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The Last Hunt...

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The assault on my senses was worse this time. Much worse..

This latest foray into Zul' Gurub was hard. The entire time my mind ws assaulted with the voices of the Loa aspects, taunting me, seducing me. Then there was Hakkar. He was trying to take control. To possess me. Of that I'm certain.

I was in a state of exhaustion when I finally exited the cursed city, only to find myself being called to arms.

"The Swordwaltzers are attacking!" , the alarm came. The denizens of Stranglethorn Vale were in an uproar! This armed bad was making forays into the Vale from the southern reaches of Duskwood.

Tired as I was, I answered the call to arms. I had no choice, the Serpent would not let me be..

Mice needing slaying. Yess they are nasty little mice. Kill them. Kill them all!

I could not fight the voice. Even the dream dust was having no effect in lessening his force of will. I was an automaton. An avatar of the Serpent.

So it was with a detached mind I saw that we defenders were so few, and the Swordwaltzers numbers so large. They were massing at the crossroads in Duskwood. Clys was there along with a few others. She also aslwered the call, but was dismayed at the level of response.

What of it? We shall not fear. We will strike, or die trying.

Common sense was gone. My mind a mess. I could not fight the Serpent. I attacked, and was immediately swept up by their sheer numbers.

The bloodlust returned. I fought like a savage from the dawn of history, when we were little more than subterranian cave dwellers on this land. Primitives ripe for the molding by those 'others' we called the Loas. I didn't feel the wounds. Didn't even see the attacks that came from all quarters.

My arrows nearly spent, I saw out of the peripheral of my vision Tempest fall. My beloved Worg. Companion for so long. Skewered by a paladin's sword.

A rogue's blade caught me from behind. A hunter's arrows pierced my chest. Blood. My blood everywhere.

Inside my head, the serpent screamed. But over top of that, a tiger's growl, growing into a full roar! "Yes, my child. You will at last have your freedom and release. Release with honor. Release with dignity. Come to me now.."

Vision swam.. somewhere I heard a laugh. That rogue.. I saw a Night Elf huntress looking down on me. I was on the ground. It was warm and sticky beneath me. My blood.

An image of a panther came to my eyes.. It changed, slowly morphing into my mother, Yayo. Another panther beside her also changed. Barke. A black obsidian pendant around his neck.. he looked sad. "Fret not beloved. We are beasts you and I, We will met again in some distant hunting ground."

More swirling, and a silvery haired goddess appeared before me. She shone with an radiant inner light. My sister.. Lovely. I tried to smile at her. "I have peace Dear one.. may you find yours."

She smiled at me, and I knew she would be fine. Slowly her image retreated from me. It was getting dark, so dark..

I felt the presence then.. a great presence. It took form.. A majestic tiger. "It is time. Come.. walk with me to the Hunt."

I made to follow. I was a wolf. A large white wolf. And I wanted to hunt.. one last time.. for eternity.

(( To All Good Things there must come an and. I am leaving the game for a time. I cannot say when I will be returning, if indeed I do. Professional and personal demands have increased for me such that It will be impossible for me to play for quite some time. You are all superb people and I wish you well. I will continue to lurk as much as I can. Perhaps in time I will be able to return to these lands. But if I do it will be in another form. I salute you all..))

((P.S. Hopefully Kurohane will have recognized the Obsidian Pendant around my corpse's neck as an elven heirloom necklace, and read the name inscribed.. Barke should have it returned to him in some fashion.))

((P.P.S. Oh, I almost forgot. Many thanks to the Swordwaltzers for providing me this super ending, even if you were oblivious to it! My last hour last night was fun, even if we were horribly outnumbered.. Hopefully you didn't desicrate my body too much.. /salute ))

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I will miss you Lupa....I hope you get everything taken care of that you need to. Please don't stay away from the forums...And yes, this will have some ramifications.))

<3 Lupa

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Clys stood over Lupa's body, pushing it with her toe.

"C'mon, Lupes. Get up. They're all gone, retreated into Elywnn. Why are you still lying there?"

Clys knelt down and felt Lupa's throat. No pulse. She walked over to the Spirit Healer, shaking her fist.

"Raise her, you idiot. What are you waiting for?" she shouted.

"I can do nothing until she asks," the Spirit Healer whispered.

Clys walked back to Lupa's body. She knelt down and brushed a lock of hair back from Lupa's ear. She whispered into the ear, letting her lips graze the skin.

"So, you've decided, have you? You bitch. Leaving us, going on to whatever lies beyond. You damn well better be happy there, or I'll kill your ass again...."

She trailed off, the anger and hurt too much. She tilted back Lupa's head, and sank her fangs deep into Lupa's throat, drawing out the still-warm blood. Visions danced in her mind, the blood so mixxed with influences, part Troll, part Serpent, part Hexxed, part Paladin, part Demon... all of it, mixxed and melded into one whole. Clys drank it all, every drop she could pull from the body.

She stood then, wiping her lips with the back of her hand.

"Now it's all part of me. Wherever your spirit goes, Lupa, I will hear you if you call again. Death didn't stop me, you know. Perhaps it won't stop you, either. "

Clys faded back into the shadows, making her way back to the Undercity and home. She heard a melody, faint but clear, a hunting song. And she saw a great white wolf, tearing its prey into pieces. She smiled.

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She trailed off, the anger and hurt too much. She tilted back Lupa's head, and sank her fangs deep into Lupa's throat, drawing out the still-warm blood. Visions danced in her mind, the blood so mixxed with influences, part Troll, part Serpent, part Hexxed, part Paladin, part Demon... all of it, mixxed and melded into one whole. Clys drank it all, every drop she could pull from the body.

She stood then, wiping her lips with the back of her hand.

"Now it's all part of me. Wherever your spirit goes, Lupa, I will hear you if you call again. Death didn't stop me, you know. Perhaps it won't stop you, either. "

Clys faded back into the shadows, making her way back to the Undercity and home. She heard a melody, faint but clear, a hunting song. And she saw a great white wolf, tearing its prey into pieces. She smiled.

<3 Clys.. I would have expected no less. I hope the taste of my blood remains on your palate. I so much enjoyed fighting at your side. Never change..

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((oh, this is so sad :(

Good luck with life Lupa, and I hope you can join again when everything settles down. You will be missed.


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((Well...I wish we'd had some clue of what you were doing, to be honest. Kurohane never had anything against Lupa. In fact, last night, she was furious and hurt that Lupa constantly kept marking her, trying to draw her out to attack. So, please forgive me for showing our side of last night's events.))

The sun was setting fast, though one could hardly tell in Duskwood - it was always dark and dreary. Kurohane had never truely had a love of that land. When she had first entered it, so many months ago, it had chilled her to the bone. The death, the diseases... The horde that swept through it, killing everything in sight. It was nearly two months ago now that the Swordwaltzers and the Order of Turalyon had come to an agreement. They would patrol these lands. They would drive out the horde who sought nothing but to slaughter the less experienced. They would hound those they found in Duskwood until they fled.

"HORDE!" Solauris' cry rang through the dank woods from up the path. She jerked from her thoughts, Xelthan, his mount having been spurred to speed a moment before her's, taking the lead as they rushed to where the Order's hunter stood behind a tree, observing the three. A shaman, a priest and a warrior, all at least a bit more seasoned than she.

The Swordwaltzers and Order fell on thier foes, blades cutting, arrows puncturing, holy magic searing and nature's force ripping even as the three attempted to slay yet another unseasoned member of the Alliance. In short order, the three lay on the ground, Kiraena's grace of Elune restoring the torn flesh of the unseasoned friend.

They moved off the road a bit, watching the bodies, discussing other calls for assistance in the land. The three rose. They did not flee. Kurohane bit back a sigh. They never learned. Once again, a short way up the road, the three lay on the ground unmoving. This time, the defensive force did not bother moving off. If they would not take the hint, they would drive them out. Again and again they rose and fell, each time getting close to Stranglethorn, but each time attempting to harm more unseasoned Alliance.

Finally, the small army found itself just over the bridge in Stranglethorn. They three lay torn and battered on the ground. Perhaps they would finally leave... With a heavy sigh of frustration, Kurohane called the force to mount and return to Duskwood - only to be cut off mid sentance as the lot rose yet again, the warrior charging her in fury.

How many times, now, those three had lay on the ground she could not count. She frowned down at their forms, shaking her head in wonder at how foolishly stubborn they were.

"We have another coming!" Lyear's voice rose over the chirping tropical birds.

Her gaze came up to follow his mark as his own pet rushed towards the troll. Her breath caught. Lupa! "No! Let that one go unless she attacks us!"

Lyear let forth a sharp whistle and his beast bounded back to him. They would assemble at the crossroads. There might be an attack coming, from the slaughter of those fools just inside Stranglethorn.

They were eleven strong. All save three well enough seasoned, and the less seasoned made up for thier lack of experience in pure strength of will. Let the horde bring what they would. They would stop thier entrance, allow the Alliance of Duskwood to go about thier business in peace.

As she had guessed, a small force came to meet them. Though, of course, not directly. Oh no, never directly. They attempted to surround the band of Order and Swordwaltzers. A smirk pulled at Kurohane's lips as Xelthan slipped up beside her.

"Clys is here," he muttered under his breath. She could barely make him out. He truely had learned how to blend well with his surroundings.

"Let her come," the huntress growled under her breath in retort.

His chuckle rang out even as he stepped away from her side and she lost sight of him - but she knew. She knew he was near, standing gaurd over her as always.

The wait lasted forever, the band becoming restless. They began to mutter amoungst themselves - should they not make a strike? Should they not move? There were no other calls for aid in Duskwood... Kurohane spoke again, holding the lot firm in place. Haldren grunted by her side, the seasoned paladin more than used to and willing to wait as need be.

They would not abandon Duskwood to the likes of Clys and her croanies.

A mark appeared above Kurohane and she spun to the hills behind her, frowning. Lupa... But why? Amicula cleansed the mark from her, but almost instantly it reappeared. Again and again. Cleanse, mark, cleanse, mark. She caught a flicker of movement on the hill - Xelthan. Damn that man, he was no match for Lupa alone... Growling under her breath, she ran past him, many of her fellows following behind her.

She did not have a chance to say a word to Lupa. Balah had been running just ahead, but before she could call him down, Lupa's worg was already setting upon her. An arrow shot through the air, stinging into her shoulder. Biting back against the pain, she drew her own bow up, letting her arrows beging to fly as a shield of holy protection surrounded her.

Clys and her croanies emerged from the shadows, their blades biting into the flesh of her comrades. It was over in a matter of moments. The horde threat lay on the ground, unmoving. Celestrae was at her side instantly, healing the wounds Lupa had inflicted.

"We have done enough for one night..." Kurohane told them all quietly, her gaze never leaving Lupa's prone from. The troll would rise again, as it seemed everyone in Azeroth did. Her heart was heavy with the sight of the troll, but part of her chided that heaviness. She should have expected no more, despite how friendly the two had always been. "Well done tonight. Let's go home."

It was near dawn when she returned from the house she shared with Xelthan to the site of the fight. Something had been plaguing her, keeping her from sleep, calling her back.

Lupa's body still lay on the ground, the cuts and arrows from the battle still littering her form...and the blood drained completely, leaving her a husk. Tears welled in the huntress's eyes as she knelt down beside the troll. A flicker of memories passed through her mind - thier first meeting in Duskwood, and the letter of apology she recieved shortly after. Dancing together at the Shindig in Booty Bay. A shared hug of unspoken respect. Greeting each other again in Booty Bay...

This was not how it should have been. Why had she kept attacking them? They were only trying to defend Duskwood. How had drained her blood like this..? Was that why she was unable to revive..? Balah nudged her arm, sensing his mistress's heavy heart. She smiled sadly at her hulking cat, giving him a gentle pat and stood to depart.

"Come on Balah," she whispered, turning to where her nightsaber waited. Instead, the cat whined, nudging at the troll, rolling the corpse so that it lay on it's back. She looked back as the Obsidian Pendant fell to the side. An elven heirloom..? Her brow furrowed in confusion and she knelt back down to lift it in her hand.


Her breath caught. It couldn't be... Barke's? Gently, she lifted the necklace from around Lupa's neck. If it was... She sighed, her heart heavier than it had been even moments before. He would want to know.

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(( Kurohane, that was excellent! :D I'm sorry I blindsided you like that. In reality I have a bit of time yet, but last night was a superb RP angle so I exploited it a little sooner rather than later. More drama this way..))

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There it was. His heart was heavy today. He sat at the table listening to Kurohane. She told him of the fall of his love..and by his friends own hands. He could not blame them though. Everyone knew the risks on the battlefield and if in the same situation he may have done the same. That did not make the pain any less though. He took the pendant and took his leave of the Pig and Whistle telling Kurohane he needed some time to himself. She nodded. Even if she did not know what he and Lupa had shared she seemed to understand.

He wandered Stormwind for hours without direction. Xelthan had found him in the park. Told him if he needed to point his blade at anyone it should be him. Xelthan knew about them. He said the whole thing didn't feel right. Barke just shook his head. He cannot blame these people. Not for their actions in a fight. They did the right thing. Barke took his leave of Stormwind a moment later.


He found himself wandering into Desolace. He was following the image of the panther that had been coming to his dreams lately. The panther was transparant but seemed real. Barke shook his head a few times and pinched himself. He was awake. It seemed to be taking him to a fortress to the west. It walked toward the place and turned to Barke.

"Nothing good comes from this place. They practice dark magic and try to bring more demons into this world." The panther spoke. It then continued towards the fortress before fading into the air.

It was then as Barke watched the various shapes in the place move around that his blood started to boil. His love was gone. He would never be able to see her again. To touch her or feel her next to him. Her smell was gone. Her smile. There was nothing left. Just the empty space. His eyes flared open. He would be with her again and the time she was alive and around for him....he was never able to see her. It was filled with hurt. Damn that paladin. Damn the undead thing.

He charged full sprint into the fortress. Two guards at the gate came at him just to be cut down before they drew their weapons. They came at him from every direction getting cut down as they came. Barke had started his spinning dance of death. Each hand acting independantly. Parrying, counters, slashing....blood went everywhere. It was a massacre. He was in a frenzy. He howled and continued to slaughter everything that came in his way. Near the end when a few survivors were trying to run away he would hunt them and killed them slowly. Cutting the back of the ankles so they would not be able to continue running. Then he would leave them until the fighting was over.

He stood there breathing heavily. He was covered in blood. Most of it was not his except for some blood from a few cuts he recieved and the right side of his face where a shadow bolt barely missed him. His one eye searched the bloody fortess to make sure no one was still alive. Slowly he made his way towards the shore. He was calming down. He could feel his wounds as the adrenaline went away. His head throbbed. He stood on the shore for a moment before collapsing to his knees. Tears welled up in his eye. He stared out at the water blankly. His thoughts were back in Stranglethorn Vale. The panther was sitting next to him again but he hadn't noticed.

He quietly whispered, " love."

((There is Barke's goodbye to you Lupa. I'm sorry to see you go and I hope I'm still around when you come back ^_^ ))

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You are one of the greatest and most loved beings in the realm and with your passing away, a part of the realm has also died.

You were one of the shining stars in a world full of chaos and hatred and with your death a great chapter of the history of our realm has tragically come to a sudden end.

If we were able to build our own Hall of heroes, I am sure that a statue of you would be erected in your honor among all the other heroes of the realm; people that made a difference not only in the world but our lives.

It saddens me that I will no longer be able to read or hear about the adventures of Lupa'jin and I feel a tear running down my cheek as I write this. I have known you since the begining and I cannot imagine the realm without you, you were not only a participant of the world but part of its lifeforce too.

Lupa'jin has taught us what it means to be alive in this world with examples of Honor, kindness and tolerance. As an Orc who values those qualities I am proud that when the time of your death came it was in the field of battle defending the Horde against Alliance aggressors but as a friend I grieve your passing as I will never be able to fight, patrol or see you again.

The irony is that with your death you have gained immortality, Lupa'jin. Your name shall live forever and will never be forgotten just like the heroes of legend who lived their lives to the full and changed the world.

I shall miss you Lupa



Standing alone within a cavern on the hills of Desolace, Brakogar stood next to a large camp fire which he appeared to be praying to while holding a neatly rolled up scroll sealed with the old emblem of the Frostwolf Brotherhood.

he reached his hand into small pouch hanging from his belt and removed some strangely looking handful of sand. The sand was composed of grains of many colors including red, brown and gray.

Brakogar placed a fist full of the dirt dangerously close to the flame. Despite the pain caused by the heat he maintained his fist in place and slowly opened his knuckles allowing the dirt to slowly pass between his fingers.

The flame suddenly begun to take the multicolor form of the grains of sand and while maintaining his fist in place Brakogar begun to chant.

"Spirits of the Elements, I offer you the untainted soil of lands which were once alive but are now dead".

Brakogar closed his eyes and begun to picture the once beatiful lands of Lordaeron, the Blasted lands and Draenor.

He then opened his eyes and continued

"The live essence of these lands are within the grains that I now offer to you, all that I ask in return is that you allow me to send this message to my friend who now resides within the Nether."

After all the sand had fallen from Brakogar's now severly burned right hand, he passed the carefuly held scroll in his left hand to the burned one causing much pain as he carefuly closed his right hand around it.

Brakogar prostrated himself against the flame for a few seconds while trying to control the pain eminating from his burns. The Fire begun to change from the variety of colors matching the sands to a strong but eerie blue green.

In that moment Brakogar stood up tall and in a sudden move threw his right hand straight into the flame and held it there until the scroll was all but ashes.

As Brakogar removed his criticaly burned hand from the fire, the flame shrunk and became a normal camp fire.

Brakogar then begun to wrap his burned hand in bandages while having tears streaming down his face. However the tears were not that of phisical pain but that of never seeing his friend again.

Brakogar then looked outside the mouth of the cave and saw that there was a beautiful full moon on a clear sky surrounded by many stars.

Brakogar kept his eyes on the sky for what seemed an eternity.

"You will be missed Lupa'jin but you have left a mark in our hearts that will last for all eternity"

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In the dark halls of the Undercity, Keraph Xalascent, Lord of Infection, sits at a table, writing letters and examining reports. The door opens behind him, and a more recently risen Forsaken enters the room, a letter in hand.

"My Lord, I have news. Not that you probably even care, but some stupid troll by the name of Lupa was killed in Stranglethorn recently, and many of our allies are making a big deal about it. I thought you might care to know, though I doubt it bothers you. One more stupid 'lesser' down, right?" The young messanger grins arrogantly as he finishes relaying his message, only to be cut short by the broad side of a demonic sword colliding into his face, sending him spinning halfway across the room

"Silence, fool. She may have been a mere Troll, but Lupa'jin was an honorable fighter, and a hunter of unparalleled skill. She was well recognized by our allies, and the Horde as a whole, and for good reason. She was worth much more than your insignificant existance, anyways." Keraph finishes with a sneer, and an angered sorrow is detectable within him. "Now tell me, who is responsible for her death?"

The messanger stammers to answer, still shocked at the reaction of his master, espescially over one of the lower races he disdains. "Th...the Swordwaltzers were re...resposible for it, my lord....they were killing all those who came into sight, it seems"

"Then it seems that retaliation is in order. We cannot have those bumbling fools who think themselves noble warriors go about and killing off all of us, not that they would be all too succesful...anyways, organize our forces. I will brief them myself at a later time. Our plans will have to be accelerated, so we'll have to be quick. Here, take this," Keraph hastily writes some sort of note down, penning it quickly but not losing an ounce of legibility. "Get this authorized and approved. I will have to take a temporary leave of duty in order to carry out our plans, and we need approval to make any sort of large movement. Quickly now, we have little time."

The messanger takes the note, and leaves the room with haste, not minding to shut the door on his way out. Sighing, Keraph closes it, and returns to his desk, pushing aside the papers he was working on, and begins to write a few new notes.

"We will be acting ahead of schedule, but our plans remain the same...damn them all, Lupa will be avenged."


((Sorry to see you go, Lupa! I didn't really know you that well personally, but you were one of the big names, and you'll be missed!))

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((Great...more people after us for something we didn't do... *sigh* I'm never even hitting 43, am I? : P

In any case...sorry to see you go, Lupa! I've always enjoyed your stories and seeing you in-game...even when you were confusing the hell outta Alucian with your flirting. ;) And, gosh, you leave right when he becomes available! xD

Hurry back, okay? :) ))

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"Lupa'jin, Dead?"

The words formed heavily on Jamaryste's lips, as she listened to Clys. "I did not know her as well as you did, Mistress, but the time spent fighting the 'waltzers last night was good. I will miss her, and mourn that I did not know her..." Jamaryste rose as she said this and made to leave, "Good eve, Clys, I think I will find Kurohane and Xelthan..."


As I made my way through elwynn and stormwind, sticking to the shadows and laughing to myself at how easily I moved around the human's city, I decided to slay Kurohane and Xelthan on the spot should I find them, as a message that Lupa'jin's passing will not be taken lightly. I made it to Ironforge with no problems and was wandering around, when I saw Kurohane. I followed her to an inn where she met Xelthan. They were both dressed as civilans and laughing and drinking like nothing had happened. Perhaps they didn't know they killed Lupa, perhaps they didn't care. Disgusted and unable to fulfill the growing need to bathe my blades in blood, a friend from Infection joined me in Ironforge to assail their king. Contaminator and I were preparing when some fool gnome entered the king's chamber and called reinforcements. We were attacked, mobbed by guards and the two rogues the gnome called in, we did what we could then revived and left the stench of ironforge behind.

I don't know if Lupa'jin knows what we say and think of her now, but I wish I had known you better, and I hope your hunting is rich and full in your new hunting grounds. Farewell.

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