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I'm a bit confused about the Holy Light... In the last book I read, Tides of Darkness by Aaron Rosenberg, Turalyon at the end finds unwavering faith in the light. Before, he was wondering how Orcs could be tied to the light (if the light, in fact, really was a part of every living thing) if they were so plainly evil. Once Lothar dies, he comes to the understanding that the Orcs are NOT part of the light, because they come from another world.

But...isn't he completely wrong? The Orcs aren't evil - they're corrupted (well, most of them anyway). And they have to be part of the light, because the light is the force that connects everyone to the universe. And Draenor is part of the universe, so...Orcs are connected to the light, then.

But then, if that's the case, is the Light really just a different form of one of the spirits? Nobundo in Unbroken states that the spirits stretch to all worlds (except, of course, those conquered and scorched by the Burning Legion). If the Holy Light stretches to all worlds too, wouldn't that make it something governed by a spirit most likely?

Or, am I totally off the mark?

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I don't think the Light is necessarily governed by a spirit, but it might operate in a similar manner. Magic is clearly not governed by a spirit, but on Azeroth anyway, it's everywhere. (I've occasionally wondered if they blew up a Well of Eternity on Draenor, too, so it wouldn't F- up my spells. I suppose the whole world blowing up was enough to scatter whatever magic it had the same way.) So couldn't the Light also just exist without necessarily being governed?

I would think Turalyon rationalizes why the Orcs generally don't seem to have access to the Light. They don't use it. But is that to say they never could? I don't know. If Light exists in opposition to Shadow, and Orcs can learn to manipulate Shadow, couldn't they similarly manipulate Light if they were taught?

Some copy-pasta from the wiki on Holy Light

While most followers of Holy Light do not worship any Gods directly, the power apparently does come from some sapient being or beings or force, known simply as the "Light" for lack of a better description

If that's true, then I suppose said being of Light could withhold its use from Orcs if it chose, but that wouldn't explain Turalyon concluding that Orcs exist outside the Light. Is it possible the Light actually did not exist on Draenor until it chose to go there, so maybe Turalyon was correct? Does the Light necessarily connect everyone to the universe? Couldn't it just be another power existing to be accessed?

The ‘Light’ and the ‘Shadow’ are both philosophies of a sort, but they also tap into universal powers that are at play in the cosmos.

I guess it depends on the more precise nature of said 'universal powers' whether something could exist outside of it. You can be universal and at play and selectively exclude, I would think.

I'm not really a lore buff yet, anyway. I'm still working on it, heh.

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The way I always looked at it was that Light (and Shadow) were cosmic powers that dfferent cultures or beings approached in their own unique ways, calling them (and upon them) by various different names and methods.

Light is the power behind creation, while Shadow is the "demolition" power that takes apart the unwanted and makes room for new Creation, using the building blocks left behind by the Shadow. Sort of like the death and birth of stars.

One common theme however is that it appears no society discovers the Light ( or Shadow) on its own. Some higher being always seems to be the tutor. In the case of the Humans, High Elves , Dwarves it was the Celestials, or Hopes. For the Draenei it was the Naaru. Who originally revealed the Light and Shadow to those beings? The Lore isnt clear, not does it have to be. That is something they may not have any desire nor reason to disclose to the young, childlike races.

As for Orcs, it may be that simply no advanced being had adopted them yet. Or perhaps they were at some point approached and were rejected in favor of the Elemental shamanistic faith.

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I'm not really questioning the reasons why orcs don't use the light... Its pretty clear that races don't have to be wielders of the light to be awesome as all of the horde races, minus the Blood Elves, have no paladins (but how do trolls and undead have priests...?).

What I am questioning is Turalyon's conclusion that orcs exist outside of the light when the holy light is presented as a universal concept like the spirits of the shaman. It is impossible for orcs to use the light at that point, having never really been exposed to the Naaru (they sort of were, in a way, but not really since that Naaru was dying and never revealed itself), Celestials, or Hopes, but they should exist within the light.

Mayhaps he's mistaken, and in Beyond the Dark Portal he'll realize his fallacy as he travels to Draenor to combat the orcs again?

It just seemed odd for a race to exist outside of the light when the Draenei, outside of Azeroth, have the light and were on Draenor with the orcs and not on Azeroth with the other light-wielding races.

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