Amoola Shadowhoof

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Full Name: Amoola Shadowhoof

Nicknames: 'moola, moolady, Moomoo, and many others. Only allowed from those who are seen as friends or 'family'.

Age: She is considered to be an adult. Estimated age is guessed to be between 51 and 53 years old.

Race: Shu'halo/Tauren

Gender: Female

Hair: Black mane with her long hair is braided and decorated with red and white beads in a trollish style.

Skin: Black with black fur

Eyes: Brown

Height: 7 feet

Weight: 300 pounds

Place of residence: None at this time.

Place of Birth: Presumed to be somewhere south of camp Taurajo

Known Relatives: Swiftbleid Bess'trice (fiance), Alo Longstride (father).

Religion/Philosophy: Shamanistic, elemental and Earthmother based

Occupation: Skinning and Leatherworking. Dragonscale specialty

Group/Guild affiliation: Bess'tarice Boarding House

Guild Rank: Officer

Enemies: None known at this time

Likes: Swiftbleid, her pets (three cats, a turtle, a dragon hawk and a mojo frog, a little blue and white bird, a hawstrider hatch ling, and a small pig to date.), nice weather, and good friends.

Favorite Foods: Bladespire bagels with creamed cheese, strawberries, Aunt Bess's caramel candies, chocolate, snd Swiftbleid or Saragone's cooking.

Favorite Drinks: Mead and Cheery grog in social settings, purified dreanic water otherwise.

Favorite Colors: Shades of blue and red

Weapons of Choice: Staves

Dislikes: Useless combat, being back stabbed while fighting a aggressive creature, unpleasant surprises, and torture.

Hobbies: Collecting dragon scales, totems, pets and mounts.

Physical Features: White and red tribal markings are on her muzzle created with war paints.

Fresh scars cover her arms and legs, the scars obviously were not created by a animal. The scars can be seen clustered with the various muscle groups running the same direction those muscles are placed. Some of the hair has grown back where it can. There are burn marks that encircle each of her wrists. From the degree of the burn no fur will ever regrow there. When not in full armor Amoola tries to keep her scars covered. Long skirts and shawls help hide the marks on her arms and legs. Decorative bracers and bracelets cover the marks on her writs.

Otherwise she is a average looking Tauren female.

Special Abilities: The ability to understand thick troll speech and calmly deal with garrulous Trolls that can't stop bouncing into trouble.

Positive Personality Traits: She can be calm and move with the flow of things like water or air, shows fierce loyalty to those who have won her as friend and tends to know when to walk away from an issue. She is very caring for those she claims as family or friend.

Negative Personality Traits: Her temper and fighting side can lay simmering under the surface until it explodes like a fire, and when stressed she can be rather emotional. She is also painfully shy around strangers.

Misc. Quirks: When dealing with stress she tends to suffer from nightmares where she will sleep through the night (or until someone can manage to wake her from the dreams) and yet gain no rest. She is a fairly skilled in battle yet prefers fighting as a last resort in most cases.

Played by What Famous Person: ((Not a freaking clue they'd have to be wearing a lot of makeup.))

Theme Songs:

History: ((OK I'm just going to keep this fairly simple and post links to stories with/about Amoola. Many of them touch upon things that have happened in the past.

Shadow and light -

Waking dreams -


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Amoola, Amoola. I remember when I first saw you.

Swift was talking to you, I thought you were quiet because he was not giving you a chance to speak. It was not until much later that I realized that that you did not speak to anyone.

You have come so far since then. We all have.

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Amoola is just great. She's really nice and I'm happy I know her. She's a senior at the school and I aspire to be like her one day.

She doesn't handle stress very well, though.

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*whispers something quietly in the goblin reporter's ear*

*eyes him to ensure he's gone the appropriate shade of white*

*smiles and goes on her merry way*

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Just got the word that Amoola's one of us. Whaddaya know! I'm so happy to have her. She's always fun to be around, and the fact that she wears our colors makes me so proud I could cry.

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Oh! I adore Moola! She and I need to write a cookbook together. Can you imagine how many copies that baby would sell??

Then again, if we did that, it might be tacky for us to marvel at each other's cooking.

So, no. I'll just continue to collect her recipes for my own, uh...private collection.

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Amoola uh, is she alright? *the druidess looks concerned*

Well .. I just thought I'd ask, I met her during the plague epidemic, it was very frightening. She offered me her help, I will never forget. If you do see her before I do, please remind her that the Oaksong tribe has her back for whatever she needs.

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Rohan eyes the picture the goblin handed to him, muttering, "All tauren look alike to me... Oh, wait. Yeah I think I've seen her in The Filthy Animal once or twice..."

He looks down at the goblin, "Yes, I realize it's a Horde Pub. Now leave me in peace or I'll feed you to a Jormungar Worm."

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