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Shades of Grey

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Waiting on the Zepplin many dance, spar and joke. I seem to cant get rid of the old memorys. Head forward, eyes that look into the nothingness empty and hollow. The background noises of merchants screaming there

wares are none to beat ,laughing tounges, banging sounds of metal. I remain a husk my tattered past never to leave my side. Old friends dead and gone, watching from the nether must be a pleasure no coins needed

no reason to feed or keep an eye on your back. The battle scars heal some take longer than others but they all heal. Some think their scars are stripes of honor and pride. I only think of them as scars of the many thoughtless deaths of brave warrior's who thought they were fighting for something. A peice of land ,a way of life ,there guild or there cult. I wish there was a clear way to see through all this black and white good and evil. We do what we must to linger onto another sunrise. There are many shades of grey questioning the many deaths of the unforunate ones. Could they be the blessed ones. I wish i could dance and laugh ,drink ale and rage into the arms of love. I find myself in envy of those that can but for me that will never fill the empty holes left inside.The scars you cant see are the ones that ache and i ache. Am i the cause behind my Mother and Fathers death? Do i have a heart as black as theirs am i born with the curse of evil warlock blood? It can fester inside rolling thru the empty holes of my life. Do i kill for pleasure or for honor those are shades of grey i will never unravel. Did I kill my parents did the burning blade warlocks twist my mind ?, more shades of grey.So many shades of grey so many ways to waste away.So many shades of grey so many ways to fade away. AHHH the Zepplin has come time to meet some new friends only if Brakogar was here to see the orc warrior i have become the shell is hard but inside things move things i dont like to feel. Your a warrior shut up and kill the honorless. and kill I will !

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