Naheal Malastar

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"I never met Nahael before running into him during the rescue mission for Lilliana. He seemed like a good guy. Interesting, easy to work with, and a fellow engineer. We've talked shop a couple of times. He provided me with the gas bombs to use against Morinth's forces. I could almost see myself becoming friends with him.

Then I found out he had plans to kill me and everyone in my guild. One of the most important things I've learned recently was from him: Never let your guard down, and trust is something that should be slow to earn." -Shaelie

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Syreena just shrugged at first, and did not say anything until after some prodding.

"What?  He's an elf.  And he's with Borrowed Time, and most of them don't like me."

After some more prodding, she chewed on her bottom lip for a moment before answering.   "When I got back from Stormwind, he sat with me in the sky one night and talked.  I mean really talked, you know?  There's not many people I can talk to like I talked to Naheal.  He seemed to understand me better than most people ever did.

"He wasn't always nice to me.  Sometimes he was mean to me, either with insults or weapons, but I usually deserved it when he was."  She shrugged then and was quiet a moment before continuing.  "Khorvis said it was his fault what happened on the docks that night, but I don't know...   I still miss talking to him sometimes."

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