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The Persistent Past

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((First two parts can be found here: . Didn't seem right to have a third-person entry in a "journal". ^^; ))

"So," the night elf said, the smirk still on his face. "To what do I owe the pleasure, my s--"

"Don't call me that," Alucian barked. "I am no more your son anymore than you are a true father. You are my father in title alone, and I only speak that name because I do not wish to utter your given one."

The Master shrugged. "Have it your way. Alucian, then?" He paused, looking the druid over, then finally said, "Have you come to finish the job you couldn't so many years ago?"

Alucian gritted his teeth. "You're supposed to be dead, you bastard."

"Hmm." The Master grinned wickedly as he leaned back against the desk, resting his staff beside him. "Indeed, I am. But my insolent child who had the gall to attack his father didn't have the courage to finish the task, did he."

"You were corrupting Teldrassil! Our last chance at regaining our old life!" Alucian's hands balled into fists. "What did you expect me to do, after I'd found out what you'd done to my mother?"

The Master shrugged again. "She was an acceptable loss for the advancement of the true ruler of Azeroth."

In a flash, Alucian had the night elf by the front of his robes, yanking him back up to his feet. "I should end your miserable life now and rid Azeroth of your taint forever."

The Master laughed and threw Alucian off of him. "What, you think you're strong enough now to do what you couldn't before? All you've done is grown more ideals." He smiled and crossed his arms. "Not that killing me would do any good. The old gods stir under the sands of Silithus, their ancient prison breached by your own altruistic kind. The lord C'Thun has unfurled his touch from the broken Scarab Wall and begins his conquest anew. Killing me will not do anything but satiate your petty need for revenge."

Alucian gritted his teeth. He knew his father was right. A simple glance around the tower proved that he was bound to this place, forever in service of the Twilight cult he had willingly joined. He was a puppet who only thought his strings cut. He proved no danger to anyone that didn't come into his domain.

Even so...he could still feel the old rage burning again inside him, the anger at what his father had done to his family, what he did to their homeland, what he was still doing to Azeroth. Wouldn't it be better to just be rid of him?

Despite the reasoning...his hands still stayed at his sides. It would be a simple matter of taking his mace and adding it to his wicked father's head...but he couldn't bring himself to do it. Alucian turned his gaze away, cursing himself. Why was it that he still couldn't avenge his mother?

The Master grinned, understanding Alucian's hesitation. He still did not have the conviction to turn him completely from his father...and as such, could still be molded. The Master stopped right before his son, who did not move away. He spoke in a quiet voice to Alucian.

"I know why you're here," he said. "I know that something is keeping you from killing me, just like it did before." He paused, waiting for a response from Alucian, but none came. He smirked. "I think you know why you can't kill me...but you just don't want to admit it."

Alucian turned his gaze up slightly to meet his father's eyes. What was he getting at..?

Without warning, the Master pushed his hand against Alucian's chest. Alucian's eyes went wide. No, not again!

Before Alucian could stop him, the Master began to give him part of his demonic-infused energy. The dark power curled around his fingers and seeped into Alucian's chest, causing the druid to throw his head back in pain. The pain, though...quickly turned into something that Alucian didn't want to admit. He felt a deep satisfaction begin to well in his chest. As his father granted him the demonic power that he'd had a born addiction for, the world around Alucian began to shift. Colors grew brighter. Sounds grew more distinct. He could feel even the slightest brush of air on his skin. His breathing grew easier. His mind become clearer. He could feel the sizzling pain in his chest, where his father's hand came in contact with his body, but, for the first time in many years, Alucian didn't care. His addiction, passed down through his cursed bloodline, had been satiated.

Alucian's eyes rolled back in his head as his knees gave way under the sheer relief. He toppled to the floor, unconscious.

The Master smiled as he looked over his son's prone form. "You'll join me yet, Alucian. You'll join me yet."

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(( I knew there was a reason I liked you Alucian! A pox on our fathers and the legacies they passed down to us!))


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It had been a few days since Alucian had seen his mother. He had asked his father about it, when he could find him, and his father had told him she'd gone on a journey. He would give him no details.

And so, the young Alucian waited in the modest home their family had lived in ever since Teldrassil had taken root. His eyes were fixed beyond the twisted vines of their window, waiting for his mother's dark blue hair and gentle smile to appear over the horizon.

A few more days passed. A couple weeks. And there was no sign of her. His father had become more and more scarce as well, disappearing into his laboratory, which he thought was secret, but Alucian knew of quite well. He just never bothered to follow his father into its depths.

Alucian never quite felt easy around his father. There was something about him that put the young night elf on edge. Maybe it was the way he was always muttering to himself, sometimes grinning. Maybe it was the way he looked at everything around him, even Alucian, his gaze containing a cold, empty quality. Maybe it was merely the way Alucian felt around was a very strange feeling, and Alucian didn't know whether to like it or be afraid of it. Despite all of Alucian's misgivings, he knew his mother deeply loved his father, and that was enough for Alucian to accept him.

A month passed. There was still no sign of his mother. His father had disappeared for an entire week as well, but Alucian knew exactly where he was. Finally, Alucian was tired of waiting. He would ask his father where his mother was, then would go to find her. If she'd been gone this long without a single letter to her family, something had to have gone wrong.

Alucian traveled to the darker boughs of Teldrassil, through the vines and beyond the hidden door, revealing the stairs leading down into his father's laboratory. He quietly went down the stairs until it ended in another solid door. Gently, he pushed on it, and it opened without resistence. "Father?" he called quietly as the door swung open.

The sight that Alucian saw then would never leave him as long as he lived.

The room seemed to pulsate with magicks that Alucian was not experienced enough to recognize. All kinds of testing equipment were strewn about the room on tables and hanging from hooks, each with liquids of different colors and viscosities. Stinking carcasses of some kind of animal were stacked in a far corner, and it took Alucian a moment of peering to realize they were...

"Demons," Alucian said softly, aghast. Just what was his father doing down here?

There was one long, metal table in the center of the room, another demonic-looking creature laying atop it, tubes of all kinds with all manner of liquid inside attached to it. It stirred slightly at Alucian's voice, and acted as if it was trying to raise its head.

Everything inside Alucian was telling him to run away and forget this place. Despite that, his feet moved forward, his eyes transfixed on the creature in the middle of the room. It wasn't until he stood over the beast that he was finally able to recognize just what it was.

Alucian's eyes went wide and he immediately looked away, a hand clasped over his mouth as he doubled over. He had expected to see a twisted demon on the table...but was instead rewarded with his mother's face, twisted in a horrible mutation of herself.

Shakily, he stood again, and looked down at his mother. Most of her form resembled the demons in the corner. It was almost as if she was turning into one of them, somehow...and Alucian didn't know what to do.

Slowly, his mother's eyes opened, their usual bright white glow turned to a sickly muddled green. She looked up at him, and worked a mouth that was half her own, and half enlarged, vicious fangs piercing her soft lips and drawing blood.

"," her voice croaked. ""

"Mother," Alucian whispered, tears forming in his eyes. "I...I'll save you..."

He glanced around the room, looking for anything he could use. A dagger glinted on a far table, dried blood staining the blade. Alucian walked to it and yanked it free of the wood, then came back to his mother's side.

Gently, he stroked what was left of her hair. She understood his apology, and nodded. She closed her eyes. Alucian raised the dagger over his head, then drove it deep into her chest, straight into her heart. He closed his eyes and turned his head at the moment of impact. He could feel his mother jerk at the sudden pain, then grow still, her breath slowly rasping out of her chest until she was completely silent.

Alucian's sobs grew louder as he released the dagger. He stumbled backward, toppling a table, the jars atop it crashing to the ground. He finally came to rest in the corner near the doorway, his hands propping him up as he finally emptied the contents of his stomach. A few moments passed, and Alucian sank to his knees, his voice gone, but his sobs continued.

Suddenly, a bang at the other end of the room jerked Alucian's head up. His father had been alerted to his presence, and was now standing at the other end of the room, glaring angrily over the scene in front of him.

"No no no no NO!" His father hurried to his mother's side and checked to see if she somehow still lived. When he found she was dead, he slammed his fist on the metal table. "DAMN you, you worthless meddling child! Do you know what you've done?! Months and months of research, all completely destroyed!"

"What do you mean, what have I done!" Alucian stood waveringly on his feet, his sadness lit aflame into burning anger. "What did you do to my mother? What are you doing down here? Why are you experimenting with demons?!"

But his father paid his questions no heed. He was busy staring into the eyes of his dead wife. For a moment, Alucian thought he was regretting what he'd done...but then his father sighed, irritated, and began ripping tubes out. "It doesn't matter," he muttered to himself. "I've got plenty of opportunities left. I learned what I needed to."

"Don't ignore me!" Alucian shouted. "Tell me what's going on here!"

His father whirled on him, a handful of leaking tubes still in his fist. "Look around you, you foolish boy. What do you think is going on?"

Alucian looked around again, then his eyes settled on his father. "You''re experimenting with demons. Are...are you one of the ones responsible for the demonic taint on Teldrassil?"

His father grinned. "Do you think those worthless satyr showed up on the boat? Of course I am."

"But...why?" Alucian walked forward until he stood before his father. "Why are you doing this? This is our last chance at regaining our old life...why are you trying to destroy it by letting the demonic taint poison Teldrassil?"

A moment passed, while the two studied each other. His father finally spoke. "Don't you feel the energy in this room, Alucian?"

"Yes...I do," Alucian replied.

"How does it make you feel?"

A pause. "I...I don't know. I can't figure it out."

"Haven't you ever felt an emptiness inside you? Like there's something you're missing, something you're forgetting, that you want to have filled, but nothing can fill it?"

Alucian remembered the pains in his gut, the very feelings his father was describing. "Y-yes..."

His father grinned. "I know how to fill it. And the answer lies in this very room."

Alucian stared at his father a moment, then shook his head. "I...I don't understand...whatever it is...why did you force Mother to...turn into that..."

His father glanced over his shoulder at the prone half night elf, half demon laying behind them. " a powerful persuasion tool." He turned back to Alucian, his grin turned sinister. "Who says I forced her? Her love did."

Alucian's anger flared again. "What're you talking about?!"

Suddenly, his father's hand was pressed against his chest. "Do you want to know? Do you really want to? Do you want to know what it feels like to have that void within you filled to overflowing? Do you want to know what it finally feels like to be at peace, to be filled with contentment, to know what it feels like to be whole?"

Before Alucian could answer, he felt a knew kind of power surging between them. He gasped, his eyes wide, and he looked down at his father's hand. Dark energy coiled around his fingers and seeped into Alucian's body, energy he suddenly recognized as the same energy permeating the room. Dark demonic and arcane powers were flowing between them, and it was like Alucian's was taking a deep breath after being underwater far too long. Every bit of him suddenly felt alive, humming with energy, and his world exploded into vibrancy.

Alucian fell to the floor, unconscious, his mind reeling from far too much energy and sensations all at once. His father grinned and shrugged as he turned back to the corpse on the table. He touched his hand to her cheek.

"You did well, my love," he said, almost sarcastically. "Your son, however, will prove to be a far better specimen." Without another word, he picked up her body and tossed it on the pile of carcasses, then went back to his studies.


Alucian didn't know how long he laid on the floor of his father's laboratory. When he came to the first time, his father was kneeling over him. He grinned and pressed his hand to Alucian's chest again, feeding him the dark power he was becoming more and more accustomed to, and he lost consciousness again.

The next time he awoke, he was laying on the same table his mother had been on, stripped down to nothing but his undergarments. His father was standing over him, and fed him again. He lost consciousness.

He didn't know how many times the cycle repeated itself. It seemed like eternities between each moment of consciousness, but it could have only been a few days. Each time, Alucian found himself more and more unwilling to fight against his father and his feeding, finding himself more and more enthralled with the feeling of being whole. The very thought disgusted and terrified him, but he was powerless against his father.

Finally, Alucian woke to find the room dark. His father sat at a table across the room, a single candle lit at his side, as he wrote furiously in a journal laid open in front of him. Alucian rolled his head to the side, looking around him, and spied his mother's body lying atop the demon carcasses. Her eyes were open, staring blankly back at him.

Alucian shuddered. How could he let his father do this? How could he let his father taint not only him, but his mother as well? He had to be stopped...his mother had to be avenged.

Quietly, Alucian slipped off the table. His knees were weak, but his anger strengthened his unwilling frame. He crept toward his father on quiet feet, his hand reaching out to take hold of the closest weapon he could find: a stray iron pipe that appeared to be part of another larger, broken contraption laying near his father's desk. He stopped just behind his father's hunched frame and raised the pipe over his head.

The first blow splattered blood across the white paper laid before him. His father cried out, blood leaking from the wound in the back of his head and running down his neck. He turned to face his assailant, but a second blow caught him in the chin, sending him toppling to the floor, where he landed on his back.

Alucian's rage fueled him forward as he straddled his father's waist, the pipe raising and falling again and again, blood splattering over his bare arms and chest. He didn't know how many times he struck his father, but he was finally jarred to his senses in mid-swing, the pipe raised over his head, dripping his father's blood to the floor. He knew one more blow would kill him. Alucian felt his father breathe a raspy, shallow breath under the hand that held his father down.

Revulsion grew in Alucian's stomach as the pipe clattered to the ground. "What have I done," he whispered, tears beginning to run down his cheeks. "What have I done...I'm a better than him..."

Alucian got to his feet and ran blindly from the room, up the stairs, and burst through the doorway, toppling onto Teldrassil's soft grass above. He continued to run aimlessly, tears blurring his vision, choked cries heaving from his chest as all he could think about was running away. Finally, he collapsed and lost consciousness, unable to handle everything that had happened to him in such a small amount of time.

A passing druid had been alerted to his presence by his tumbling escape through the woods. He hurried to Alucian's side, and could not only feel the taint coursing through Alucian's veins, but the taint of the area as well. He quickly gathered Alucian in his arms and teleported them both to the Moonglade, where Alucian could receive the proper medical care and the grace of Elune that would bring him back from the awful precipice he'd almost gone over.

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(( Hee's like you two knew what I was doing! ;)

Thanks so much for the comments...I wanted to finish the story in that last part, but it got too long,'ll get finished in the next one! :) ))

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Alucian woke slowly, feeling a sudden wave of disorientation. He raised his hand to his cheek and touched wetness. He'd been crying...but why...

He suddenly remembered everything. Where he was, what he'd been doing, what was done to him...and what he'd just dreamed. Slowly, he struggled to a sitting position, his chest stinging and burning with every movement, and he looked around him.

The tower was silent. Nighttime hung heavy outside the lone window of the upper story. It seemed the tower was empty as well...the usual bustle of the other cultists was completely absent.

Alucian wondered briefly why his father would do the same thing he did to him so many years ago, then just leave him laying in an empty tower. His head turned...and he saw why.

His father had not left him. In fact, it almost looked like he'd fallen asleep watching him. The table in front of him held not only the vials and books and strange skulls it had when Alucian had arrived...but now, it held his father's sleeping head, cradled in the nest of the man's folded arms.

Alucian winced as he struggled to his feet, his strength returning bit by bit. It wasn't like before this time...he could feel the power of Elune surging through him, helping to cleanse the taint that was inside him. He smiled, a touch bitterly, when he knew the one thing it could not cleanse...the addiction pains were bound to return now.

At that thought, as if by command, a tight jolt of pain rattled his chest, and Alucian staggered a step back, his hand pressing to the hand-shaped wound he could feel under his clothing. He fought to control his breathing as the pain subsided, and the strange feeling of his veins being somehow empty began to return. Alucian straightened, not daring to let himself feel any longing toward the dark power that had turned him so alive several hours ago, and he stared down at his father's sleeping form.

Alucian took one step forward. Then another. And another. It took no effort to remove the heavy mace from his back, the one he'd had for so long that it felt like a friendly extension of him.

He had been given a singular opportunity. A chance to fix the error he'd made so many years ago. He could set things right...finally avenge his mother...finally rid Azeroth of his vile father's taint forever.

Alucian raised the mace over his head. It was no pipe. One blow would end it all.

He swung down.

Alucian turned, away from the table, leaving the mace impaled in the wood. He'd find another.

A voice wafted to him as he started toward the elaborate system of ramps and stairs that would lead him back to the ground level.

"I figured you'd finally have it in you."

Alucian stopped. He didn't turn back. "You are no threat to anyone. You're stuck in this tower, serving a god that's a continent away. My powers already threaten to exceed yours." He paused. "You've driven me to murder once. You won't do so again."

His father chuckled. "So now, what will you do? Run back to Stormwind? Fall into the arms of that waif and beg forgiveness?" Alucian could almost feel the heat from his father's grin. "She'll never take you back. No one can or will understand you. She'll hate you and what you really are."

Alucian's chin raised proudly as he stared forward. "Kurohane and I love each other very much. She has dealt with me and my foul past with an open heart before. It might take time...but we will recover from this. I know that for sure."

Without another word, Alucian started down the stairs and out of the tower, the cultists in their tents watching him with dark, accusing glares as he left.

His father chuckled, fingering the mace that had come inches from ending his life. "You'll be back, my son. I know you will. You'll be back."



Days later, the matter resolved, Alucian stood in the ruined "cathedral" of Scarlet Monastery. He smiled down at his love, who beamed back at him in return.

She had learned of everything...and Alucian was proven right, like he knew he would. They had traveled to the Cathedral to end another taint on the world, one in the form of the Scarlet Crusade. The high priestess and the champion lay dead at their feet, and Alucian's eye was instantly drawn to the large, two-handed mace the champion had used against them.

Alucian fought mostly in the form of the cat, but he'd always liked having the weight of a weapon on his back as well. He eyed the mace, then lifted it from where it had fallen, hefting it and looking the weapon over. He smiled at Kurohane.

"I think this will make a fine replacement," he said as he rested the mace across his back. She nodded, and smiled in return.

A few moments later, their hearthstones had activated, and they left the monastery behind.

--The End--

((Aaand, now that that's sig. :D))

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(( But.. but.. what next? What about the father? Where does Alucian and Kurohane go from here? Its not over. We won't let it be. :wink: ))

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