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I never know how to start these things. 'Dear diary' sounds too juvenile, too Faltherian Academy Prepratory Academy-esq. When I go back and read my diaries from that time period I want to go back in time and throttle myself. Seriously. How I could have been so sappy over the guys in my class is beyond me. And all those hearts as dots over my "i"s and "j"s? Gag me. With a spoon!

Dear journal doesn't sound correct, either. Like I'm some old bat. I don't know. It just bugs me. I tried that with the journal we had to keep for 'Orcish 101' but it just felt so artifical. I guess the whole premise of writing 'Dear anything' kinda bugs me. Like I'm having some great conversation with myself, and transcribing it for the freindly doctors and nurses at the Rolling Meadows Hospital to find and use as evidance to commit me. I love how they call it 'Rolling Meadows' instead of 'Mental hospital for those Sin'Dorei who are insane or borderline wretched'. Much catchier. I think I'll use that as an example in my Goblin Buisness 302 class next semester.

I've been enjoying my time at the University. In some ways I think the standards are more lax than they were at the prep academy. I've been working on lots of extra-curricular research to suppliment my studies, though. Right now I'm trying to find a sponsor for one of my projects: the effects of plague on the Dra- draeni? (Is that how you spell it?) Anyway, the effects of the plague on squid-goat tissues. I'm wondering if, since they're from the outlands and arrived here after the plague occured if it will have any effect. If it does not, maybe we can devise a cure of sorts. Sort of an anti-plague venom. I really don't think it would have any effects on the Forsaken, since they've already died, but if my theory is correct it could prove to be a cornerstone of the treatment for Sin'Dorei exposed to this or a similar plague product. If I get somewhere, hopefully I'll be able to get a grant and work on this sort of research full-time. Perhaps after graduation I'll be able to join the RAS. Or, if I can get enough grants, start my own facility.

The only problem is I'm not really making any friends here. Oh, sure, I talk to people. Lots of people. But they're more aquaintences than actual, real firends. I just don't seem to have time to get to know anyone beyond a cursory "hey" in the halls. I don't even really talk to my sorority sisters much. I see Hellista the most, but she's kinda (and by kinda I mean a lot!) crazy. I haven't seen Covarru in forever. Clys says hey from time to time, but I don't know her very well. Plus, she intimidates me a bit. Lovely is nice but she's a professor.

My best friend is Thistle. Yeah, I realize how pathetic that sounds. I'm best friends with a boar.

And don't even get me started on the dating prospects. Every Sin'Dorei male falls into at least one of three categories: 1. Taken 2. Pompous 3. Gay. Sometimes all three. Not that I have time to date anyone, anyways. There was that one guy from brewfest, Zenafova. But our schedules never seem to match up. I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through that orc, Beutha. Hopefully her date won't crash his wyvern next time.

Speaking of orcs, I've noticed that orcs and trolls are the only people who know that Thistle is NOT a pig. He is a boar! Like that troll said (Frak? Frek?) "Pigs do not have tusks". And This has some of the best tusks around.

To Do:

1. Ask around for a copy of someone's notes for the Cartel lecture on the Evils of Charity. Amoola, maybe?

2. Stop being a slacker and finsih up final semester project for BIO 315. Due 12/13.

3. Pick up some more Garadar cheese for This.

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I just read what I wrote last. "My only fear is mediocrity"? Ugh. Okay, it's true, but that was way over the top dramatic. It's a good thing no one will ever read this.

My mom's been sick. Nothing life-threatening, but serious enough that I've been away from the school for a couple weeks. I missed the whole gnome-proffessor fracas. Apparently Nicoleta was injured by some gnome assassin, and the demonstration ended abruptly thereafter. I'm really not sure how I feel about the prospect of having a gnome professor, not that it matters now. On one hand, gnomes are not welcome in Silvermoon. Aiding a member of the alliance can be considered treason. On the other hand, I want the best education I can get. Wouldn't having this gnome teach gnomish engineering be better than Coach Dewce? I mean... I haven't taken one of his classes but I've heard stories.

Speaking of engineering, I've decided to pick up a part time job to suppliment my allowence. And no, I'm not crazy enough to try and learn engineering from Coach Dewce! Since I do so much field work with animals I think I should pick up skinning. It seems wasteful to leave the pelts behind when I can turn around and sell them for perfectly good gold. I guess some lessons from that lecture on goblin business practices really stuck.

I keep hearing weird noises coming from Hellista's room. She seriously, seriously scares me sometimes.

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I seriously need to find a new way to earn cash. Like, seriously.

So there was this ad I found in my mailbox. Some old troll wanted an escort from Sen'jin village to the Swamp of Sorrows. Easy peasy, right? Right. So I took him up on the offer. There were a few of us there, and more kept tagging along as the journey progressed. Overall it was simple, nothing big happened. Well, up until the old troll hit his head and got a case of amnesia.

The problem was with my fellow escorters. I tried to engage them in conversation, but none of them were very friendly. Look, just because it's work doesn't mean it has to be borring. I was just trying to pass the time! I gave up trying to talk to any of them around the time we got to northern Stranglethorn. Even Broxigan was less talkative than when I met him in Silvermoon after the meeting of the RES. Not that I blame him. He looked like he had been through one of Coach Dewce's engineering lectures.

Ugh. And then there was that other troll. Lupa, or something? She joined us in Darkshire. What a bitch. Just because she's old doesn't mean she's better at archery. I have been trained at the finest academies and with the finest private tutors. I don't need her telling me what to do. I know for a fact I can shoot my cross bow just as well, if not better, than her. And I'm damn sure Thistle can take that mangey mutt of hers any day. Telling me I'm wearing too much perfume. She's just jealous since she smells like rotted logs.

That other troll, Dji-something didn't seem to like her much, either.

The cute Blood Knight was friendly, if a bit distant. He wants me to give him a tour of the Silvermoon University campus. I'm really looking forward to that.

Then there was Saturna. She was a little weird. Kept mutteriing some sort of strange prayer whenever she passed a dead body, but she wasn't a priest. I thought only the trolls were that superstitious.

She mentioned that she's a waitress. I should look into that. It has to be an easier way to make money than traipsing around through the muck and the mire with a bunch of anti-social mercenaries.

Also, that forest north of Stranglethorn? Seriously creepy.

On a side note, tarring and feathering the Gnome-King was great fun. Go Dragonhawks!!

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Well, I had another job, running some troll through the Scarlet Monestary. She wanted to loot the armory. No big deal, but the pay was hardly more than the cost of arrows. I talked to my father about increasing my monthly allowance to no avail. In desperation I put up an ad in the Gazette classifieds. We'll see if I get any responses.

Last night I had a bit of an incident. Ever since I joined up with the Aldor I've been trying to cut down on my mana-tapping. It's necessary for Sin'Dorei, yes, but it just feels kind of wrong to take mana from other creatures. Especially given the rumors I've heard about our Prince. On one hand it's no worse than using animals for meat and skins, but on the other... He's in league with Illidan! This method he taught us can't be the perfect solution to our problems since the Sunwell. There has to be some sort of catch.

So I've been cutting down lately, and I can feel the mana addicition raising its ugly head. Last night it got so bad I snuck out of the dorms really quietly and left the city in search of a mana worm. I felt awful about it but I was getting the shakes something fierce. Well, I was walking and I noticed a wretched out of the corner of my eye. He was hunched over a pile of magical dust, hoarding it. And as soon as I saw this I don't know what came over me. It was like I couldn't even think anymore. I clocked him one and we tussled a bit and I ended up knocking him out. All I could think about was that dust. And then I grabbed some and inhaled it and-

Well, I don't remember much of what happened after that, but I woke up this morning in the ruins of Silvermoon with Thistle pressing his snout in my face and an awful kink in my neck. I really have to be more careful from now on.

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