Don Julio

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I was planning to incorporate Don Julio into my character story, but admitedly, there's hardly anything mentioned about Don Julio other than he was a tenor in the Barbershop District of Stormwind, the original designer of the Bonescythe armor and also had a rogue-friendly ring in his possession once.

Are there any other lore in regards to Don Julio?

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There is more then just one Don.....there was Don Rodrigo...and....a couple others that escape my mind...Oooh Items!...

Don Mauricio's Band of Domination

Don Julio's Band

Don Rigoberto's Lost Hat

Don Rodrigo's Band

Don Rodrigo's Heart

Don Rodrigo's Poncho

Don Santos' Famous Hunting Rifle ( If its so famous why isn't there Lore about it!? )


Don Alejandro's Money Belt

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