Agnarr Bloodmourne

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Full Name: Agnarr Bloodmourne


Date of Birth:

Age: Early 40s when taken by the plague

Race: Forsaken

Gender: Male

Hair: Dark gray, close to black

Skin: Pale with a bluish tint

Eyes: Glow with a pale yellowish hue

Height: 5'6", if he stood up straight closer to 5'8"

Weight: 100lbs or so, not including armor and weapons

Place of residence: Lordaeron

Place of Birth: Andorhal

Known Relatives: Wife and son. Whereabouts of his wife is unknown, but his son Siggeir is believed to have died in Stratholme as a member of the Scarlet Crusade.

Religion/Philosophy: Protect that which is still worth protecting

Occupation: Warrior, blacksmith

Group/Guild affiliation: The Raven Cross

Guild Rank: Bearer

Enemies: The Scourge, the Scarlet Crusade, humans in general

Likes: Working with metals

Favorite Foods:

Favorite Drinks:

Favorite Colors:

Weapons of Choice: Axes or swords

Dislikes: Most of Kalimdor, especially the Barrens


Physical Features: Relatively unrotten in the face, his skin is taught across his bones except it is absent around his joints (elbows/knees)

Special Abilities:

Positive Personality Traits: Steadfast, giving

Negative Personality Traits: Very depressed

Misc. Quirks:


Agnarr was one of the king's guards stationed in Lordaeron. He had been a loyal soldier for many years, and his years were beginning to catch up to him. He was in the castle the day Arthas returned and was a helpless witness to that ultimate act of betrayal. As a human, he died that day. He was not to stay dead, though, as the plague drew him back to an existence of unlife. Heeding the siren's call of Sylvanas, he found again his free will.

At the time of his awakening, he knew nothing of his wife or son, not knowing if they were alive or dead.

To block out his loss and his pain, he threw himself fully in to performing his duties, for his new queen and for the Horde. He never really felt like he fit in with those around him. One day he heard of a group calling themselves the Raven Cross. He was interested in what he heard about them, and spoke with them, soon finding himself an initiate in their order.

Agnarr would meet his son again, though definitely not the way he would have hoped. Being tasked with a mission inside the walled city of Stratholme, he, along with his companions at the time, slew many Scourge soldiers and also humans of the Scarlet Crusade. He knelt down at one point to check the corpse of one of the Crusaders for valuables, when he realized that the human was still alive, though barely. He was shocked to recognize the face as that of his son. Not knowing any better, one of Agnarr's companions at the time shot an arrow into the young man's head once it was discovered he was still alive. Choking back his misery, the warrior continued on with his duty, leaving his fallen son behind.

As powerful as he has become, Agnarr still feels like a failure, as he had failed his king when still a human, and then his son when he found him in Stratholme. Again, he blocks it out by busying himself with his duties for the Forsaken, for the Horde, and for the Raven Cross.

Journal: The Fallen Protector

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"Hmm, I've spoken to him a bit. A serious warrior, I get the impression he can be very determined. I'm not surprised he was drawn to the Raven Cross, although there are some very respectable soldiers in Citadel as well."

Xara smiles and lifts her drink in a toast.

"Look forward ta fightin' at his side sometime."

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