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    Sometimes he cursed the days that bled into each other one after the other. When he had something to do the time was well spent and the inability to sleep was a blessing. But when the holidays approached it left him with endless amounts of time to check the main road and see if he was coming. For the hundredth time that day alone he found himself too distracted to do anything more than listlessly fiddle with his lab equipment. The holidays were always a hard time for him. What was a feast to a man who barely ate? What was snow to a man who hardly felt the cold? In these times he rarely felt the spirit that everyone else was infused with. The only ones who brought a modicum of that cheer into his empty eyes were his family. His wife had long lost her sympathy for his seasonal gloom. Soon enough she would start baring her teeth when he wasn't looking, then it would turn to growling and finally a demand to just stop fretting. For his own sanity and hers, he had thrown himself into a new task of preparing the small feast for the two, hopefully three, of them. If nothing else the chopping blade demanded your focus. Vegetables were diced, almonds slivered, potatoes chopped, steamed and mashed and mixed with an unhealthy amount of butter. "He's not coming." Selris finally murmured, setting the bowl down with a resolute thunk. His wife would look up and narrow her eyes, silently demanding an explanation. "You remember the last time we saw him, the argument... HE hasn't written a letter in months. I know he's going to blame it on me-" Before he could go into a full rant, he was struck in the back of his head with a wooden spoon. "...Fair enough but you know I am right." He sighed, offering a soft smile under the threat of another bonk. Satisfied, his wife turned back towards the fat bird on the flame. Dusk was falling and the meal in its entirety had just hit the table when three soft knocks sounded at the front door. The two of them sprang from the table to answer it, moving in sync towards the entrance. The door swung open wide to reveal the travel weary orc. His armor was scuffed, his eyes tired, and more than a few patches of his exposed skin were covered in dirty bandages. Before he could even begin to offer an explanation or a muttered, awkward rant, he would find himself embraced by his parents. Appearances did not matter, neither did the latest feats. In that moment, the family had become whole once again. For one evening, the arguments could rest. "Welcome home, Gunny." The Father murmured softly, ushering the young orc inside out of the cold.
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    Full Name: Bronwen McGreynor Nicknames: Brownie, Red Age: Around 30? perhaps a year or few younger. Race: Human Gender: Woman Hair: Dark Red Skin: Quite pale, but not sickly Eyes: Forest Green Height: The tall side of average Body Type: Lithe Place of residence: Currently Ironforge Place of Birth: Stormwind, or close to it. Known Relatives: None living that she knows of. Religion/Philosophy: Look out for yourself because no one else is going to. Occupation: Former SI:7, basically an assassin merc living off her savings now. Group/Guild affiliation: None known currently Likes: Uh, does she even like anything? She seems to like cats. Favorite Foods: Dried fruits and meats. Easy to carry, won’t go bad too quickly. Favorite Drinks: Nothing too strong, but she has no preference whether it’s booze or water. Favorite Colors: Any dark and earthy colors. Hobbies: Modifying her own armor. Tinkering. Special Abilities: She is very proud of how great at lying and petty thievery she is. Weapons of Choice: She’s great with daggers, though she’s learning to get good with rifles. Dislikes: She dislikes the ruling class and the military. She dislikes nobles. She hates undead of any type, even those among the Alliance though she’ll be civil with them. She trusts neither paladins nor warlocks. Physical Features: Bronwen has some serious RBF. She constantly looks entirely pissed, even if she very clearly isn’t otherwise (someone could tell if in conversation, for example). Her red hair is cut rather short, and freckles dot her face mostly concentrated across her nose and cheekbones. She's quite thin, bordering somewhere near the neighborhood of not-eating-enough thin and too-many-drugs thin, but she looks a little too healthy for it to solidly be one of those, if that makes sense. Two deep scars cut down the left side of her face near the ear from temple to jaw, one of the claw marks being twice as long as the one in front of it. She’s also very often seen with a dark leather sling secured at her right shoulder that crosses her body and helps to support her left arm at the elbow. It’s mostly just for basic support for her left shoulder, as the arm itself generally doesn’t look unusable. Positive Personality Traits: If she has any sort of a sense of obligation to someone, she’ll be very strictly loyal to them until either the obligation is fulfilled or the person does something to break their bond (if it could be called that). She’s very selfless, generous and altruistic, but only when it comes to people that have very little. Negative Personality Traits: She trusts no one, or rather it takes a very long time to earn her trust. She’s very quick to bail on people if she doesn’t feel she holds any sort of obligation to them, even in pretty serious circumstances. She’s very mean at times and often for no apparent reason. Misc. Quirks: She is always sharply aware of her surroundings, but if she’s outside on clear nights her immediate attention is fixed on the stars. She seems extremely uncomfortable near Stormwind’s cathedral, or any other chapel or abbey, but she’ll sometimes loiter outside of one while deep in thought for a time before leaving. She doesn’t typically go inside without a real reason. History and Hooks!: Bronwen was made an orphan when her Defias parents got wrecked by some band of Stormwind’s forces near the border of Westfall. She’s the spitting image of her mother and might be vaguely recognizable by someone that would have been familiar with the Brotherhood in the time following their uprising. Her mother wasn’t very important to the Defias as a whole, but she was quite charismatic and popular in some circles. She was cared for by an orphanage for a short time before being left to fend for herself on the streets, and became quite good at stealing what she needed to survive. Thanks to her crimey origins, she idolized the Defias remnants and whatever criminals she’d come to meet in the city. Stealing to survive eventually became stealing for pay, and then stealing for those rich enough that they didn’t want to bother going into increasingly dangerous situations themselves. Stealing became killing, and killing earned her higher-paying jobs and a lowly but relatively comfortable position in SI:7. She was once married to an Alliance sergeant that perished in Northrend thanks to a scourge ambush, and he nearly took her along with him. Her idealism waned completely and she became the cold, obstinate, and angry person she still is now. Since her experiences in Northrend, she has focused on killing any undead she came across, Forsaken or not. The Horde as a whole were always a large target in her sights, and she never needed any justification for fighting them past a. they are enemies of the Alliance and b. they maintain the undead among their ranks. She continued to fight for SI:7 until she was betrayed in Uldum. A trusted operative she had been partnered with many times throughout the years exposed her to a large group of Aqir they were monitoring, leaving Bronwen and her nightsaber companion that she was gifted during her marriage to fight a losing battle. Kyris died, but the most bitter of luck saw her eventually rescued by a dwarf woman that lived in the desert. Bronwen was assumed dead, and several factors of her attempted murder and sudden disintegration of her life back in Stormwind told her that specific people wanted her out of the picture. So now she keeps her head down and while she recovers lets them think she’s dead. Easy! Theme Songs: Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7cCtX8LJth5mV3rt7rTLCv?si=AWhd60jPTmWwH2Ey27wuWA Bronwen and also chibi stabby Bronwen both by https://twitter.com/cryptid_artist