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Full Name: Alishondra Vaughn

Nicknames: Ali

Date of Birth: unknown

Age: 300 years, or so, give or take a hundred, or two.. maybe.

Race: Draenei

Gender: Female

Hair: Black

Skin: White

Eyes: White

Height: 7'

Weight: Between 290 and 315lbs, depending upon what's going on in her life.

Place of residence: Dalaran city - it floats!

Place of Birth: That Damned Ship that Crashed in Nagrand.

Known Relatives: Vaughn the Farseer (The Broken who took her in), Little Heid (Her son - he isn't named yet)

Religion/Philosophy: Shamanism, putting her faith in the five elements

(Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light)

Occupation: Jem Cutter, Tinker

Group/Guild affiliation: First Legion

Guild Rank: ((Inactive))

Enemies: Demons, Orcs, just about anyone who would tell her what to

do, Lisbet of Draenor.

Likes: Getting dirty, playing rough, the Heidenreich brothers, Her new born Son

Favorite Foods: Anything with chocolate on it, or made from chocolate

Favorite Drinks: Kungaloosh, or any other alcohol strong enough to get her drunk.

Favorite Colors: Earthy Browns, Fiery Reds, Electric Blues, Grassy Greens

Weapons of Choice: Maces, Daggers, Fist Weapons. Her Shield. Lightning and Fire.

Dislikes: being treated like a child, being called short, her thighs, Lisbet, Women who would try and steal her baby (or her man, damnit)

Hobbies: For a very long time she spent much of her time digging in the dirt (mining), she just doesn't have the time for that any more. She's got a son to raise. Now she enjoys the tinkering of goblins and gnomes. She's careful not to do that around the baby, though. You know engineering - kaboom!

Physical Features: She's on the small side for a Draenei female. She lacks a bit of that signature draenei curve, favoring an almost dainty, nearly waifish appearance. Don't let her size fool you though. Her eyes burn white-hot with passion, and she could out-spunk even the most buxom of Draenei beauties. With her long black hair pulled into pigtails, her horns wave back, out of the way from her face. She has a small, nearly faded scar, just under her right eye. She wears no makeup or beauty enhancers, and tends to be covered in dirt more often then not. It really wouldn't be to much of a stretch to see a ciggar hanging out of her mouth.

Special Abilities: Once a warrior of the elements, she has since taken up the roll of the farseer - both mistress of water and air.

Positive Personality Traits: Kind, curious, playful

Negative Personality Traits: Quick to anger, does not trust easily

Misc. Quirks: She's easy to piss off, suborn, and fiery.

Played by What Famous Person: Jessica Alba

Theme Songs:

History: Born on the ship now known as Oshu'gun to an unwed mother whom died giving birth to the girl, her true family background is unknown to her. She was raised with the rest of the draenei children. Shortly there after she met two young (though older then she) boys who called themselves "The Brothers Grim". She spent much of her childhood 'running away' with the two. She never really was sure if they were actual brothers, but they looked enough alike, so she never questioned it. The three were inseparable. They moved from town to town, never staying long enough to get caught. It wasn't until the cataclysmic destruction of their world that they found they needed help.

A Broken Draenei rescued the three during the great shaking of Draenor, and once the smoke cleared, the four - three Draenei teenagers and a Broken Vindicator - found a relatively safe cave to call home. There they stayed, for a while. Vaughn heard the call of the elements, and taught both Ali and Grim to speak the language. Grahm, the eldest, was beyond teaching, wrestling with demons of his own. Vaughn saw the light in the elder boy, but the light had long left the broken. In a bold move, Vaughn sent the older boys to Shattrath, so that they might receive proper training. The decision broke Ali's heart, and in a fit of anger and frustration, she ran away. Her destination? Shattrath.

Grahm began his training as a vindicator, finding solace in the light, and in his training. It seemed to calm the demons that raged within him. Grim was taught the ways of the warrior, but never truely grasped the skills. He didn't truly learn his way until meeting with Farseer Nobundo.

Ali hid in the lower city, watching the boys grow and change. She eventually revealed herself to Grahm, who angrily told her to go home to Vaughn. A war was brewing, and the city wasn't a place for little girls. Infuriated, Ali saw her chance when she caught wind of an assault on the Narru's stolen ship - the tempest keep. While everyone else was fighting, she stowed away on the ship, The Exodar, tucking herself into one of the many pantries and kitchens, always moving and shifting so as not to be discovered.

When the Draenei and the Narru fired it up to bring it back to Shattrath - something terrible went wrong. There was an explosion, and then everything was moving and tumbling, and shaking, and blackness.. the blood elves had sabotaged the ship. It eventually crash landed Azeroth. Alishondra was found some time after the crash, when they were searching for survivors. She lie in the pantry, nearly crushed to death by heavy boxes. It left her n a coma for half a year.

Upon waking up within the hospital wing of the Exodar, she has found herself able to feel, hear, and understand the elements of Azeroth - and boy oh boy, were they pissed. Soon there after, two very familiar faces appeared in her blurry vision - Grahm and Grim Heidenreich. The two took her from the ship and helped her regain her strength. Grim helped her learn, or relearn, how to speak with the elements, how to work with them.

She took up the mantle of Elemental Warrior, and while she wasn't quite ready by the time the final assault on the legion took place, by the time the Draenei went to aid their new found allies in their northern most boarders - she was ready.

Durring her training, she rekindled old feelings for Grahm. One night of passion turned into an obsession. While he admitted he had made a grave error in betraying his betrothed (A priestess named Lisbet), Ali was determined to show him that he didn't need the priestess to be happy. Then she found out that she was pregnant. That one night of passion had damned her. She was pregnant with his child. Draenei mandate stated that there could be only one mate - and Heidenreich had chosen Lisbet only days prior to their first legion being ordered off to the North lands.

He was in Nothrend, with the prestess, and she was stuck at home (again) to incubate and birth his child. His child, that he didn't even know existed. She wrote him for weeks, and finally decided that she wasn't going to wait for him anymore. She went to northrend to find him herself.

Upon arrival in Borean Tundra, she met another shaman. Another shaman, that was really a succubus in draenei costume. The Succubus, Cattyla, spoke of her mistress. This mistress knew Heidenreich, knew him well. She promised Ali that - should she help retrieve a token, a trifle little item, from an old Rogue friend of hers - that she could make Heidenreich belong to Ali, and Ali only. That should she do such a simple task, that this warlock could make Grahm forget all about his pretty little priestess.

It was cold (Draenei hate the cold) and she was desperate. In an act of pure foolishness, she did the unthinkable - she made a pact with a warlock. She stole the token, a blindfold, from the rogue, and gave it to the warlock. In exchange, the warlock carved a rune into the back of Grahm's neck. A rune that would bind him to her, should have bound him to her, eternally.

Two weeks later, Grahm sat Ali down, and told her the cold truth - He was going to go through with the betrothal to Lisbet. He was choosing the priestess over her. Alishondra lost it - choosing Lisbet? He wasn't supposed to be able to chose! He was bound to her!

This, above everything else, was her last thoughts before the darkness swallowed her whole once again - and she remembered what she had been dreaming about all those months ago.. A son. A son with demon eyes, and a father beside him as they burned the universe to extinction.

Alishondra was in a coma for nearly nine months - The Draenei in the Exodar Medical facility could attest to a variety of different visitors to the sleeping, pregnant draenei. A Vindicator, an Elemental Warrior, Two female humans and one male, A Priestess, and Lady Katrra of the Inner Circle. When the female finally awoke, it was with a peace in her fiery eyes that none had seen before.

On March 1st, the Shaman gave birth to a baby boy. The boy is currently unnamed - his mother and those close to her simply call him, "Little Heid".

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