Rosalynd Du Coudray

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Full Name: Rosalynd Du Coudray (Roz-a-lind Du Cu-dr-ray) (Formaly Rosalynd Du Cou'tandrie)

Nicknames: Rosa (pronounced Rose-a), Ros (pronounced R-oz), Rosey (pronouced Rose-e)

Date of Birth: May 29th

Age: 90 (Appears around 22-25)

Race: Sin’dorei/Blood Elf

Gender: Female

Hair: Deep blood red; Knee to thigh length; Straight up top, wavy as it lengthens into curls

Skin: Sun kissed; Slightly tanned.

Eyes: Piercing Emerald

Height: 5’ 7” (on the taller side of the average female)

Weight: 142 lbs. (very lean, mostly muscle weight)

Place of residence: Inn in Silvermoon

Place of Birth: A large villa near Silvermoon City

Known Relatives: All sin'dorei deceased as far as she knows. Tear, her black dragonkin whelpling

Religion/Philosophy: Her Philosophy is annihilate the weak. Zero tolerance for nobles lacking strength of their own. War is inevitable, enjoy it while it lasts.

Occupation: Blood Knight; She lives off her family’s leftover riches and collects ores and herbs. She makes some money off her healing arts and herbal suppliments and medications.

Group/Guild affiliation: The Grim

Guild Rank: Warbringer

Enemies: Anyone who looks at her wrong or rubs her the wrong way. Alliance.

Likes: Art, music, singing, animals, jewelry, fine wine, company, talking, fighting, weapons, war, beauty, attractive men

Favorite Foods: Seafood and mana laced chocolates.

Favorite Drinks: Fine wine and juices. (Though she can handle her fair share of liquor)

Favorite Colors: Gold, Silver, Red, Black

Weapons of Choice: Polerms have become her weapon of choice but she is still parshal to swords of any type.

Dislikes: Weak people, especially nobles. Rude people. People lacking intelligence. People who assume too much, especially assuming to know her. Most rogues -- though she hides this very well.

Hobbies: Training and fighting, socializing with friends, various art (drawing and sculpting) and musical (flute and singing) pass times

Physical Features: Taller than average, slender but very fit due to her training. She wears her hair up in a bun with bits of hair falling to either side of her face. When relaxing she takes it down because it grows rather heavy after a while. When worn down, it reaches a little above her knee. Her beauty is more on the exotic side and she carries herself very well, obviously that of noble birth and upraising. Her long hair and sharp eyes are the first things someone would notice.

Special Abilities: Her uncanny talent for music and art. Also her ability to fight so well given her past as nothing more than a noble’s daughter.

Positive Personality Traits: Very confident and witty.

Negative Personality Traits: Often comes off harsh and cold upon first meeting her.

Misc. Quirks: She enjoys blood (especially the taste and feel). The sight of blood also causes her to go into bloodlust and in large amounts, such as a battle, bloodrage. Once in this state, she loses control of herself. If strong enough, it can hinder her ability to remember the episode and even cause comma or possible death.

Played by What Famous Person: Angelina Jolie

Theme Songs: Wizards and Warriors Theme from Wizards and Warriors, Lambent of the Highborn, Straight to Video by Mindless Self Indulgence, Nymphetamine by Cradle of Filth feat. Liv from Leaves' Eyes

Current Theme Song: All Around Me by Flyleaf - http://youtube.com/watch?v=_-sNIWi2fLs


Rosalynd was born to a nobleman and woman of the Sin’dorei back when times were much more peaceful. She grew up loathing her father more and more every day as his acts were usually what she considered of a coward and a lowly man. His deeds were always questionable and her mother always turned a deaf ear and blind eyes to it all. She was raised to be a proper girl, well written and spoken, and taught all things that proper young women should know (and nothing they shouldn’t). Her father's ways of doing this however were unorthodox. Through extreme control and abuse (mental, emotional, and physical), he molded her into exactly what he thought would bring in the most wealthy to wed her to. He would control everything from when she was allowed to leave their home and with whom she left to how she ate and what she wore... even how she was to stand and hold herself. All of this still effects her and how she interacts with others and how she acts. Her hair, one of the major things he controlled, is still evident. He would monitor each trimming and Rosalynd remembers still one time when the woman he employed to do these bi weekly trimmings removed too much. In turn, her father took the very sheers she had used and forced the woman to place her hand down flat on one of the tables -- to which he forced the sheers through the back of her hand through her palm. This, and the relentless abuse Rosalynd suffered every time a man would look at her, once she was growing of age. Relentless in making sure his daughter stayed pure for her suitor so that she would be worth more... the beatings and verbal abuse that he berated down on her still effects how she interacts with men. Jittery and shy -- she doesn't take compliments well. Physical contact also unnerves her until she has grow comfortable with the person.

Once she was of age to be wed, her father arranged for her to be married off to a rather snotty, young, momma’s boy of which she had little liking for. Her pleas to her father went on deaf ears as all he was concerned with was advancing his own wealth. Her mother could do little about it. With only weeks before the pending marriage, a band of hired mercenaries and thugs came to their villa and burned it to the ground. During the chaos, Rosalynd managed to escape through a set of hidden passage ways under the home. Once out, and at a safe distance she looked back to hear the screams of the workers, servants, and her own family members being slaughtered and burning in the fire. She shed not one tear as she watched on at the horror in front of her. Somewhere inside of her she did mourn for her family, but the hate she had for her father wouldn’t allow her to show it.

Rosalynd fled the lands of her people, seeing refuge in those foreign to her in hopes that the mercenaries would not find her. She took on the last name of Du Coudray, a man she had met and grew fond of, as her own for safety sake. After the attack on her home by the scourge reached her ears, she returned home. Knowing full well that a vast majority of those who would still remember here were dead now. She now was allowed to do what she wanted, when she wanted, and where she wanted. She decided to train under the Blood Knights of Silvermoon and thus started a new life for herself. She quickly found that even though she had not been properly trained to use a sword, or any weapon for that matter, that she was oddly very good.

Through her introduction to battles, she found that her slumbering lust for blood and the feeling it gave her was rekindled. Perhaps, in her own way, she used this as a way to numb out the pain in her life that she kept bottled and hidden in her. Allowing for the effects of the affliction to take her over so that she grew numb to everything around here -- if only for a brief period of time. She grew to love the new lifestyle of bloodshed, power, and mayhem and wouldn’t have it any other way.


Love has never been her best friend in life, often eluding her try she might find it. Love forbidden, love unspoken, love lost, love never realized... and most currently, love never around. Marked for sacrifice by Astrin and his dark followers, she needs support more than ever. The voices in her head driving her to a breaking point of madness and it's effects taking a toll on her body. Unable to carry the burden of her armors for extended periods of time as she used to. The invaluable friends she has made over the months past becoming her only saving grasp on sanity. Though her saving grace, her friends were not her lover -- and she could not embrace them as she did him. War seemed to always do this to her -- keep her busy and keep those she loved away. Perhaps this was how life was suppose to be.


Red Velvet with Golden Trim: http://www.wow-tng.org/showthread.php?t=8748




Commission by Feralmoon


Commission by Irithel


Gift art from Muju


Rosalynd with Tear, her pet whelpling.


Rosalynd as Holy. She wears her hair down and a mix of cloth and plate. <3


Also drawing posted in the Adult Forum.

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Yep, I did meet Rosa before. Lovely sister, even if she does seem to have bad luck with men. Always flirting with the weakest ones. But aside this rotten luck in love, Rosa is quite fun to spend time with, and she is quite the open book too. Should one talk with her for more than ten minutes, he will know what she is looking for in friends and lovers...

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An interesting young woman. My feelings are partial toward her... I am not sure how things will go with her. I supposed she sparked my interest a bit... I will see how she turns out over time.

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Oooh man she just.. hangs out ALL OVER. She really needs to look into pants. I bet when it's cold her ass gets goosebumps.. Another Grim.. I don't like this one as much as Qabian.

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I was able to speak with Miss Du Coudrey for a time while we stood a vigil over Tarren Mill.

The strength of her convictions was not lost on me. She has a very clear head and seems to know where her priorities lie. Anyone whom enjoys the benefit of her support should count themselves fortunate to have such a reliable and staunch ally. I fear in the days to come she will be sought out for that support more and more, if my information is accurate.

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I have grown increasingly close to her of late... and now that I have made her my own, we will see where things go. She is the first woman I have truly respected to her core for a very long time... we may just have a good future together.

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((Rand was the guy at the dock in Ratchet you said was 'disgusting' for dancing with a NE priestess, of whom you then killed on the boat. :P

He called you a bully and a wench for it though, no worries.))

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