A note for Otek

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Aiobhe breathed in deeply, enjoying the brisk morning air as she strode into the Dwarven Quarter of Stormwind. She walked up the steps and tested the door of the Ironhand and Caskbelly Pub, locked, just as she had suspected. She pulled the note from her pocket and tacked it on the doorjam. The simple piece of folded white paper rustled in the breeze, the only thing showing was the name "Otek."

The message inside:


Kardael and I have separated from The Cartel Enforcers. We are to meet the Head of our new house on Thursday evening at 9:00pm in your establishment. If Lord Ivtanier D'rathe arrives before we do, please see that he is comfortable and has any food or beverage that he desires. Kardael will cover the cost once we arrive.

Yours sincerely,

Aiobhe Donascreid

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