Lilliana stepped back with the heart. "I'm not throwing his heart into there!" Her gaze turned to the lava. “Of course not,” the shaman replied, as if her plan were obvious, “We need to throw it across.” Ul-Rezaj bellowed, resounding across the vast distance, “How're you getting that back?” Nokokomah paused. “At the proper time, of course.” Ul-Rezaj could barely make out the shaman’s voice, but he did not know how to receive the seemingly obscure concept. At least now he knew exactly what Nokokomah meant by blood of the earth. He wondered, for a moment, if these riddles were an enjoyable game to the shaman. Whatever the case, she was performing a useful role. He could at least appreciate that. He prayed that would be enough. Nokokomah fixed her eyes at the faint outline of Ul-Rezaj's spirit. “You will have a part, as well.” He heard her directly, then forced himself to swallow his nerves. Lilliana has had years of throwing snowballs, with rather incredible accuracy...as many unfortunate people had noticed. However, the idea of putting Ul-Rezaj's heart at risk like that terrified her, "Um......." She didn't seem inclined to argue with the shaman. Nokokomah regarded Lilliana. “Perhaps catching, then. Do you not have the ability to grasp things and pull them to you?” Lilliana frowned, “I can throw, and I can pull back what I've thrown, if that's what you're asking.” “It needs only pass through once,” she answered. Nokokomah looked up and studied the mountain, fully expecting an avalanche to fall again. Ul-Rezaj recoiled at the statement while watching her body language. He fidgeted uncomfortably in his spirit form, unable to tell how to interpret the cryptic behavior. Whatever it was, it must certainly have been objectionable to be impossible to say outright. Lilliana glanced at Ul-Rezaj's heart, then down to his fairly lifeless body below her. “Alright,” she acknowledged, the tone of trust in her voice wavering. Nokokomah proceeded in spite of the insurmountable tension. She began to explain, “We will have all four elements aiding us. At our feet, we have earth, touched by fire. Above, we have water, which will soon be touched by air.” She paused, eyeing Lilliana with direct seriousness. “When I call, Lilliana, you must grasp the heart out of the air and pull it to you.” A seemingly distracted glance directed the priestess, her gaze seemed to follow where the elements lie...the earth, the lava, the snow that's threatening them up on the cliff, “Alright.” She said, repeating her acknowledgment as before, only with no sign of protest and no more or less certainty. Nokokomah directed her attention to Ul-Rezaj's spirit. “The moment the heart is in contact with all four elements, it will be cleansed. You must then enter your body and begin willing your heart to beat again.” Lilliana stepped closer to Nokokomah, to try to sense where Ul-Rezaj's spirit resided that she was talking to. Ul-Rezaj had a degree of confidence that she had not gained the perception to see him yet, least of all from here. In response to Nokokomah, he seemed to be yelling in response, as if from a distance. “But, it's very far away. I will channel what I can the moment it happens.” “You will find your abilities very close the moment all four elements are called upon,” the shaman assured him. Ul-Rezaj seemed to be waving to no use. “Do it! Do it! Do it!” The sooner the task was completed, he figured, the better they all could get on with their lives. Back in Nagrand, Nokokomah had readied his body by purifying the remnant demonic energies from him. It all seemed more hopeful in that moment, like a flick of the hand and all should be well. Now, the trio literally played with fire. Nokokomah nodded and looked back at Lilliana again, making sure not to leave any room for error. “When you feel the heart's first beat, return it to his body.” Staring down at Ul-Rezaj’s physical form, Lilliana mustered her will. “I'll be ready...,” she muttered. Nokokomah held out her hands. “I will take the heart. Be prepared for my call. It is about to be very loud here.” Lilliana, of course, didn't appear to want to let go of the heart. She unwrapped it from the stiff cloth she was using to protect it, and handed it over delicately to Nokokomah. Lilliana really did handle it as if the heart was a newborn infant, so careful was she that it almost looked as if she could have been tender with it. Nokokomah silently acknowledged Lilliana’s gesture and accepted it with a similar reverence, then she moved over to the other side of the lava pool. As she reached the other side, she frowned and planted her hooves. Holding the heart before her, she began calling upon the elements. They started to manifest visibly, swirling up her legs and around her body, giving her normally very still appearance surprising animation. Then, she stomped a hoof. The air elements traveled dashing upwards, straight to the accumulated snow above. The snow creaked and groaned in protest, but soon started sliding down the slope. It picked up speed as it went, hurtling down at the three of them and the pool. The natural channel cut by the lava contained it at the last moment so that it did not overwhelm the three, though the lava surged violently, nearly swamping onto their positions. Lilliana didn't predict that Nokokomah was going to do that! She quickly stepped towards Ul-Rezaj at the sight of the coming catastrophe, her first instinct to move him...but who was she kidding....she couldn't get the two of them out of there with just one leap of faith.... She was quite relieved when the channel diverted the snow, but then, of course, there was another problem with the lava! Throughout, the roar of the avalanche all but drowned out sound, and when the snow met lava, the hiss of steam was ear-piercing. As lava splashed upwards in response, steam forming throughout, Nokokomah drew her arm back and hurled the heart through the midst of it all. She ignored the splatters of lava that hit her. “NOW!” she cried. Lilliana leapt over Ul-Rezaj as she shot out her Leap of Faith to pull on the essence of Ul-Rezaj's heart as Nokokomah threw it into the air. She was a few moments delayed, however….amidst the roaring and the steam, and general confusion of it seeming like the world was coming down on them. She watched the heart dip a bit too low...but she still pulled back, a determined, albeit desperate, little troll. Ul-Rezaj fixed his gaze from his astral form and leapt for the heart. It seethed him as the elemental fury of fire repelled him. The journey across the chasm was exhaustive, but he traveled like an infernal ripping through the sky. When he made it to the other end, he seemed unable to move inside his heart with such fire pulsing from within him. Although he remained in the spirit world, he seemed at least close enough for both to be attenuated. Nokokomah must have observed the chain reaction. She commanded: “You must will your heart to beat!” Ul-Rezaj snarled and laughed in a chiding tone. “I am famished,” he told her truthfully. They had, with all this effort, very nearly accomplished nothing. It seemed ironic that he would have to go this far, only to fall so hard. He gnashed his teeth. No. This effort would only be a setback. His heart only needed time to cool, he figured, but in the meantime he must sustain his spirit’s close connection and find something to strengthen him. “Just look at me, I haven't eaten in days and my spirit form is shriveled. Your ritual has worked in its cleansing, but I have one more step to it. My soul must be fed.” “There is not much time to waste,” warned Nokokomah impatiently, “The purified heart will begin to fade.” Lilliana roughly pushed Ul-Rezaj back, and fits the heart into his open chest. She performed a temporary sew to keep it held within, but it was sloppy and done far too quickly. If it beats, she'll have to perform something more...permanent later. “I can beseech the greater elements to keep his heart from fading too quickly, but matters of the soul as a warlock sees them are beyond me,” confessed Nokokomah. “He draws his energy differently than I do.” Nokokomah nodded in thanks to Lilliana and gathered up Ul-Rezaj's body again. “Back to the Throne.” Lilliana growled, Ul-Rezaj was not simply a warlock, he was also a souleater. That thought lingered disturbingly in her mind. Ul-Rezaj shook his head. “No, the Throne of the Elements can do no more for me. I am as strong here as I will be. You must take me to the Ancient City of Auchindoun.” Nokokomah looked at the spirit. She paused, then nods. “To Auchindoun, then. Fly!” “If I cannot draw from their pylons for strength, then my soul will be lost, but at least I will be in their company.” The trio was brought to a mysterious cave. Inside, three Draenei statues faced each other. It formed outside of the border of one of Draenor’s seas. However, it neither remained within the confines of Auchindoun, nor did it remain as a post beneath the colossal mausoleum. Nokokomah lead Lilliana into the cave, letting the body drop on a slab of stone. “His spirit was drawn here.” She eyed her surroundings; all throughout the cave were copious amounts of dried blood, several weeks old. Ul-Rezaj was placed on the ground between the Draenei statues. “Of course,” he explained with mild irritation, “The city of Auchindoun is not attenuated for permitting outsiders in.” “I see why,” remarked Nokokomah, expression seeming flat. Nokokomah looked at Ul-Rezaj's spirit. “What do you require?” Ul-Rezaj's heart began to beat, though Ul-Rezaj himself was still departed from it. His body grew sinews and regenerated muscles around it. “Lilliana, as warming as it is to hear my heart beating, can you put that on hold for me?” He shifted between Lilliana and Nokokomah. “This sight is strange. It has the visage of holiness, peace. But, look around you, something truly twisted has clearly happened here.” Lilliana leapt up onto the slab of stone that Ul-Rezaj resided on, and without replying to him, she started pounding on the poor warlock's chest...including what she had sewn up, causing skin to tear and muscles to rip. It almost looked like she was attacking him, pressing down on him like that. Ul-Rezaj's heart slowed down from the procedure; it began beats out of rhythm. He turned his head uncomfortably to keep from seeing Lilliana act to keep his body from living on without him. Eyeing a gentle waterfall at the end of the cave, he thought he saw... something. “Both of you,” he motioned, “Come here.” “Do you have the power to put him into a sort of stasis,” Nokokomah asked, attention now divided. Lilliana hesitated in her response, “I........ If his mind was working...but I can try to stop any further damage....suppress it all for a few minutes.” Nokokomah nodded at Lilliana. Ul-Rezaj glanced over his shoulder at the two menders. “Then do it,” he pled whimsically, “I've found something worth our attention.” Lilliana channeled one of her newer spells since all the radical changes had taken over the majority of the horde's magic.....a suppression spell....into Ul-Rezaj. She used all of her concentration to make this one particularly powerful. It was not stasis; Lilliana would never be so good at such a thing. Her talent rested to prevent causing damage, not repairing it or stalling it… Hesitantly, she got up and left the half dead troll's side to the spot the spirit Ul-Rezaj identified...at least, she thought it was the spot. “Look,” Ul-Rezaj pointed out, “This is blood, blood of a Grim.” In truth, he only really knew that it was not Draenei blood. Whatever the case, such a claim would distract Nokokomah a moment from rushing to get his spirit back within him. Ul-Rezaj knew he was not quite ready. His body appeared exceedingly weak after the small handful of days and he now thought, for a few terrible moments, that he really only wanted to be free from the ailments of the world. He suppressed the temptation; recognizing then that giving up would be exceedingly counterproductive. Ul-Rezaj shivered in his spirit form. “Something terrible happened here,” he told them, “Dark and menacing." Nokokomah frowned and studied the blood. She scuffed at it with a hoof. “Arcane, fel, and the Light,” she described, analyzing the situation and forming a conclusion, “A blood elf priest or paladin?” He watched Nokokomah curiously. “I'm not sure as to whether or not it's elven blood. Let's find out.” Ul-Rezaj began to channel a shadowy, necromantic spell that revealed certain restrained features that depicted the ectoplasmic figure of an elven woman. Lilliana gasped, “Oh, oh.....oh.............. that's where she went...........!” She pointed in shock at the figure of the woman. Ul-Rezaj kept a studious gaze on both. “Can we confirm who it is?” “I was not acquainted with this person,” Nokokomah replied, shaking her head. Lilliana seemed to rather easily recognize the features, although she didn't say the elf's name. She just stared and pointed. Ul-Rezaj noticed Lilliana’s seeming awareness about the situation. “Do you have something to say, Lilly,” he asked. “That looks like Filora....,” she answered plainly, still staring and pointing. Her voice radiated confidence. Ul-Rezaj proceeded, “Strange. I hadn't seen her in a while, come to think of it. I hope she has not suffered a fate that could be avoided, not unlike my own recent experience.” His voice grew sad, expressing a bitter tone of empathy, perhaps. “Is this why you were drawn here,” inquired Nokokomah, “Is she able to assist with reempowering your soul?” Ul-Rezaj looks at her, considering the nature of the question. “I came here because I needed a dark, cavernness place that would keep my body from dehydrating. When I found the wards at Auchindoun to be too strong, I found residence till I could think of something better.” In reality, he thought he had been drawn to the havoc, yet it could have also just been his spectral imagination playing on him. Whatever the case, it had proven to be a positive lead. Ul-Rezaj turned back to Filora's incorporeal form. He placed his hands on her cheeks and amplified her features. “But, she could help; we'll see.” She glowed softly and revealed numerous, shadowy restraining marks, as if choked out by tendrils of darkness. Nokokomah watched silently. Ul-Rezaj was not able to read what to make of Nokokomah’s thoughts or emotions. He simply continued to find out what would come next. Ul-Rezaj pulled himself back, no longer allowing the shaman to be a distraction, but now focusing on the riveting gashes of void energies that appeared to have torn Filora to shreds. “Who,” he muttered in shocked horror, “What could have done this?” Lilliana fidgeted with the chains which hang from her robes. They served as an annoyance to have as part of her garb, but necessary for channeling her magic. Like Nokokomah, she also watched silently, but the look on her face was disturbed. She knew that Filora was apt to disappear for periods of time...she was a lazy, annoying elf that barely offered quality work at times....but the fact that she...and that the Grim had no knowledge that something had seriously messed her up.... Ul-Rezaj shook, eyeing the cave cautiously for traps. He approached Filora's body and placed his hands on her cheeks. “How unfortunate,” he whispered, more for his own benefit than anyone else’s. He turned to the two menders behind him. “Would either of you have a last word for her?” Lilliana stepped back, her face paling as if perhaps....she may know what was coming next. She didn't offer a last word, although that was a shame for Filora..... Nokokomah studied the incorporeal form. “There is not enough personality left to hear it,” she stated finally, examining the figure moments before contributing her input. “She has let go of this world. In time, her shape will fade entirely into the twisting nether, to be reborn into the cycle of life once more. It is all the solace any one of us could hope for.” Ul-Rezaj watched Lilliana step back in fascination. He turned to Nokokomah, nodding appropriately. He directed his full attention back to the fragment of Filora. “Then perhaps,” he said under his breath, “We shall hear her last word for us.” He snapped his fingers and animated her final statement. Filora opened her mouth and spoke, gasping for air, "Feed...me...to...the..." Nokokomah blinked. Ul-Rezaj finished for her, “Soul Eater.” He stepped forward, placing a finger under her chin, and inhaled her spirit through both his mouth and his nostrils. His spirit dissipated and he traveled to be restored back inside his own body once again. The elemental ritual performed earlier resumed and the sinews of his heart began regenerating through Lilliana's damage. Lilliana blanched at the very sight of Ul-Rezaj drawing out what remained of the elf's spirit and soul....and momentarily allowed herself to be incapacitated....an embarrassing moment of weakness for a Grim...and she turned to vomit up in the waterfall, fouling it. Nokokomah closed her eyes and murmured a prayer to the Earthmother. She spoke a word of consolation, “One final sacrifice for the Mandate.”