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Feleena's Journal

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I have started a journal, against my mother's wishes, to write the events which brought me to this world, so that if I die, people may understand where I came from. I hope to record new experiences here as well.

My story begins 175 years in the future.. House Nex'Cruor had been contacted by the Bronze Dragonflight to perform a mission. But this House Nex'Cruor was different than the one that exists in this world.

Baron Skafloc Ran'Deau, and his wife Evanthe, along with the Mistress Clys Nex'Cruor (a rogue in my world, and evil to the core) and her lover Danlily were contracted for the mission. Clys' slave and forced mistress of Skafloc, Lovely was brought along to heal. The mission was an easy one. They had to travel back in time and kill Medivh as a young child.

Something went wrong. I was never informed of what happened, but the team suffered a horrible failure, and were all killed except for the paladin Lovely. This was roughly 65 years in the past of this world. For whatever reason, which has never been made known to me, Lovely was never able to return to her own time.

Lovely was pregnant at this time. Clys had been experimenting, and had forced the Baron Skafloc Ran'Deau to make Lovely his mistress to test whether or not she would be able to have an heir to the house. She gave birth to me roughly four months after being stranded on this world.

I was raised in a quaint cabin in Eversong Woods by Lovely. She kept to herself, and kept me from all others, lest something happen that could disrupt the timestream further. She taught me to learn from the mistakes she had made, and educated me in many forms of language and combat. I tended to excel in the bow, I suppose with Skafloc being my father I was predisposed to it.

I grew up happy, and was able to live in seclusion with my mother until about two weeks ago. She never explained it to me, but something happened to her. She aged rapidly, growing old nearly before my eyes. She knew she was dying, and only recounted this story to me upon her deathbed.

I burned her body upon her request, and scattered the ashes into the sea, then I burned down our cabin and made my way to Silvermoon.

I wasn't sure if I made the right choice. Upon seeing things here that were so different from my world, I wondered if my existence would continue to alter the timestream even more.

Then I saw him. Skafloc. My father. He made contact with me...And to my surprise he has accepted me.

This world is not my world. But I am the daughter of Baron Skafloc Ran'Deau. I am going to try and survive here, and do my best to help this family that is so different from mine.

Lovely...My mother, is different here as well. I am still trying to dodge her until I figure out how best to explain what has happened. As I am a student in the school she teaches in, I imagine I will have to think fast very soon.

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New Entry:

This world is completely backwards from everything my mother taught me. Everything.

I am trying to stay clear of my family, as I don't want to burden them too much. Yet at the same time I watch from a distance, keeping an eye on them. I'm a student in the school Lovely teaches at, but I've managed to keep myself out of her classes, and am taking several courses via goblin mail. I'm sure she knows about me, but she has made no effort to contact me whatsoever. This concerns me, because sheer curiosity should be enough to motivate her. I know she knows who I am.

But Lovely is also crazy. This much I know to be true. Unlike the mother who raised me, which had been a slave of Clys, this Lovely seems to have a bit of freedom, and it seems to have driven her mad. The woman is powerful, yet from what I understand she grovels at the feet of anyone who attempts to exert power over her. Why does she not just bash their faces in with that giant mallot? At this point, I love her, because she is technically family...and my mother...But this is not the Lovely who raised me. I will stay clear of her.

My father, Skafloc, has been a source of inspiration to me. He took me hunting a few weeks back and taught me how to use a rifle, giving me a brand new one as a gift. He's very busy, so I don't bother him alot, but out of the whole family he seems the most sane. Still, I can't help but get the feeling he's involved in shady activities. Just a hunch. I'm not saying he's bad, but some of the people he hangs out with make me shudder.

Clys...Seems to be a bit crazy too. Not as openly loony as Lovely, but she has her quirks. She scares me, and even though she offeres me things, and tries to act friendly, I want to be wary of anything that comes from her.

Will write more when the time arises.

Feleena Ran'Deau.

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New Entry:

I am convinced now that this world is lost. Whatever it was that my family was sent back in time to change has failed, and this has to be the result.

Things here are so bad. Much different from the stories my mother told me. Qabian Amberlight in this world is not a hero of the Sin'Dorei, but a self serving egomaniac with delusions of grandeur, coupled with a sadistic view of how to treat others. Once my training is complete, I will possibly either need to set things right, or kill him. But if I do so, will I be screwing up the timestream even worse?

There is a group in this world called The Grim. I had befriended their leader, a forsaken woman named Lascivious of all things, and she seemed nice. Yet upon watching them and running into them I have discovered that this is nothing more than a band of psychopaths. And last night was even worse. I learned that my mother in this world was mixed up with them, and that homosexuality runs rampant amongst the female members of this group. They are all sleeping with each other, it seems, and are all plotting against each other, sometimes on the precept of "Saving" each other.

Mother raised me to believe that same sex relations were a horrible thing, but it seems in this world, in this Silvermoon, that it is widely rampant. I even had a woman kiss me tonight after pouring a ton of a drink called "Bourbon" down my throat. I was able to run away, stumbling out of the inn in a state of drunken panic. I did not want to lose my virginity in that way.

I'm trying to be festive as well. People are wearing Winter Veil outfits because of the season, but I notice all the ones made for girls have skirts that are so tiny you can't even bend over in them. I was called a slut tonight by the earless rogue Cessily for the way I was dressed, even as she was in the midst of some kind of lesbian discussion with Lascivious. Such sin irritates and disgusts me. Mother would be horrified if she were still alive today.

I met with a Tauren named Diomades Riverhorn also. He seemed like a nice man, and I told him my tale. I'm not sure if he got all of it, but toward the end he seemed to have an understanding. He and I also had the smatterings of a theory as to why I was here. Perhaps rather than being sent here by the Bronze Dragonflight, my family was sent here by the Infinite Dragonflight as a trap.

I need to talk to someone so badly that can help me understand all this. It weighs heavily on me, especially given my problem that I share with no one. Only Clys has been able to catch it so far, and when she did, I denied it. Lying is a sin, I know, but I am too scared to do otherwise. These timeslips I sometimes have are strange, and scary things. I fear one day I will have one and disappear forever. As it is, I am beginning to understand that I am not supposed to be here. Try as I might to think differently, I am an outsider and not a product of this world.

I wish I could talk to my mother. But the Lovely Nex'Cruor in this world would never understand. Her mind is broken, no matter how professional she appears when teaching classes at the university. I really have no one I can share my fears with.

I am scared.

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