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Hellista stood in the middle of the room, surveying her surroundings. It was a well furnished room, and belonged to a wealthy businessman who lived in the towers above the Royal Exchange. The ceiling was arched and a large chandelier overlooked the olive and red furnishings, which at the moment were covered in splatters of the crimson life-blood of the home's owner.

The businessman himself hung from the chandelier, his hands tied securely above his naked form, which was covered in blood that leaked from a gaping wound where his heart had once been. Hellista smiled at her handiwork and talked to the dead man through crimson coated lips.

"Its a shame, really. You could have used your wealth to help those people you spat on. You could have bought them Instead, you spat on them, and kicked them. And death came for you to punish you. Your heart was sweet with fear, sir. Dambala is proud to take your soul."

She grinned and licked her lips as she drove a kitchen knife into the dead man's chest, pinning a note to him. The note said only one word. "Boisterous."

Suddenly a portal opened in the middle of the room. Hellista barely had time to turn before the Blood Knights began pouring out, followed by the magister who had made the portal itself. She was struck hard with a mace, knocking her to the ground immediately. Before she could react, they had swarmed her.

After several minutes of being beaten, Hellista lay on the ground, covered with Blood Knights. The magister stood before her and unrolled a scroll.

"Hellista Josette Lok'Tharis, you are hereby placed under arrest by the power invested in me. Your crimes have led us into an investigation spanning several months, and you are charged with the following:

Forty-seven counts of murder.



At least twenty three cases of torture that we are aware of.

Consorting with the enemies of Quel'thalas.

Plotting the death of certain high ranking officials of Silvermoon.

Bank Robbery of the Bank in Thunder Bluff.

Kidnapping of children.

And the list goes on."

Hellista stared blankly at the man, wondering if he knew of her secret plans with Villayna too, but she kept her mouth shut. Villayna was not someone to anger, and her plots were more serious than any of the things listed by the man.

The magister ordered Hellista gagged and shackled, and without a further word she was carried into the Court of the Sun.


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((Poor Hellista. I am sure there will be a trial and she will be found innocent of all charges since it is clear she is being framed for bank robbery. ^_^! ))

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((Hehe. No, actually I am shelving Hellista and concentrating on Lovely for a while. This just seemed like a fun way to get rid of her. It was Skafloc's idea for her to get thrown in jail))

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