Blood and Thunder

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Yusegar let out a cry from his already-raw throat as he swung his axe. He aimed for the weak points in the running figure's leg armor. Like most of his opponents, this one had equipment that his axe could barely scratch. Fortunetely, however, his allies were equally powerful, and so Yusegar did his best to slow and disrupt the Alliance while his allies did the major damage. It was not the most honorable job, but a savage though he may be, Yusegar was no fool. He was severely outclassed. Just because he did not expet to survive did not mean he would throw his life away in this fight. The Night Elf growled in irritation at Yusegar's attack and turned to retaliate, when a giant boulder of fire flew from behind Yusegar, taking the Night Elf in the chest. The gaping wound cauterized immediately as the Elf was thrown backwards, druids robes aflame.

Yusegar scanned the area in front of him, and met the charge of a South Shore guard. He felt many of his wounds start to close, and silently thanked the spirits Diomades was here. A shadowbolt caught the guard in the in the side and she fell, screaming in agony. Yusegar put her out of her misery with a heavy blow to her neck before he continued on into Southshore. This was an act of revenge. The Horde had been under attack all night and much of the day. Finally, defenders of the Horde had banded together under the Blood Knight Leoren and Diomades Riverhorn to end the Alliance War Party. It had been a hard fight until the Alliance were broken at Tarren Mill, home of Bahlmoral of Infection. Yusegar had seen much infighting between guilds in the Horde of late, and it did his heart good to see the petty squabbles forgotten to fight the Alliance.

As a unit, the Horde swarmed into the middle of South Shore. The Guards did their best, but fell like sheep. Other members of the Alliance were more effective, but fell on top of the corpses of Southshore Guards. Somewhere behind him, he heard a Gryphon screech as it fell, its master long since slain. They were winning. Yusegar paused as he heard a call.

"First Legion! First Legion is here!"

Yusegar grinned, and his blood felt as if it were on fire. First Legion were a group of Alliance whose prowess was matched only by their cruelty. Of course they wore only the best armor the Alliance had to offer. As if that weren't enough, Yusegar had been tasked with slaying one of them. So long as one fell to his axe, he would live or die as a Scrapper of Sanctuary.

First Legion, though few, proved to be a valiant defense, rushing to aid the decimeted defenders of Southshore. However, for once this night the Horde had numbers on its side. First Legion fell back to the Tavern. After finishing off yet another guard, Yusegar spied the First Legion tabard on a Draenei guarding the front of the Tavern. Yusegar charged full tilt for the Draenei, dipping his shoulder and aiming the long spike on his shoulder-plate for the its midsection. The spike bounced away from the Draenei Shaman's mailed chest harmlessle. Yusegar roared and struck at its leg, determined at least to ensure it did not escape the Horde's onslaught. The blow struck, and a very annoyed Draenei started uttering words of power than Yusegar knew would be the end of him. Suddenly, a blow of concusive force nearly knocking the draenei back interrupted him. Yusegar grinned. Dio was like a great, tall, fuzzy, horned guardian angel. The Horde poured into the Tavern, distracting and damaging the First Legion Draenei until finally, with a cry to Hellscream, Yusegar's axe bit into the blue flesh between helm and shounderpad. Blue blood sprayed his face, bringing back unwanted memories of the first time Yusegar had slain a Draenei back home, so long ago.


His thoughts were interrupted as Leoren called for the Horde to fall back. It was all downhill after that. The small band of First Legion had been defeated. Many had died, but many had also been saved, and the Alliance had been taught that the Horde would not suffer itself to be attacked. Some Alliance returned to Tarren Mill, but they were few and easily beaten by the remaining Horde. One, another Draenei Shaman, did manage to knock Yusegar out with a blast of lightning. Yusegar awoke to see the concerned face of Leoren.

"I am alright! It was just a low blow." Yusegar lied. He had much respect for the Elf, and did not wish to lose face. The Blood Knight healed him anyway. Soon, the battle was over and Yusegar traveled through Shattarath to Orgrimmar. He spent the night in the Barrens, something he had not done in some time. He loved the Barrens. Its feral nature, truly untamed by either Alliance or Horde. He slept easy, worn out from battle. One thing persisted in his mind, however. Soon... he thought Soon, I will be fully trained. And when I am, there will be reckoning.

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((When I first read over the chatlog, I thought Leo said "Druid Anus." Good thing I took a second look. >_>))

(( Yeah... I DEFINITELY meant Anuj. No typos here. No sirree.

... Yeah ... ))

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((I could have went but I was busy enough screaming at my WC group on Securo... meh... Swerto would have been 1 hitted anyways... it happened last time))

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