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"That elf? I don't even know his NAME, much less anything about him. Ah," he smirks, "save that he is one of those light-wielding PRISSIES. Helling homosexuals, the lot of them!" Lysimachus nods authoritatively. "If you ask ME."

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Late morning in Orgrimmar, our goblin reporter barely notices a slender blood elf with an emblazoned star upon his tabard depart behind the Wyvern's Tail. With a smile, he hurriedly follows.

“Yo!” He cries out. Liyint turns and greets the reporter with a friendly, albeit tired, expression.

“Hey y- woah. You look like death!” The goblin looks to Liyint, who had been up all night again. Withholding his frustrations, he responds to the goblin with a smile,

“Good to see you again, too.”

The reporter looks to Liyint confused. He didn't remember their previous interview about Duroxas. In a bit of a huff, Liyint gestured to himself,

“Liyint. Remember? Our interview wasn't that long ago...”

The goblin snapped his fingers and his face shifted through a series of expressions as he remembered the skinny blood elf, “Ah yeah! Hey.... aw. Yeah, I remember you. You gonna' have more than 'seems to be decent'?” He asked his question with more than a tinge of sarcasm.

“Depends on who you're asking about?” Lint responded with a charitable tone.

“Doctor Alphaeus Streamside, the ship's resident healer. What can you tell me about her?”

“Him.” Liyint dryly corrected the reporter.


“Al's a him.”

The goblin flips through some papers and withdraws a smudgy, black and white photograph, “The file photo makes him look like a woman...”

“You have no idea.” Liyint's tone was still neutral, though he was mildly paranoid that the reporter actually had a reference photo of the Doc. He hunched down to peer over the goblin's shoulder, invading his personal space to examine the photo and prepare for some quick legerdemain.

“See the hair? It does a very good job of hiding some of the Doc's finer masculine features.” Liyint used his finger to trace over the Al's face in the photo as he lied. “Anyway, let's get to the questions?” The goblin's attention was diverted this way and that as Liyint took the liberty to flip several blank pages of the writing pad over top the photo while withdrawing the goblin's pen from his pocket and clicking it right next to his ear. The moment the reporter's eyes were taken from the pad, the rogue lifted the photograph and folded it into his glove.

“Right! So, what can you tell me about Mister Doctor Alphaeus Streamside?”

Liyint stood, paced several steps away from the goblin, and cast his eyes skyward as he considered the topic. The mild expression of dissatisfaction on Lint's face was likely lost on the brusque reporter. “The Doctor,” Lint sighed, “Is very loyal to his Captain.”

There was a pause, and the reporter's eyes slowly lifted from the paper to give Liyint an impatient glare, “...That's. it?”

“Yes... no.” Liyint scratched the back of his head. His exasperation was a bit more apparent, “At the very least, the Doctor is very loyal to his Captain.”

“Yeah that doesn't help. Thanks for nothing.”

“Print it if you want to, Sweetie.” A nether ray descended from the rocky crags above, seemingly without beckon. Liyint checked it's saddle before leaping up onto its back, “I hope things went well for your cousin, out in Area 52.”

It was a confusing bid of farewell that left the goblin speechless. Before he could attempt a response, Liyint had already headed skyward.

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