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    Katelle Larmont you say? Quite possibly the only person within "Twilight Empire" *the elf makes air quotes* that I vaguely trust. It is possible to at least reason with her and she isn't prone to use violence where words may suffice. A sign of a civilized person. Sadly I cannot say the same for the company she tends to keep. Honeyed lips are a dangerous thing.
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    Shokkra, So I have to be the one to tell mom that the old arcane system used to provide water to the vineyards has actually over watered the soil. We’d have to get maybe a shaman out here or someone who knows anything about elemental control and check for diseases and help with the drowned earth before I can put a shovel into this thing. And get rid of all these frost crystals that were buried under the rot. It’s affected the magic and now we’re got a whole host of problems that I don’t know jack about. You want a sapper-grade explosive capsule that can take out an entire fortification wall, no problem. Dealing with mutated magical crystals? This is work for Tao Zhu, or someone with the right knowledge base. At least this is way more interesting of a challenge than I thought it would be! I went to go take care of your plants, by the way. I set up a prototype system of what I want to implement in mom’s vineyards, so at least I have a place to test in the meanwhile. I spoke with the Commander about it. There is an abandoned start to a sentence , scribbled out. I really see why you respect her. She’s not much older than me, but she’s so wise. We have a really different style of leadership, and I appreciate what I can learn from her. She gave me some advice. I don’t know if it is relevant to you, but it’s helped me more than I think Commander Julilee can understand. She said it’s easy to question yourself after realizing you were wrong when you thought you had no reason to suspect you were. You lose confidence in yourself, in your ability to make decisions. But, she said, being too afraid to make decisions will only lead to grief. Start small and make yourself decide. Your confidence will return. Your confidence will return. It was the conviction in the way she said it that made me believe with complete certainty that she experienced something just like what I’m going through right now. It was such a relief to see the path in front of me again when it felt like I’d come up against a wall. She gave me a direction forward, steps that are measurable. Already I feel a lot stronger for the advice. Determination can get you through more than you could ever suspect, but I should have known that! Hah! I’m just glad the Commander could help me find my footing again. I don’t know how I’m going to repay her, but I’m confident that the opportunity will present itself and that I will be there to answer the call. Speaking of people being lost, Phyruss is having a rough time. He’d been a little storm cloud lately. I thought he was just being cranky at first, but then I made him sit down and talk with me. He and Saralis are taking a break. He was trying to keep it from me because he was worried about bumming me out. Breakups. He asked me if I was okay. I remember I was talking to Shaelie not too long ago, a few days after the Dalaran mission. She was worried, asking me if something was going on or wrong with me. I told her about what happened with me and Nok, that it affected my focus on the assignment on Lazhio and that’s why I’ve been out of it lately. She smiled and looked a little relieved, glad that it wasn’t anything more world-shattering than a break up but she said she knows how that is. It can be a real kick in the gut. But it did help a little with perspective. I have an obligation to my team, and to my company. To the people of the Fiend’s Den, who need help and supplies to get them back on their feet again. I heard that Coldstar is handling a lot of the relief initiative, which is great. I’ll be heading back to the port to be debriefed on our next move. They give me a reason to fight. I’ll take what I learned from that attempt in Dalaran and move forward. The operation in the bordello wouldn’t have gone half as smooth without you acting as my tactician. With you gone, I’m starting to realize just how much I rely on you. Scribbled out fragments of words, unreadable. I sent you double-chocolate brownie cookies this time, per Isa’s insistence. She hasn’t reached that point in her life yet where she pukes an entire cake’s worth of chocolate before she’s sick for almost a week, so I’ll let her enjoy it even though just the smell makes me gag. I made extra for you to share with your crew. Hope I can spread a little bit more peace in the form of dubious baked goods. Love, Dora PS: I showed Isa that picture of us that September drew. She strapped pillows around her arms so that she could look as muscled and huge as my friend in the picture. I made a batch of cookies just for her.
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    Brinnea would smile when asked about Katelle Larmont. "The General," she'd say, "She's always looking out for people. Whether they're her people or not, it doesn't matter. She's smart, and brave, and a natural leader." Brinnea would pause then, in silent contemplation. Before long she would speak again, "She may not know it, but she saved my life. If anyone can aspire to bring peace, it'll be her."