Elek Quentin

Elek Serano Quentin

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Common Name: Elek Serano Quentin

Elven Name: Elanderik Seravin Que'tinasi

Title: Knight-Lord (Blood Knight, Trainer)

Class: Blood Knight

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Guild: Hellscream Marauders

Professions: Master Blacksmith (Specialized in Hammers), Master Jewelcrafter

Languages: Fluent - Thalassian, Good - Common, Good - Orcish, Fair - Darnassian

Physical Description:

Height: 6'2

Gender: Male

Race: Elf (Sin'dorei)

Age: 188


As any High Elf, Elek was no stranger to the thirst for Magic and the undying desire to wield it as his own. In a society where Magi were common, he held the want to set his own path and break away from the cookie cutter replicas an idle society was generating. To him, his application to the ranks of the Silver Hand seemed the ideal solution.

Elek has spent the majority of his life as a Paladin, adhering to the codes and teachings. The four years since the Siege of Silvermoon marked a period of strenuous recuperation to mend the wounds he had sustained. Additionally, it was the sheer brutality of the assault, coupled with the fall of Silvermoon and the deaths of his remaining family members that had shaken his faith, leading to the severance of his ties to the Light. Many of those first few months had threatened to consume him in his hunger for magic, a long lingering curse since the destruction of the original Well of Eternity.

Either by chance or by fate, he has endured the pains and sufferings, rising up once again to forge his path anew. With the return of Kael'thas and the new ties to to the magics he brought, his want for power had found a new means of satisfaction. It was more than just irony when he lent his services to the Blood Knights. Power by force of will, rather than faith. A twisted perversion of what it meant to be a Paladin. At first, the thought unsettled him as a stark contrast to the indoctrination his prior career had instilled. In time, and mostly in realization of the world's horrors along with his undying thirst and weakening, wounded state (for he was dying), such quandaries were lost and simply pushed aside to be ignored. Despite this, there are times when he cannot help but feel as if he has betrayed himself, his beliefs... those old memories of what it meant to be a "paladin". He ultimately justified this as simply what was needed to ensure the survival of Silvermoon and the elven race. Having prior knowledge of the Light and how it worked served to assist him in efforts to quickly rise within the ranks, accomplishing in far shorter times the same tasks that took several times as long for many others.

As a side effect of the Curse of Accalia (see Eclipse thread), he became subjected to a curse that was tailored to Blood Elves, specifically targeting Blood knights for the most effect. The immediate result was a rapid draining of his mana (and loss of the haze to his eyes). Secondary to the low mana state was a weakening to his willpower as he struggled to maintain control from the side effects of the elven addiction to magic, opening him to the supernatural suggestion from Accalia herself.

Unfortunately the Mark's sinister nature inspired and intensified aggression and could send its victims on rampages or frenzies. He lashed out against his friends, injuring at least a dozen who attempted to bar and restrain him, all in a rampant desire to 'feed' on new mana. For a while after a journey to Dire Maul where he had drained the crystal pylons imprisoning the demon Immol'thar (whom he then single-handedly slew within its prison, along with his keeper, Prince Tortheldrin), Elek's eyes glowed with a brilliant blue, brighter in intensity than typically seen among Quel'dorei. While nothing has changed about Elek's philosophy regarding tapping into mana sources, he has avoided drawing energy from the demon-stones seen around Quel'thalas and in doing so, avoided reacquiring the green look.

It remains suspected that Dire Maul is an arcane focus, an area where ley lines converge and a natural place in which magic gathered. Enriched by the workings of the Shen'dralar under Tortheldrin, the mana freely flowing was eagerly drawn and absorbed by the magic-drained (arguably starved) Blood Knight. While most of the magic has since then dissipated (along with a majority of the glow in his eyes), he has maintained himself through discipline and will, fighting the urges of his addiction. There are times where he becomes fidgety and anxious, but so far there have been not been any public, adverse reactions since the initial frenzy that was triggered by the Curse.

While the crystals lasted, he was able to not only maintain his blue glow to his eyes, but resist the Call of Accalia (the Curse/Mark). As the supply began to wear out, he started showing oddities to his behavior, witnessed by the friends around him, namely the trolless Xaraphyne. She and Elek had both attributed it to stress in the face of such a dire situation and did not put much time into looking into it further. Over time, he became more aggressive and impulsive, brash and reckless, far too eager to throw himself into a fight even if his chances for success or surviving where slim at best.

Some moonlight nights even triggered another change within him, actually forcing his body to warp and shift into the form of a worgen (this happened to all Sin'dorei characters in the RP who were affected and marked with the Curse). During this time, the victims performed under Accalia's direct instruction, often leaving blood, death and sorrow in their wake, unknown to their own knowledge. Elek and Videlle, the strongest of those who were marked, were able to resist Accalia's instruction on several occasions and maintain their own mentality in their bestial forms. Each had tried to use this newfound power against the Curse's creator, though failed to take him down alone.

As time dragged on, Elek's condition deteriorated further. He became increasingly cryptic and secretive, more so once he heard word that the Curse he had been trying so hard to stop had reached Silvermoon, sending the city into an uproar. Tailored to most affect the Blood Knights, they inadvertently caused the most damage, some transforming into Worgen themselves while others simply went on violent frenzies, striking down and often killing those around them in the search for arcane magic. The outbreak was contained and the Knights involved subdued, though even as recovery seemed hopeful, twelve of the stricken knights were consequentially murdered in their sleep by a Quel'dorei Ranger, one Elek came later to discover as Tassha.

Enraged over the news and frustrated over a self-perceived sense of betrayal from his friends (for they seemed only interested in protecting Tassha int he spirit of 'redemption' or 'reform'), Elek came to the encampment where Thorragar kept the elven woman, ultimately kidnapping her after a confrontation with the old orc who had taken the role of her guardian. While in his captivity, Elek took the girl back to the Eastern Kingdoms and through Eversong, southward on and into Stratholme where he questioned, beat, and raped her over the course of a week. Eventually she had told him everything she knew about the Curse, about Accalia, even about the Curse's creator, Sinaku.

Subdued by her compliance to his every demand, the effects of his rage faded, bringing back his awareness and an overwhelming feeling of guilt in light of what he had done. In a stoic silence, he cleaned her up, tended to her wounds and injuries, then returned her back to Thor's keeping with hardly a word and an unwavering refusal to explain what happened.

Elek participated in the final confrontation against Sinaku at Xaraphyne's side, overcoming the Curse's creator along with the help of many others. In the aftermath, Elek and Xaraphyne had become secret lovers despite the expectations and commitments either may have held elsewhere. Still suffering the effects of the Mark and harboring the guilt of his actions, Elek had slowly become recluse, drifting away from the trolless and those around him.

In hopes of refocusing his life, he renewed his commitments to Silvermoon and actively increased his duties as a Knight Lord. Through rumor and observation, he came to learn about Rosalynd Du Coudray. His initial thoughts about her was that she was reckless and unrefined when out on the field of battle. While she possessed great spirit and held no fear for facing her opponents, she was far too volatile and would most certainly find herself a quick and careless death without guidance. Elek's personal promise to the Lady Liandrin to train and instruct the Knights through "any means necessary" rang within his mind and set him on he course he stands now.

Taking Rosalynd under his wing, he quickly came to discover the easiest way to capture her attention. She was, in a sense, heartbroken and searching. Rosalynd, through his observation, had significant feelings and desires for another man and a history of bad turns and false becomings that left her looking for a person who could hold the qualities she admired most. It was from this, where he personally accompanied her to Arathi and Warsong, fighting in the eternal conflicts where she could bear witness to the extent of his prowess. She was awed and inspired, as he had suspected, quickly clinging to him as he began to offer signs of compassion and affection.

The entire relationship started as a lie meant only to better her as a Blood Knight, to strengthen her resolve, her conviction... to burn away her weaknesses and refine her into an efficient, unquestioning servant for Quel'thalas.

For awhile, he had found his mind torn between two extremes. On one had, he argued with himself that everything he is doing is wrong, a total perversion of all of the values he has ever known. On the other, he chided himself that his old ways were weak and pathetic, unfit to hold his position and unworthy of any respect. Elek had come to understand more clearly the distinct differences between the things he has done before compared with his recent history. The part of him that clung onto his past recoiled in horror at the thoughts of how he has been manipulating Rosalynd, while his darker half kept him from being honest any time in which she asked for the truth, falling instead to share only what he believed she desired to hear. While it was true that she had appealed to his 'good side' and certainly was well on her way to becoming everything to him as she thinks he is to her, it was that other, malicious half of him that didn't let it happen.

Personal Information:

Known Relatives: Elrioch (Half-Brother), Lithia (Sister)

Likes: The conflict of battle, raw magical energy, a pretty face, a woman's smile

Dislikes: Mediocrity, Contradictions, Betrayal, Cowardice

Dreams: Freedom of his Addiction and to be remembered long after he is gone

Fears: Insignificance

Positive Personality Traits: Compassionate, Determined, Dedicated

Negative Personality Traits: Stubborn, Vengeful


First Legion - Alliance (all)

Unguilded - Alliance (all)

Micro - Alliance (all)

Known Past and/or Present Romantic Interests:

Nealaa (Kaldorei) [1]

Rosalynd Du Coudray (Sin'dorei)

Xaraphyne Nawe (Troll)

Lady Soa Aluune (Sin'dorei)


"For the Glory of Silvermoon, through any means necessary."

"I have pledged my hand in this; I will not leave until it is finished."

Theme Songs:

"Escape the Fate" - Situations

"Always" - Saliva

"This Night" - Black Lab

"Silver and Cold" - AFI



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*Jazziks glares and up turns her nose* Elek, yes a blood knight. He's come to watch me well, safe guard me even. I care not for his questioning of the me and what I know about him the Sin'dorei or the Knights.

*pauses her conscious picked at her and she smiled lightly* Although I know what he is...I will watch instead what he does. I shall try to keep in mind it is what we all "do" that divines us not what we are.

How I do appreciate his helping me though, I will try not to be so hard on him despite us both seeming to be stubborn. :P

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Xara smiles as Elek's name is brought up and doesn't speak for awhile. Finally, she does.

"He's one of my mates over in Citadel... Someone I've always been able ta trust and count on. I mean, I know all my brothers and sisters in the guild have their own problems and missions, but Elek... He makes the time when I need him. Yanno?"

She pauses, crossing her arms as various thoughts seem to occupy her mind. A faint frown touches her brow.

"...Any woman lucky enough ta receive his attentions... well... should consider herself lucky."

The troll seems satisfied to leave it at that.

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Tassha's eyes widen as Elek's name is mentioned. If one is paying close enough attention they will notice she has clenched her hands so tightly the seams of her gloves seem to want to burst.

"...What about him?

No, I have nothing to say about him."

She quickly turns and leaves.

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*The young hunter blinks, purple eyes not phased one way or another by the mention of the Blood Knight's name*


*And he wanders off as he hadn't been asked anything to begin with.*

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*Looks upon the poster and tips his Admiral's hat.*

"Aye, we be' havin' different taste in life style', hell' even at time we be comin' at odds. But blood is blood I be' thinkin'."

*Elrioch plays with a gold coin, as he lets it slide across the top part of his fingers back and forth. As thoughts come and go in his mind.*


*Still toying with the gold piece he flicks it into the air and catches it with his other hand. He removes his eye patch, as the small dim of crimson light shines on the poster.*

"Heh' good luck blood'."

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Elanderik... an interesting man. I fought by his side much these past few days. A fearsome knight indeed. He makes quick work of his enemies and his skills are superb. Truely a man to admire... I look foward to getting to know him better.

*She smiles a bit, glancing over at Tear.*

And he's easy on the eyes... that never hurt.

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A very nice man, I met him last night, and he was entertaining. He seems to be strong, kind, and good, but his patience for hoodlums is thin. I suppose this is a good thing. I had hoped to talk more with him, but the Grog was running a bit strong.

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Yep. I met him at the mask-raid. He was with Rosalynd. I learned something interesting yesterday that I may want to share with him. Then again, maybe not.

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*Rosalynd sighed as she laid on the bed. Looking up at the curtian that hung over head.*

... I'm so confused. I don't know what to do anymore. Everyone tells me to stop trying, to move on but I can't.

What's even more confusing is he's gotten very adamant about training me. Making me better... asking me about what I want, my goals, power.. how I want to obtain that power. He asked me these things before when we first met but he really had not made mention of them since then -quiet- this much.

Elanderik -- what are you doing? What are you thinking? What do you feel?

*She turned over to her side, curling up in the sheets.*

Why do you block your emotions... you thoughts... from me?

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He's not a bad guy, except for the part where he has Rosalynd totally brainwashed. As much as I like this man, I'm afraid I'm going to have to have him for dinner real soon.

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