Alekander Mikhal Andro the Revenant

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Full Name: Alekander Mikhal Andro

Nicknames: Alec; The General; General

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Hair: Black, long.

Eyes: Dark Blue

Height: 6'1

Weight: 147 lbs

Place of residence: Orgrimmar

Place of Birth: Stormwind; 16 years before the Opening of the Dark Portal

Known Relatives: Father (Alive), Siblings and Mother (Unknown) He rarely speaks of his family, except for his father, who he admires and respects a great deal.

Race: Human; Undead; Revenant - A Revenant is an undead that has no connection to the scourge whatsoever; an entity which entered into undeath through their own will and desire for revenge. Many Revenants are maddening and insane, Alekander is by far not one of them, his strong will to be free gives him the power to fight the hate in his heart.

Philosophy: Fight for your dreams and never abandon them. Never abandon your morals, standards, and principals, even in undeath; Late to bed, early to rise, makes a man... very, very tired. Stand up to even the Gods themselves, as if you expect to strike them down.

Occupation: Revenant Blademaster; The General of the Korkron Vanguard; Learning to craft heavy weapons.

Group/Guild affiliation: The Korkron Vanguard as of December 26, 2007

Guild Rank: The General

Enemies: The Burning Legion, the Scourge, the Alliance, the RAS. The Dusk Runners. Any who dare oppose life and peace.

Likes: Kalimdor. Painting. Relaxing. Mediating. Traveling through the Caverns of Time.

Favorite Foods: Salad. Talbruk. Occasionally in a fit of rage... fresh demon flesh, while fighting demons. Demons fear him more than he fears them; that is to say he does not fear them at all.

Favorite Drinks: Water.

Favorite Colors: Blue. Purple. Black. Silver.

Weapons of Choice: Bastard Sword. Great Axe. Great Halberd.

Dislikes: Hates demons. Hates scourge. Hates living in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Hobbies: When he actually has time for leisure? Thinking. Planning. Training. Painting. Meditation.

Special Abilities: Cunning, Intellect. Strategic, tactical thinking.

Misc. Quirks: Glowing Blue Eyes. Will speak in metaphors and lyrics on a rare occasion.

Played by What Famous Person: Richard Dean Anderson

Weaknesses: Arrogance, true lack of fear for his own destruction. Since March, he has grown increasingly arrogant. Little does the public know, the Gods are making him pay for his arrogance.


Theme Songs:

- Shaping of the World by Blizzard

- Planet Earth Theme Song (Show on the Discovery Channel)

- Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins

- CArry on my Wayward Son by Kansas

Class: Warrior


Reserved. Free. Independent. Leading. Bold. Ambitious. Strong Willed. Presentable. Honorable. In touch with his humanity. Unpredictable. Tactical. Efficient. A man of principle and integrity.

Alekander has two weaknesses above all, his lust for revenge against the Burning Legion and his humanity; largely defined by an internal conflict between his humanity and his lust for revenge; two wolves representing love and hate constantly battling it out for control of his heart. Neither wolf ever wins, and for this reason the two sides come together and make up a significant strength.

Alekander never makes a decision too quickly, and isn’t someone you would call impulsive. No, he’s learned to listen to his advisers and followers and form a well backed decision from the varying opinions of his officers. For this reason, he purposefully picks officers who generally disagree not only with him, but with each other.

Alekander has a point of view and a code of honor that is very unique to an undead. His childhood wasn’t just normal, his childhood was peaceful and loving. The Dark Portal opened on his Seventeenth Birthday, ironically, and to this day his childhood provides a very significant contrast to the chaotic world in which he now lives; therefore he has a strong desire to shape the world around him the way he feels is right.

"…When I peer into his glowing eyes, I sense neither trickery nor hatred... Rather, <slight pause> I see a hardened determination... and much reverence for the living world…"

-Warchief Thrall, rationalizing his decision to place an Undead in charge of the Kor’kron Vanguard.

“Lok’tar Ogar!”


Unlike other undead, he is not hunched over. He stands straight up and walks with a regal presence to him. His eyes don’t glow yellow, and generally don’t glow at all. When they do glow, they glow a deep and dark blue. His hair is jet black, save for a few streaks of grey mixed in. His gait is one of determination and perseverance. This is a man who knows where he’s going and what his job is. This is a man secure in his morals and actions. While others may put on airs of importance, Alekander really is important.

He is often seen training with the Orcish Blade Masters. He make an obvious effort to use Orcish sayings like, “Throm’ka,” and “Lok’tar Ogar,” not just while traveling in Kalimdor.


Alekander was the first born child and has several other siblings, all several years younger than him in their low thirties. He was born to a high middle class family of wealthy merchants and the first to attend high education in his entire family. From an early age he was taught strategy and had a natural affinity for tactical thinking. His childhood was well before the Dark Portal opened and was therefore mainly uneventful.

Alekander inherited many traits from his parents that he still holds to this day forty three years later. His father was a soldier, in spite of that he was very laid back, relaxed, and even jolly at home. His presentability didn’t come from his parents, rather, it came from his education. His code of honor and morals however, came from his father.

The Dark Portal ironically opened on Alekander’s seventeenth birthday. In the year that followed his family fled to Lordearon where Alekander joined the Silver Hand and trained as a Paladin. Alekander’s father, a decorated soldier later charged through the Dark Portal under an expedition to Draenor led by Khadgar. His father was never seen or heard from again and presumed dead until the recent opening of the Dark Portal when he was discovered to have taken up refugee in Shattarah and begun training as a Paladin now in his late sixties.

Alekander stayed with his mother helping her raise his sibling until he was twenty three when he joined the fight against the Horde in the Second War. In spite of the bloody conflict he was exposed to in his service, he has never had a hatred for the Orcs. He believed then that hatred of the Orcs would lead to darkness and destruction. When the war ended and the Orcs were gathered up and thrown in internment camps, something inside Alekander screamed aloud and did not manifest for some time.

After a few years Alekander had found himself wandering from village to village assisting the locales and dodging the tax collectors. To fund all the Interment camps that had been built for the Horde there was a tax placed on the citizens of the Alliance. This further irritated Alekander along with the fact that he did not believe taking the Orcs from old slavery to new slavery was right, either. The injustice that Alekander had felt subconsciously all along finally manifested when a group of Orc raiders saved Alekander’s life from an attack by several human bandits.

He began to become vocal about this and the corruption in the majority of Alliance politics. When Alekander was 26, he heard that an escaped slave was leading a rebellion to free the internment camps. The slave’s name, Alekander came to find out, was Thrall.

Alekander traveled to the second interment camp that was attacked and questioned the locales about what went down that day. He anticipated where Thrall would strike next and observed that Thrall was captured once more only to show the Orcs the power of shamanism. This intrigued Alekander, that instead of Fel energy, this, “Thrall,” was wielding natural energies as natural as the light he wielded. Alekander was astonished at how this display of power shook the very foundations of lethargy in the camp and soon the Orcs rallied around Thrall as other Orcs broke into the interment camp and freed it. Alekander escaped and thought for days on end without sleeping about the opportunity presented before him. He decided that if he did not assist the Orcs, he would be a hypocrite, and it didn’t matter if his race didn’t really care if he was a hypocrite, he cared. Alekander did what he felt was right and traveled to the nearest interment camp and offered his protection to the camp in return for hospitality. As a Paladin of the Silver hand, Alekander was given hospitality by the slave owners and in return, Alekander would heal the gladiators and stand guard at night outside of the camp.

Finally, Thrall and his army arrived at Alekander’s interment camp in the morning, and in a surprise attack, they smashed into the camp and the Orcs cheered at the displays of power. Alekander grabbed his sword, shield, and plate armor and quickly ran outside to engage the guards as the ran to engage the Orcs. Caught off guard by Alekander’s betrayal, any guard that had seen his deeds were disposed of. Thrall’s army took noticeable efforts to spare the innocents in the Interment Camp; this display of honor and mercy further astonished Alekander. When the battle was over Alekander once again escaped the interment camp and headed north under a different name.

Alekander would not hear of the Orcs again until their exodus to Kalimdor when they stole away in the Alliances’ own ships. Rumor was that not long before a human shape shifter visited the king of Lordaeron and spouted prophesies of doom, warning the humans to head west. Alekander put two and two together and realized the prophet had visited the Orcs as well when he heard of Jaina’s exodus to Kalimdor, and joined with the Kul’tiras and Jaina to Kalimdor.

Alekander went on to fight for Jaina and eventually worked his way up to one of her personal body guards in Kalimdor, though not a very particularly recognized body guard, it was still an honor to serve her. He was astonished by this new land, and was not surprised when the Orcs showed up, recalling Antonidas’ theory that the Orcs were not always blood thirsty and hulking, that they may have been corrupted by Fel magic and demons. This theory turned out to generally be correct as the conflict between the humans and Orcs was negotiated to an end when Thrall, Jaina, and Malfurion Stormrage met in the Caverns with Medivh and learned of the true, mutual threat. The three races untied in an alliance, and Alekander was there with Jaina to see Grom Hellscream subdued and uncorrupted.

When Thrall and Grom Hellscream went off into the night to hunt down the great pit lord that originally created the blood pact with the Orcs, Alekander sat and listened to tales told by the Orcs, Tauren, and trolls around a campfire, he learned about the Darkspear Tribe and the oppression they’ve suffered from the mainstream jungle trolls, and the oppression that the Tauren suffered from the Centaur. He learned of the New Horde’s ventures over the past half year, of how they had saved the Darkspear and the Tauren from certain doom. He kept to himself about his betrayal in Lordaeron, but knew that his choice was the right thing to do when presented with the civilized potential for such, “beastly” races.

Alekander returned to the Human camps before Thrall returned with the new of how Hellscream fell to free the Orcish people.


Under Medivh's guidance, Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore - the leader of the human forces in Kalimdor - realized that they had to put aside their differences. Similarly, the night elves, led by Malfurion and Tyrande, agreed that they must unite if they hoped to defend the World Tree. Unified in purpose, the races of Azeroth worked together to fortify the World Tree's energies to their utmost.

When the time came for the greatest cooperation between races Alekander ever had the honor of witnessing, the battle of Mount Hyjal, Alekander fought first on the front lines of the battle side by side the Orcs and Humans, and even Night Elf Druids of the Claw against the demonic legions and scourge. As valiantly as they fought, the human base still fell and as all the other humans teleport away in defeat, Alekander believes it is best to defend until death instead of running away, so he gathers up a group of fellow human warriors who agree and run to defend the Horde's base, fighting beside Thrall himself. After hours pass of defending the horde base, in the final wave of demons and scourge to attack the Horde base, Alekander is struck down and mortally wounded.

Being the last human to die in defense of the Horde base on Mount Hyjal, Thrall honors Alekander as a hero, in this quote on Alekander’s tombstone and memorial, "Our people will never forget your sacrifice, brave friend."

Empowered by the very strength of the world, Malfurion succeeded in unleashing Nordrassil's primal fury, utterly destroying Archimonde and severing the Legion's anchor to the Well of Eternity. The final battle shook the continent of Kalimdor to its roots. Unable to draw power from the Well itself, the Burning Legion crumbled under the combined might of the mortal armies.

Medivh said as the sun set on the Battle of Mount Hyjal, “The roots will heal in time... as will the entire world. The sacrifices have been made. Just as the orcs, humans, and night elves discarded their old hatreds and stood united against a common foe, so did Nature herself rise up to banish the Shadow... forever. As for me, I came back to ensure that there would be a future, to teach the world that it no longer needed Guardians. The hope for future generations has always resided in mortal hands. And now that my task is done, I will take my place... amongst the legends of the past..”


A Tauren Lorekeeper wrote this speculation soon after Alekander’s misplaced corpse was found and taken to Orgrimmar for proper reburial, when it suddenly woke up and demanded to see Thrall. Time passed before he was allowed to see Thrall, as they had to make sure he was sane and able. This was written during this study of Alekander the Revenant.

“It would be preferable for Alekander to rest in peace, but no such thing happened, and Alekander was eventually raised into undeath by his own spirit’s will for revenge against the Burning Legion. His spirit reasoned that the work Alekander had to do was not yet done, and that he had to see the day when peace prevailed on Azeroth, the Orcs returned completely to their shamanistic roots and reawaken in a new spiritual path, and the humans shake off their own corruption. His spirit could not rest knowing that the scourge still walked and the Burning Legion could invade Azeroth again. Unfortunately for him, he still does not yet know what terrible atrocities have been added onto that list of evils since his death at the Battle of Mount Hyjal.”

Another scholar, a forsaken shadow priest wrote while studying Alekander’s behavior,

“The subject appears easily agitated and demands he be taken to our leader. I recommend that Alekander is not granted audience with Warchief Thrall, as his life maybe in danger near such a mysterious undead. He shows no ability to wield the powers of his past profession as a Paladin and seems to feel the light has turned it‘s back on him just because of the nature of his undeath, it being supposedly self-inflicted.”


Thrall eventually received word of Alekander’s condition and recalled his sacrifice on Mount Hyjal for his own people and the Orcs. Alekander was granted an audience with with Thrall, and he retold his own history, everything from his birth and his parent’s economic situation to the present day, and how irritating it was to be studied like a lab rat.

Alekander was given full quarter by Thrall, and sent to Kargath to train under the Blade Master Gorn, son of Luhk the Keen-eyed. Alekander proved to a quick study under the Blade Master and grew to love that style of fighting. He never feels complete without a two handed weapon by his side. Alekander learned of the current situation and the current Horde Issues and problems from the orc shaman and hoped to one day do what he could to assist in the end of these issues and the beginning of peace.

Alekander trained for almost four years under the surviving Blade masters of the New Horde and after his training was complete in October 26 ADP, it was obvious to all that his fighting style had evolved from the Blademasters. Alekander is proud of the way he fights and is honored to have been trained by the Blademasters for so long. When his training ended he was sent to the plague lands to fight the undead there and proved vastly superior to the undead present , as he mowed down hundreds of undead zombies every day.

Finally, Alekander's training is complete in Azeroth, and as of December, Alekander now fights the Burning Legion with passion and fury the likes of which is matched only by the Blade Masters who taught him. He has not yet reunited with his father in Shattarah, and still fights in Hellfire. You can find him displaying reckless acts of cunning and bravery against the Burning Legion stationed in Hellfire and giving quarter and mercy only to the Alliance he encounters and duels to the brink of death.


On December 19th, 26 ADP (2007) Alekander was summoned to Thrall's Chambers to be offered a new task by Thrall himself. He was ordered to begin searching for members of te Horde with enough potential to eventually make up the elite army that would become the Korkron Vanguard.

On December 26th, 26 ADP, the Korkron Vanguard was founded by General Alekander Mikhal Andro, and sanctioned by Warcheif Thrall. Their mission is to eliminate the enemies of the Horde by either destroying them (Demons and Scourge) or subjugate them (Alliance). Their mission, to protect the Horde lands, people, and values.

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((cool I've met a few of your guild in-game and so far most of them (excluding a few) have been friendly and open to RP. I think it might be interesting just to run into you))

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I've met with the "General" a few times. I intend to make good use of the force he commands, and the man himself seems a respectable Forsaken warrior, though I am slightly concerned about what he spoke of his past. But as we agreed, death is the great equalizer, and his...mistakes...are easy enough to correct. I feel he may make a powerful ally, once his force has been brought to it's full potential.

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General Alekander..

Yes, I've met him. He commands well, a powerful leader, and a respectable warrior, though I have not yet had the honor of fighting alongside him.

Mayhap our organizations will fight together on some future date against our common enemy.

I look forward to it.

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He came to the meeting for the Royal Entertainment Society. I was confused as to why a General would come and welcomed him, except that he harassed some of our members and attempted to wrestle control and make the RES bigger and better?

I was very confused since ... we don't control it and a society based on entertainment does not need to be bigger and better. The events could use a little infusion of life, but the merriment is what people put into it, not into our meetings.

I am not amused by his racist attitude. Our goal was and will be always to entertain the masses. Discouraging a race from joyous celebration does not mesh with our goals.

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I've heard quite a bit about him from SI:7 and various scout reports. Arrogant. Hot-tempered. Entirely too sure of himself. Still, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him personally, despite dispatching several of his warlocks in the field on my hunts. Maybe he doesn't consider his warlocks worth the trouble? Could be he has some redeeming quality, after all.

Or maybe he's just a coward. I guess time will tell.

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I met this man the other day in Shattrath. He seemed like a normal man to me...The spirits didn't say one thing or another about him. I'm not even sure if I like him or not. The entire encounter left me with a neutral taste. Perhaps if I kill a few things alongside him I will be able to judge him. Until then, I got nothing.

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Never said nothin' personal or anything but I remember him yelling up a storm that day in Silvermoon. I think he might've pissed some of those Grim off. That'll be interesting to watch.

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He gave me some advice on ladies. He's kind of like a father but I already have one of those. I like him, even if he looks suspiciously like a human.

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Feralmoon looks up from trying to pick the dried blood from the grooves of her chainmail with her skinning knife.

"...He's the leader of the Kor'Kron vanguard. He's not an Orc and he stinks of human... His methods may conflict with those of the Raven Cross, but his intentions seem fairly straight forward. The spirits echo his footsteps however with something a bit more menacing than he gives himself away to be.

I might watch this one. See that he doesn't step out of line. Though if he's serving so close to Thrall I'm sure if behaviour was noticed that wasn't particularly savory they'd have his head on a pike outside the Warchief's hall.

Lok'tar ogar, General."

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(( Bumping as Alekander has returned. Not only myself, but the character himself has been revived as well and shall shortly find a new defined character role through this thread.

I'm hoping to get some people with any interest together for both a story-line organization chat and a general Alekander story line/Death Knight lore discussion as well. Two separate discussions, the one more about Alek and less about the events and storyline I hope to host in the future will happen first, of course.

You can contact me In-Game on on TNG; via Jaymahsun or Alekander, or the "horde," channel or the "Sanctuaryooc" channels))

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