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Full Name:Caeden Sunbloom

Nicknames: Cadence[

Date of Birth: n/a


Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Male

Hair: Pale grey

Skin: Weathered and scarred

Eyes: Typical green glow

Height: 5'10

Weight: 165

Place of residence: Wanderer

Place of Birth: Silvermoon

Known Relatives: His family is alive and well, but are anonymous at this time

Religion/Philosophy: Shoot first, ask questions later.

Occupation: Freelance contracter (Mining, skinning, hunting various 'game')

Group/Guild affiliation: None

Guild Rank: n/a

Enemies: Alliance

Likes: Cadence loves the thrill of the hunt, no matter the mark - the bigger the better though! He is particularly compassionate towards his beast companions, who as yet are the only ones to prove their loyalty to him.

Favorite Foods: Whatever he can scrounge up in a night.

Favorite Drinks: If it gets him drunk, it's a favorite. The quicker the better.

Favorite Colors: He hasn't thought about it.

Weapons of Choice: Pikes, spears, etc

Dislikes: Relying on people. People relying on him.

Hobbies: Fishing, cooking, camping. Getting under others skin.

Physical Features: He is marked by rough, worn skin on his face and hands from years of exposure to nature. His movements are clunky for an elf, but still more graceful than an orc or even human.

Special Abilities: An unnatural sense of direction, possibly part of his connection to the wild

Positive Personality Traits: Confident and trustworthy. Cadence is loyal to his friends. He has spent a lot of time alone with his thoughts and has a lot of wisdom to share. Slow to anger.

Negative Personality Traits: Ruthless towards potential threats. Independent to a fault.

Misc. Quirks: While gruff, Cadence is a devout follower of the arts. Particularly music. While he composes many pieces with his pet companions around the campfire, don't bother asking to hear any of it. He would never share.

Played by What Famous Person: Viggo Mortensen, maybe.. a little rougher and some really great dye jobs :)

Theme Songs:

Rise Against - Halfway There

Circa Survive - Act Appalled

(Link is to acoustic version :D)

And a cover because I lurv this band:

History: Cadence had a 'normal' childhood, like any other high elf. His parents were both rangers and he soon found he too had an affinity for animals. When the war started, they sent Cadence away fearing the worst. A bow, an old practice sword and his knowledge of the wilderness were all he took with him.

He has picked up bits and pieces of what happened while on his travels, learning slowly the details of the war. It has been years now, and he has long abandoned his old name. He has developed into a hardened fighter and a wise man his parents would be proud to have called son.


I'm new to this, go easy.. I tried to tie in some lore but I am not that familiar with it. Forgive me if anything conflicts.

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