Naheal Malastar

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Full Name: Naheal Malastar

Nicknames: "Meanie." Knight. Tinkerer. Traitor. Chief. Father.

Date of Birth: "Is it really that important?"

Age: 68. Appears close to 20 (using human standards)

Race: Sin'dorei

Gender: Male

Hair: Dark brown to black

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Ghostly Blue

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 148 lbs

Place of residence: Sanctuary Garrison

Place of Birth: Silvermoon City

Known Relatives: Father/Mother (Nameless as of yet, I'm not exactly creative with names <.<), A twin brother, recently killed by Naheal/Zael'dran. Isadore (Daughter). Sinlanna (Fiance)

Religion/Philosophy: The "calculus of war."

Occupation: Explosives tech, bodyguard, engineer, mercenary

Group/Guild affiliation: Borrowed Time

Guild Rank: Chief

Enemies: Arthas, Kael'thas, any who threaten the peace of his homeland and the homelands of his newfound allies, Serinar

Likes: Peace, quiet, tinkering

Favorite Foods: His tastes are varied. So long as the taste is rich and full, he will likely enjoy it in some manner or another.

Favorite Drinks: Mead

Favorite Colors: He prefers dark colors

Weapons of Choice: Explosives, blades, bows, crossbows, guns, rune magic.

Dislikes: What he and his race are becoming, those who twist others to their will and hide behind facades to disguise what they are truly after. He's become irritated with those who refuse to act when necessary and who simply stand back and "wait" for opportunities to present themselves. Worgen, whether they're Gilnean or not. He also hates wars of genocide.

Hobbies: Tinkering, archaeology, spinning tales

Physical Features: Typically adorned in plate with all kinds of mechanical modifications, Naheal is lightly built with a pale tint to his skin. His eyes seem soft, somewhat guilt-striken. Now, his eyes also reflect a certain determination and fire within him, as well as a great amount of wisdom and insight. His warmth has all but disappeared. Smiles are rare and half-hearted.

He's gained a couple of scars. One of which is obvious as it is teeth marks in his neck. He's also got a deep gash in his right wrist which has scard over, and claw marks across his face.

Special Abilities: Being a former warlock, he has some insight into what Fel Magic is and how it works.

It is outright impossible to read his surface thoughts. Most that try either get a blank response or his voice counting cards in his head.

He uses a pair of holy magic runeblades which sustain his life and allow him to use light magic, but at considerable physical cost. When disarmed he relies upon explosives and other engineered devices.

Positive Personality Traits: Self sacrificing, curious, strong-willed, wise, insightful

Negative Personality Traits: Stubborn, reckless, untrusting (somewhat), reclusive at times

Misc. Quirks: Dismisses thanks as if he did nothing deserving of it. His attitude seems aggressive, sometimes, though that is only when he's highly agitated.

Voice Actor: Matthew Mercer

Theme Songs: Centuries, Fallout Boy

Hand of Sorrow, Within Temptation


TL/DR: Naheal is a former warlock, turned Blood Knight who left the order to join the Aldor during the Outlands campaign, died, became a Death Knight, worked for the Keepers of Time briefly, disappeared, and reappeared, alive and with most of his memories missing, and has begun to work for Sanctuary.


Naheal grew up in a fairly rich, if reclusive family. His father continually pushed him to work towards the family business of Jewelcrafting. Naheal, however, had no interest in it and continued to tinker and study Arcane magic. His brother, Visago, was also a practitioner of magic and the two became friendly rivals, Visago practicing Ice magic, while Naheal practiced Fire.

On the day of the attack on Silvermoon City, Naheal was beside his father at the bazzar picking up a shipment of materials so that he, himself, could begin to create some works himself. However, fate would not let that happen, as Arthas and his Scourge attacked Silvermoon while they were getting that shipment. Naheal's father fell soon after they breached the walls, was raised by a Necromancer, and was quickly set on ripping the life from his body. In desparation, Naheal fought and destroyed his animated father. Soon after, a nearby explosion knocked him unconsious.

He was later pulled from the reckage by a woman named Psyche, who would later become his teacher. They quickly fell for one another. As time moved on, though, the presence of the addiction was apparant and Naheal, feeling he had little to live for, as he learned that his family was dead after that attack, decided that he needed to see where the end point of the addiction and the fel energies that were gifted to his race would be. So, he chose to study Fel Magic and use himself as a test subject in his experiments to see where his race could potentially end up.

In one of his earlier experiments, Psyche came in and attempted to stop him to save his life. Naheal, however, had already began the experiment and, as he explained, it could not be stopped. Psyche, seeing what Naheal was doing, quickly pushed Naheal out of the way of a blast of Fel energy. She died and her soul was placed in a Shard. Unable to bring himself to say goodbye, Naheal kept the shard.

In experiment after experiment, Naheal slowly began to feel a great deal of physical stregnth come to him, though he also felt the presence of something else in his mind. The first point where he realized just how dangerous it was was one day out near the Hillsbrad Foothills. His mind twisted as he saw some of his race fall to the humans in the area. In his anger, he lost control of his body to the creature. Forced to take a side-seat, he could but watch as he decimated what was there and slaughtered every living being in that village. To this day, he still carries the guilt of that day.

The Order of Eversong

He has since run across a man named Draco Visca, the leader of a group called the Order of Eversong, who stated that Kael'thas had betrayed his people. Unable to believe it, but unwilling to ignore the threat, Naheal offered to join under the conditions that if he were to find that Draco was lying to him, he would execute the man himself. Fairly recently, he finally came to a point to where he could no longer take what his experiments were doing to him, and he met Draco in Shattrath City. There, he released every soul which he had, including the one of Psyche, and turned to Draco to ask if he could train him in the ways of the light so he may make right what he did wrong. Though he was unable to do it, Draco offered his support in the future to him. Naheal accepted and began to look for ways to curb his addiction to Fel energies as well as be of use potentially.

Thus, he turned to the last people that he ever wanted to turn to. The Blood Knights...

While he trained to become a Blood Knight, he slowly learned what it was that the Blood Knights were originally formed for. "Protection of our homeland and our people at all costs," being one which stuck in his mind. Though he saw corruption within the Blood Knights and hated having to draw light energy from M'uru, he continued to train and continued to move up in the ranks. In that time, there was a blade that was made for him from power sources from the old towers along the boarder of Quel'thalas, the Sunwell Blade, which glowed with a sort of bluish arcane energy. He carries the glowing blade to this day.

At one point in the Ghostlands, while out with Draco Visca, he met a young Quel'dorei girl whom he had learned was Jazziks Wolfrunner. He slowly approached her after she had finished a conversation with Draco to meet this girl which he had been told was incredibly dangerous. When he met her, he saw in her something he saw in himself only a few years prior. He spoke with her, though she seemed to be worried and destracted. Some time later, in Undercity, he heard a whisper from behind him, where he met a white haired girl who spoke to him on Jazziks. She spoke to him as if she needed help and that it would be best for him to contact her and attempt to assist her.

The Eclipse. Accalia.

Since, he met Jazziks on multiple occasions. As he did, he became less and less convinced that this girl was the danger he was led to believe and sent to her an enchanted pearl, through which she could communicate to the possessor another pearl keyed to it, which he keeps on his person now at all times. At some point during then, her decided that helping her would be the best thing he could do to potentially redeem his actions as a warlock. One day, he ran across Jazziks and a tauren, who would later be introduced as Rannoch, while he was on his way to assist a member of the Order of Eversong he had heard was under attack. He stopped and asked for help and, though Jazziks herself was in a weakened state, Rannoch came to assist him. After fighting the man off, they sat and talked. Rannoch, for reasons unknown to Naheal, decided to accept Naheal's assistance. So, he began to help...

During the timeframe when he was assisting Jazziks and the rest of those who chose to face the ancient Accalia, he found himself to the point to were he could eventually remove the demon, Zael'dran, from his body. After a ritual involving fel magic to return the fallen Risticus to life, there was another ritual which removed Zael'dran from his body temporarily. That very same night, he heard of Jazziks going missing, so he began to search for her. He eventually found her, but not before meeting her wolf companion. The two fought as the wolf attacked. He ended up tackled to the ground after the wolf had attempted to break his wrist. At that point, with the wolf's teeth around his throat, that he began to realize that the wolves weren't the ones that were the pets.

He and Rannoch, finding no other way to hold the slowly changing ranger, ended up chaining her in the basement in the inn in Brill. After a few days of enduring constant attack from the vengeful wolf and her pack, he and Rannoch escaped with Jazziks to Kalimdor, leaving the wolf behind. Only a week later, he found himself and the rest of those who would face Sinaku and Accalia in a cave where he and they fought to break Accalia's hold on Sinaku. Naheal's knowlege was then refreshed as he was made aware of Jazziks' disappearance, as she had become at that point full Worgen. Using the pearl he held as the mate to the one he gave her, he fought to free her mind from the chains that were placed on her while the battle continued to rage around him. He was eventually able to break through and bring Jazziks back to the surface just as Sinaku began a full offensive against those in front of him. The group eventually brought him down with no casualties. Xaraphane, the Troll woman who also knew that it was the amber eye that had to be removed, looked to Naheal at the end of the fight. Without hesitation, he pulled a dagger from his belt and cut the eye from his head.

Shortly after the fight, after Sinaku came to, the group began to realize that Accalia would be summoned again. It was just a matter of time...

Leaving the Knights.

The fight itself put an understandable strain on the group, but the most injured were Sinaku, Jazziks, Jeshua, and Tasha of the Rangers of the Dark Sun. Naheal decided at that time that it would have been best for him to help them recover, especially Jeshua, who had been severely injured during the fight.

Having left the Order of Eversong during the events surrounding the fight against Accalia, Naheal found himself working for the Steemwheedle Cartel. He still searched for something that Draco Visca of the Order of Eversong wanted, himself: A way to use the Light naturally so that he would no longer have to steal it from the Naaru, M'uru. He continued to maintain the facade of remaining within the Blood Knights for some time, however, eventually being promoted to the rank of "Knight-Champion." He fought beside the Knights in various battlefields, earning the respect of those under him. One order, followed by a severe punnishment given to a disobediant Knight, led to him being cast out of the Knights in a fairly brutal fasion.

Needless to say, he was cut off from M'uru, and forced to find more of what he could do. Then, he met Ryoku, a Kaldorei Druid within the employ of the Cartel Enforcers. Given Ryoku's association with the Fabled Order, a group of paladins within the alliance, Naheal asked if he could set up a meeting with them...

The True Light. The Aldor.

The Fabled Order, though understandably suspicious of the fallen Blood Knight, seemed helpful towards him. They offered to him one thing that could easily help him become a true paladin: access to their own personal library. There he found information reguarding the True Light, though he couldn't seem to master it for some reason. So, he began to search for more. In his search, he eventually turned to outland, and the Shai'tar. When he was given a full tour of the city by Khadgar's summoned servant. He also observed the various happenings between the Aldor, the Scryers, and those of the Lower City. It was then that he decided that the best way he could learn to use the Holy Light was to ask the Aldor.

So, he went to Aldor Rise, knelt before the priestess there, and swore alligence to the Naaru and the Holy Light. On that day, he was accepted as a member of the Aldor.

The End of Accalia, The Price of Victory

Time passed and Naheal worked with the Aldor, fighting the Legion in Outland, and continuing to train. Eventually, he found himself amonst the honored within the Aldor, much do his surprise, and was granted the title "Vindicator."

One day, as he walked the streets of Orgrimmar, an arrow struck near his foot with a message: Jazziks. The Eclipse. Moonglade. Although he attempted to follow the ranger who shot the arrow at him, luck, it seemed, didn't permit his pursuit. At that point, he sent out a quick warning to the others who were involved in the fight, and teleported to Everlook, on his way to Moonglade. He found that the area had become invaded by wolves shortly after arriving in Moonglade and began his search for the others. After cutting through packs of wolves, he made his way to one of the buildings in the Druid's sanctuary, to find Jazziks, Sinaku, and Jeshua of the Rangers. Through a small amound of discussion, it came to light that the ranger had met more than just him, and had delivered a similar message to the Rangers, as well. Slowly, the rest of the group started to trickle in.

With wolf howls around them, the group began to make a shelter in a nearby cave, with Naheal and Jeshua fending off the wolves up top. Eventually, the Eclipse would come, and they would face Accalia.

The battle was long, and, though he fought hard, Naheal fell in the fight. As a spirit, he looked around to see the demons that he had once bound to him as a warlock. "Your time draws near, Malastar," his Succubus said to him, "You know what comes. Your soul will be ours at the end of this." He started to back away when his Succubus caught him and placed a hand over his chest. "No. You're not done in life, yet. But, you're going to wish that you were." With that, she placed a fel seed in him and wiped his memory of the incident.

After he received his resurrection and everyone began celebrating the victory, Accalia's voice was heard again, and the group was cast into separate locations, with Naheal going into a sort of extradimensional space in the Nether, facing his friends and family who had known him before becoming a warlock. His escape only came when a shard of dark energy escaped from him and shattered the "reality" that he was in. He awoke, not having any memory of what had happened in there.

Death of a Blood Knight, The Raven Cross

After the story was done, a small paper had reached him at the Altar of the Shai'tar. A paper advertising the trial of a traitor, Leoren Evershine.

Naheal began to rush at that point, moving to Silvermoon to begin prepairations for releasing him, gathering what he had left of his. During the trial, Naheal met a young Knight whom he had seen wasn't entirely believing the evidence at the trial. Though he didn't have the time to properly explain to him what was going on, Naheal did attempt to spark interest from the initiate into the goings on in the Knights. The trial quickly exploded into a battleground. Through the chaos, Naheal, Draco Visca, Diomades, Cerryan, Thoraggar, Xenaken, and countless others fought to free Leoren and had, with the exception of Thoraggar, had escaped on a Zepplin. Thoraggar, himself, leaped from the Zepplin when he found that there were Balistae targeting the Zepplin. Thoraggar died that day.

Naheal returned to the Altar of the Shai'tar shortly after ensuring Leoren's safety. He morned Thoraggar's death for a short time, what time would allow him, before an Anchorite had asked him what was wrong.

In response, he smiled and told the story of the heros of the eclipse, leaving his name out of the story.

The Final Crusade, the Knights of the Ebon Blade.

Naheal's training continued amonst the Raven Cross for a time, though, eventually, he found that he could not remain within their ranks. In his mind, he was Sin'dorei first, Aldor second, and Horde third. Though he held respect for the members within Raven Cross, he left to find something that would, in his mind, be quite a bit less warlike.

Time passed as he fought for the Aldor and the Red Moon Clan for against the members of the Burning Legion until he recieved word about a crusade in Quel'danas being lead by his former commander, Draco Visca. He threw in with all he could, gathering as many reinforcements that he could muster to assist, including making deals with the Steemwheedle Cartel and members of the Scourge. Eventually, he found himself leading strikes over the Dead Scar to weaken the Legion to allow the Scourge to destroy their mutual enemy. During the last assault over the Dead scar, he took a hit to his engine on his flying machine. Without hesitation, he announced his situation to the draenei anchorite that had been his guide since he had joined the Aldor, Dhalia, armed all his explosives, and flew full speed into the largest demon there.

One of the Death Knights in the Dead Scar found him barely alive, and drug him through the sea to Acherus.

Naheal awoke as a Death Knight, serving the Lich King. He assisted the Lich King for a while, destroying Hearthglen with the rest of what are now the Knights of the Ebon Blade. During which time, he was tasked with executing his former guide, Dhalia. Though he did so, he regained enough of his memories to begin to break free from the Lich King's will. He continued the fight afterwards, with a new presence following him; the very same Anchorite that he killed had decided to guide him in this new 'life.'

After the assault on Light's Hope Chapel and witnessing those events, he, as well as the rest of the Knights of the Ebon Blade, broke free and rebelled against the Lich King, taking Acherus for their own.

Until Now

After fighting against the Scourge for a time, Naheal worked more and more closely with the Keepers of Time, eventually disappearing altogether.

He's since begun working for Sanctuary.

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*smiles sweetly but only to a certain few will she say this to*

Naheal, yes I have spoke to him a few times and let it be known he is the only person from "the order" that I will give my time to. He seems to mean well, seems to want to help us with the "eclipse matter" and for this I am thanks.

I won't say yet I trust him fully though, I don't care to much for his Lord Draco you've I tried to extend the olive branch to since my becoming aware of my brothers plots and have been ignored. His Lord seems unforgiving and harsh I have reason to believe he has people watching me at all times.

*closes her eyes and sighs*

Let them watch me, even if it is Naheal he sends perhaps this Knight can talk some sense into the senseless Draco so that he can find I am NOT his enemy.

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((New info, updated the character desc to match the events in the Eclipse storyline. History will be updated once the Eclipse storyline is completely finished))

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Looks to the goblin interviewer, speaking with a voice that is hoarse from not being used in awhile.

"Yes, I know him. He's kind to Videlle... We haven't really ever spoken before... like the others. There was a large group of them that I had only met after my state of shock. I hope to finally be able to speak with him and all the others when next we meet."

She smiles politely and turns to leave.

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An ignorant child if I've ever seen one.. and I raised two. Of course that was only based on a single meeting. It will be interesting to see his progress within the order, despite his rudeness, I'm glad he chose a lighter path.

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He seems promising. I cannot say with absolute certainty, our exchanges being relatively few and brief, but I imagine he may very well do our order proudly one day. I look forward to watching his skills develop.

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The mistress of the shadows gave quite a pleasant and warm smile, and then it faltered for a moment as if to give her some room to speak her thoughts of the young man.

"Ever since I had met him, he seems to have always held a kind, yet commanding attitude about him. He also grew fond of my daughter, Viviun, and I feel rather guilty that he feels some pain or feeling of mistake when I chose him not to be recognized as a fatherly figure towards her. Asides from that, he has become trialed with the Cartel, as well as a significant fighter amongst our battle against Sinaku. I will see to it that he becomes a great member amongst us, for he proves to be a loving and kind friend."

That last name gave her quite a scowl, when she thought of it, but then she gave a graceful bow, and turned to leave, seeing as she had nothing else left to say.

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This intriguing. For an elf. *Feralmoon flicks the beaded braid over her shoulder and surveys the person speaking to her* He is honorable, albeit a bit pretentious, even if he is many years my senior.

It is sad to see how scare of his own shadow he has become. A paladin, truly, a champion of the light, but in all honesty, he is much like Diomades in that he tries to take the weight of the world upon his shoulders and then cries out it is too heavy when someone else offers to ease his burden.

It's self-destructive, and I hope that Jazziks, whoever she is is up to the challenge of supporting one whose only wish is to spare those he loves the same kind of pain he has suffered.

Meh. I'm blathering again, and I've a pup to feed and a bunny hutch to clean. *She snorts and turns back to whatever it was she was doing*

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Aphraelle arches an eyebrow. "Naheal? He seems nice enough, I suppose. A little too fond of giving orders to people who aren't under his authority for my taste, but I imagine he's not the only paladin with that particular failing. I don't know him enough to say more than that. Good day." She curtseys and turns to leave.

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He's not really that mean. I mean I was more mean than he was mean but only because he didn't take my advice and drink that blea-- I mean, stuff. Or something, yeah.

He's ok even if he didn't like my lament.

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"I admittedly find it amusing when he forgets to turn his hearthstone off and the sounds of explosions and other mishaps echo through the guild connection..." He grinned sharply. "Luckily, he isn't quite as careless on the battlefields and I feel confident going in with him present." Slight pause before adding in a dry tone, "Although I feel even safer when Anorah is there to bark commands at him."

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Vindicator Naheal. There are times when he greatly impresses me, and others where I am left shaking my head. Quite the contradiction of a man, but a good one to be sure. I can't say I've figured him out just yet, though I'm certain such will come with time. Something tells me he believes we are very much the same.. I'd tell him otherwise, but.. I believe time and actions will speak and prove one of us wrong.

He's no slouch on the battlefield, and the fact that he can follow orders with little direction is a testament to the discipline of our former vocations. A fine soldier.

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Naheal, a name brought to my attention by Ryoku, a druid among the Alliance then of the Cartel. It was through Ryoku that Naheal deigned to request a meeting with other true Paladins of the Light among my Order. I was heartened indeed that one of the Blood Knights should seek to question the selfish methods of his people. In that summit, we learned much from him of the extent of the Blood Knights' depravity, both in the full extent of their abuse of the Naaru as well as their ruthless training methods which go against all of the teachings of Uther and of the nature of the Light. In turn, he learned much from myself, the Masters of the Order, and the Knights of the Order that were there present. Seeing a great potential for Naheal and others like him to begin to move in the direction towards redemption for their people, we granted him access to our archives, which held a great amount of lore on the Light in addition to the teachings of Uther and other heroes of the past.

Though he was merely upon the threshold of his own knighthood when we met, I have seen that his progress along the path of enlightenment has been swift since then, granting him many powers and setting him at the height of his abilities. I recall one day recently when I was attending to deeds in Quel'Danas when I saw two Horde, one of the Grim and one of the Raven Cross. The Grim, having become as of late a formidable nemesis of the Fabled Order, are always upon my list of those to engage and destroy in honorable combat, when possible. I therefore aided the member of the Grim in destroying the Arcane Sentry he had fought, knowing it to be dishonorable to strike even at a foe while their back is turned. I then signalled to him that I would fight him honorably, if he would step forth from the safety of the Shattered Sun guards and fight me. The member of the Grim made it clear he would have no desire to fight me, and quitted the scene.

Surprisingly, the member of the Raven Cross made courteous gestures to greet me. Turning to him, I was surprised to recognize the name of Naheal. Though I do not know what events led to your joining the Raven Cross, Naheal, I would caution you to consider your allegiences carefully. The Raven Cross is known to the Order as a group of marauding brigands, who have regularly ridden forth in great numbers at Quel'Danas and elsewhere to lay waste to any hapless single adventurer unable to defend himself against so many. Such acts of bloodlust do not have bravery nor honor, and the Raven Cross is therefore among the clans we have sworn to hunt and destroy without mercy. It saddened me to see you under their banner, and gave me cause to wonder if your previous quest to find the path to the true Light had been abandoned among such an undisciplined group.

It is for this reason that I beckoned you out to me in the woods, to engage in single combat. For regardless of our past understanding, there will be no exception for any who carry the banner of the Raven Cross, unless such a time has come when they have proven themselves redeemed for their past transgressions beyond the shadow of a doubt. It is for this reason that I engaged you in combat, though I had hoped you knew the meaning of my challenge and were ready to defend yourself. You have grown much since we spoke, but in our short contest I perceived that you have much yet to learn. Unfortunately for me, a priest and then other members of the Grim intervened in our bout--though I do not doubt you did not intend them to interfere in the honor duel. With the help of a valiant Alliance warrior, we were able to slay at least one of our assailants before we were overcome by such numbers.

It was in response to this ambush that I summoned the Alliance soldiers at hand and led them to crush the few Grim and other Horde that had overwhelmed me a moment before. Again, by the color of your tabard I was forced to count you among my foes in that engagement, though I hope for further communication to establish that it needn't be so in the future. Perhaps if the Raven Cross has won your allegiance, it may be further along the path to redemption than I may have thought.

-Lord Noxtrael Shadowstar, of the Fabled Paladin Order


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A unique Blood Knight, Naheal has managed to gain something I do not give lightly, especially to Sin'dorei of any training, that being my respect. They way he carries the Light, it seems almost more a burden than the blessing I feel it to be... but he carries it still.

With the recent... *pauses, and scowls* legitimization... of the Blood Knights' kidnapping, their powers all supposedly are given freely. I still have my doubts, though. Whether or not the powers are given freely does not change the fact of the ends to which they are used, and I have seen plenty of evidence to show me that most Blood Knights are still not true Paladins, and are still a mockery of the Holy Light.

Naheal represents what a Paladin truly is, using the powers you have been given selflessly in the name of the Light. Perhaps one day the other Blood Knights will learn something from him. If not, they'll meet the same fate as all other false Paladins who come before me.

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