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((ooc: This will be ic, as if Ban were filling it out. I apologize severely. >_>))

Full Name: Banbuu D'Ryuuten

Nicknames: "Ban," "Oh God," "Faster," "More," you get the idea...

Date of Birth: Far too long ago.

Age: I AM fairly middle aged, but it doesn't slow me down.

Race: Blood Elf, Sin'Dorei, yada yada.

Gender: Male, you'd better believe it... or, wait. Don't believe it. Then I can show you.

Hair: Lovely pale blond. It's natural I promise. I could show you that too. Hahaha!

Skin: Burned... spending too much time in Thunder Bluff. My skin is already too hot as it is, I suppose it was just too much for it. Watch out, or you might get burned too darling.

Eyes: Green, though not as bright as they once were

Height: About 7 inches... OH, whoops. Pardon my misunderstanding... A little under 6 feet I believe.

Weight: A la... er... gentleman never tells...

Place of residence: Currently, wherever I happen to be at the moment. Your pants?

Place of Birth: A village just a little South of Silvermoon City. Things didn't work out too well for them... can't remember it's name anyways.

Known Relatives: Maddyson is the only living currently.

Religion/Philosophy: I'll try anything 12 times... at least.

Occupation: Previously, Warlock, Politician and Spy. Currently? Er... well... man on the run? "Sexy Beast?" Yes, I think that should count.

Group/Guild affiliation: Currently.. I really can't remember. What day is it?

Guild Rank: Guild what? I surpass the need to "rank," sweetheart.

Enemies: I really haven't figured that one out yet, though I think it was just a collaboration of some very stupid blood elves truthfully. My race sure can be a stuffy old nag, let me tell you!

Likes: Booze, sex, booze.... it's pretty much a cycle from there...

Favorite Foods: Booze

Favorite Drinks: Booze

Favorite Colors: Booz... er... um... green. You know, that pale green I appreciate more, but it really doesn't matter too much. Green is just a pleasant color all around...

Weapons of Choice: Why my staff... er... *coughs* Staves. They're so pretty and long and wooden and.... er... perhaps I should move on.

Dislikes: None really come to mind. Pfft... look what I said. Hahaha!

Hobbies: Booze and... Naked Tennis? *begins cracking himself up* Horizontal Hokey Pokey? Who's got the soap? *falls over in laughter* Drunken Twister? *Suddenly stands up very Van Damm* In all seriousness though, I've recently taken up sewing. I'm currently finding the joys of crochet. Yes, that's right. I pronounced it "Crotch-ette."

Physical Features: I'm pale as hell, I know it, don't have to rub it in... though... you can rub anything else you like. *chuckles to himself* Faired a lot better in Eversong I'll tell you. I've found Sun plus white equals red... ouch. I've been told though, when I'm not looking like a lobster that is, that I look quite mysteeerious and lovely to boot.

Special Abilities: Besides being me? Hmm... gathering of information. It was why I was who I was. Also, I currently hold the record for undoing both a womans bra and a mans pants in one swift motion. I am currently giving spur of the moment performances. While I do have more fun with what's in the pants I think, as a type of clothing, bras are oh so much fun.

Positive Personality Traits: Do I LOOK like I need a personality? Can this much hotness leave room for personality?

Negative Personality Traits: None whatsoever, next question.

Misc. Quirks: Well, I'm occasionally very hot... though... I suppose that is actually a constant... and something that's a constant can't really be considered a quirk can it?

Played by What Famous Person: I don't think anyone could truly capture my perfection, though David Tennant is pretty hot. I would like to play HIM a few times at least.

Theme Songs: I really do like that "Sunrise" song... but not the original by Simply Red. Too slow for me. I like the club remix. Same for that "Poison" song by Groove Coverage. Anything club actually. Also, you can't go wrong with Bowie or Lennox.

History: Hmm... well, as a young Warlock I was hired by certain members of the Horde who shall remain nameless (mainly because I just flat out forgot) to keep tabs on the happenings of the Sin'Dorai. This was mainly because of my family ties. We were always sympathizers of the Horde, which is what got us into trouble in the end I suppose. So, here I am having a nice laid back governmental job in public relations (or the throwing of parties). Of course my families ties with the Horde are not unknown, and of course there are those that disagree with them.

So the jerks get together and kill my closest family! Basically their target was my sister and her husband. So my brother-in-law fights to the death to allow my sister to escape. I'm not sure how she did it but she'd made it all the way to Mulgore! In the meantime I've been arrested for murder, and seeing as this was before the attack not many really did appreciate my empathy of the Horde. They charge me for the murders of both my brother-in-law AND my sister, and of course her new born daughter. Odd thing is that the corpse of my sister still has not shown. Doesn't seem to matter to an angered court, however.

Luckily, having friends, or bum buddies, *laughs to himself* in mediocre-ly high places works out. My closest friend Marowit, and fellow politician, helped me escape. Weren't for him I'd probably be telling this with very not so pretty skin. *shivers* Death is so bad for the complexion.So I start hiding various places, though I didn't quite want to leave Eversong and it's surrounding area at the time due to that being the only place I've ever really known.

Unfortunately my sisters body appears, surprise surprise, no where near where I've ever been since childhood, on the shores of what is now called the Ghostlands. Not her newborn daughter though. Even so, this solidified the death warrant which is currently on my head.

Yes, the attacks happened shortly there after, but no, I still have not been pardoned. I fled to Tirisfall Glades after the attack, and then heard of various Blood Elves having been raised by other races of the Horde. So I began searching, first among the undead, and then among the Horde of Kalimdor.

I finally found word of my niece, Maddyson, who had been raised by Tauren. Still has trouble not thinking of herself as one, but who am I to judge? She wants to be a Tauren, that's fine with me. Been trying to figure out how to make her a nice pair of horns or something using my sewing skill. Think I'm going to have to get better first.

So, I am now mostly satisfied keeping away from Eversong woods. I say mostly because my previously mentioned "bum buddy" is too stubborn to leave Eversong, and, in fact, has an extreme fear of anything that is not Sin'Dorai. Also seems to have an addiction to Bloodthistle the poor b***ard. He's such a silly sexy goose. *takes a long drink of something in a bottle* Used to be myself, but it gets so expensive way out here so I had to crack that habit. Glad I'm not addicted to anything...

So here I am in all my sexiness. I even look hot slightly toasted don't I! My little secret collecting helper got cut off a bit unfortunately. You can see the tail of my cat there too. No name, just sort of started following me. I do love strays. Haha.




Literary Works Involving Banbuu: (*** indicates NWS)

--->Marowit's Journal.

--->"Drunk Under the Table"***

--->"A Warlock's Fall to Insane Incubus"***

--->"Same Old"***

--->"Shnockered at... hic! Brewfesht!"***

Artwork Involving Banbuu:

--->Drunken Banbuu

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Who, me? Smelly? Never! I have the scent of roses good sir! And I hardly think I'd cry for anything but the best. *snickers* Though I may be mistaken... depends on how many I had and how odd your sense of smell is.

I do remember Marowit telling me about his first time drinking, however. Said some invisible person in a weird hat kept making it sound like he'd farted... Hahaha! May have me mixed up with him, as I bet he was cursing my name a lot for convincing him to try booze.

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Places a hand on her head, groaning a bit from the pain and fatigue. "Ah yes...I remember this man...or I think I remember him...Fluffy, was it?" Smirks slightly. "Thank you for the drinks...though I think I might of over did it..." Winces and groans. "I need a glass of water..."

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