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Since the Blackmail thread became more about funny screens than Blackmail, I figured I'd start my own. I dug up some pics from a couple weeks ago and thought you might like them. Feel free to share your own.

This first set needs no comment if you read the text.



The text in this pic, plus the fact that Daala is imbedded in a rock (after a leap off Thunder Bluff) make this one tickle me too.


Here's a snippet from a conversation I had right before I reported this idiot.


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After a rigorous day of hunting and taunting packs of roving druids who were harassing a guildmate, Rand and Rethsil decided to take a more effective means of Alliance-control in Un'goro crater, by making sure the griffons couldn't take off.


Keltag's not sure what to make of this dragon whelp telling him what to do...


Taken a loooong time ago... Not sure what the boys did to piss off the gnomes in the Shimmering Flatts, but their prototype Basilisk Cannon was off by a degree or so.


More laughing at Keltag. He done got miniaturized and laughed at by Lorewind. ...I wish it were possible to make them stay this size, since it'd be hilarious to have such a tiny beast tanking and mauling other beasts as well as players in BGs.

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the joys of pet pathing....


I'm not a witch.



I worked really hard to get to 70.


Sort of...

Stormwind is a peaceful city full of dignified and hardworking citizens...


...except during happy hour.

Haggle really likes those tram benchs...


He even took a few home with him.

There's been a great deal of speculation in regards to certain aspects of nightelf society.


Yes, they really do exist.

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Bevial seems to be a bit blind in her Forsaken-ness...


Watch where you warp!


I had some kind of wierd error happen where I was caught in one of Undercity's elevator door and warped over to Stonetalon...along with the elevator and its abomination guards. The Abominations enjoy a nice swim!




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Some background information. Kreios was the wronged party who put out a hit on a druid named Lunafirian. After he was whacked three times I put out the call for a "blood elf murdering people" in general chat and grouped up with Lunafirian to help him fight off the attacker. Here is the party chat after the fourth hit when I bravely chased the assassin around the corner after he one-shotted Lunafirian. The client was waiting.

edit: I just noticed the guy talking to Hellista OOC was a member of the Sowell Fan Club... bastard!

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Ladies and gentlemen, Today the Alliance unveils the latest marvel of science, a triumph of gnomish engineering over the forces of nature and a glimpse towards a new and brighter future for the peoples of azeroth.


Behold, the AIRSHIP!


Well, you don't know what we can find

Why don't you come with me little girl

On a magic carpet ride

You don't know what we can see

Why don't you tell your dreams to me

Fantasy will set you free

Close your eyes girl

Look inside girl

Let the sound take you away

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Whispersoft and I messing with a beggar. The guy was a really good sport, so after I made him go gather dragonhawk eggs I gave him 5 gold.


Here's one from the other day. I got knocked off my flier in Skettis and landed right in the middle of 3 70's, the giant 70 bird that knocked me off the mount, and a 72 elite tree giant. A testament to paladin DPS everywhere, I had killed all the rest when I finally got bored and went in general looking for aid.


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I was having a nice picnic with Snauz in Haala when one of my students complained.

And yes, forgive my crapped out UI here. I had some issues last night with it and had to work with what I could.


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Xenaken will appreciate these. We were goofing around in General, and I ran into someone who was freaking out about it. A non-RPer too. As far as I can tell. Enjoy.





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So, here's a few from earlier today.

Some say that the Jedi powers are exclusive to SWG only.



Thoraggar, in his aspiration towards perfection, has begun to undertake the Jedi way.

As you can see, he's quite high up...


Unfortunately, Thor became bored with this, and decided he wanted to get "ahead" of the rest of the competition with Jeshua of the Rangers of the Dark Sun...


So, we had someone else join us, but Thor decided that he wasn't getting anywhere, so he came down off his high horse and help others get ahead in life...


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Here is broxgian, khaell and myself protecting the bulwark from enemy hands. THROUGH THE POWER OF DANC!!!oneone11!


We did mange to twart a night elfs plans to cross the bulwark into forsaken lands.


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