Swerto Ænimus

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Full Name: Swerto Ænimus

Nicknames: the Unknowing, Scarlet Slayer, "Sir" Swerto, Argent Champion, Dark Crusader, Champion of the Forsaken

Date of Birth: October 30th, 1 year after the first war.

Age: 26 (Deceased after 2 years of undeath)

Race: Forsaken (Human)

Gender: Male

Hair: Long purple unkempt hair.

Skin: Pale and decomposing

Eyes: Yellow balls of energy like other Forsaken.

Height: 6 ft

Weight: Around 170 lbs without armor, with armor and weapons he ways upwards of 500 lbs.

Place of residence: He has a home in New Agamand, and a bunk reserved at the Argent Tournament grounds.

Place of Birth: Western Lordaeran

Known Relatives: Father: Cenco Ænimus. Brother: Draedaen Ænimus, Deceased sister, Wife: Lucreciaa Nik'tia(deceased).

Religion/Philosophy: Swerto cares little of the world after the one he resides in, he serves his Queen with fanatical loyalty.

Occupation: Knight of the Dark Lady, Champion of the Argent Tournament.

Enemies: Darthak, The Scourge, Galavak, the Alliance, Scarlet Crusade, The Scarlet Onslaught, The Living.

Likes: The rush of battle and others meeting death by his hand.

Favorite Foods: Steak.

Favorite Drinks: Vodka.

Favorite Colors: Green and Purple.

Weapons of Choice: He prefers swords and axes but will use any two handed weapon.

Dislikes: The Scourge, Casters, "Weaklings", speaking in tongues he can't understand.

Hobbies: Researching in the libraries of Undercity, Dalaran, and New Agamand.

Physical Features: Broken corpse that has been reformed many times. A mechanical jaw replaces the one he lost in a fight with Rohan Orcslayer, it is covered with leathery flesh. A mechanized voicebox helps him speak since he no longer has a bottom lip.

Special Abilities: Swerto is very much a warrior in that his rage fuels his power. He is also a skilled Engineer.

Positive Personality Traits: Fights for what he wants to, and when he fights he will fight to the bitter end. Still retains some human qualities.

Negative Personality Traits: Impatient, quick to conflict.

Misc. Quirks: Former Scarlet, bent on vegeance.

Theme Songs:

Metallica - Ride the Lightning


Swerto was the youngest son of a Knight of Lordaeron who fought in the second war and disappeared on the other side of the Dark Portal when it closed. Presuming his father dead Swerto followed in his footsteps becoming a Knight of Lordaeron himself. Swerto grew up in the shadow of his older brother Draedaen, who his father had groomed to take his blade. The Ænimus family blade was given to Draedaen when their father left for Draenor. When he came of age he fell in love with a young Quel'dorei named Lucreciaa Nik'tia, his distaste for her older brother was all that stopped them from marrying immediately. A few years after their marriage the Scourge invaded. His wife, his mother, and his elder brother were taken, along with the majority of the people he knew. Swerto escaped with his sister and together they joined the Scarlet Crusade.

Within the Crusade Swerto met woman who had gone through simmilar experiences as he did. She had lost her husband and son, they grew close though rarely spoke of their feeligns for eachother. Swerto rose in the ranks of the crusade quickly and over the next few years he fought all undead with no mercy, his thirst for vengenace was unending. Eventually Swerto was accued of treason by Rohan Orcslayer, and arrested. His sister was executed, presumably along with his close friend and comrade Alex. Swerto was executed shortly afterwards.

Not long after he was in Deatholme, having been raised by Forsaken necromancers. With no memory of his past Swerto quickly swore alleigance to the Forsaken while searching for any links to his past. Darthak Drathir, a Sin'dorei warlock, claimed he knew how to reach Swerto's lost memories. Darthak betrayed Swerto and opened his mind to the influence of the Lich King, Swerto's power over himself waned.

Swerto became a wreckless berzerker in service to the Bleeding Wolf Clan, which was currently under the leadership of the Forsaken rogue Visararath. Eventually the clan began to fall apart and Swerto followed his leader to the Forsaken elite, the organization known as Infection. Swerto was put under close watch by the warlord Keraph. Swerto began to follow in his superiors footsteps as a warrior, training to be a Knight of the Dark Lady.

Soon Swerto's memories began to come back, he swore vengeance on those who had wronged him within the crusade, and declared his own crusade on their order. Swerto cared little for the conflicts of the Horde and Alliance, his true enemies werre the enemies of the Dark Lady, whom he had become more loyal to over the past months. His alleigance to Undercity and the Forsaken was unmoving, and borderline fanatical.

With help from the Elven Warlock Videlle, the Forsaken Necromancer Zorael, and the Forsaken shadow priest Terrich, Swerto closed his mind to the influence of the Lich King. He soon took an oath and became a Knight of the Dark Lady within the organization Infection.

Over the next year Swerto threw more and more of his humanity away, becoming a greater Forsaken with each piece he lost. When the time came to go to Northrend Swerto volunteered to go on ahead to help build the Forsaken outposts in preparation for the true assault in the coming months. In Northrend Swerto was captured and killed in a scourge ambush. Soon after he was walking among his enemies.

Less than two months after the true invasion of Northrend began Swerto's mind was freed when Videlle once again came to save him. Shortly later she disappeared. Swerto met wtih Keraph, once again swearing alleigance to Sylvanas and the Forsaken.

He threw what was left of his humanity away that he could. In the coming months Swerto would become a force to be reckoned with, a Knight, an unstoppable force. He was now fanatically loyal to the Forsaken and their cause.

Swerto entered the Argent Tournament as a representative from Undercity. Soon the knight rose to the ranks of champion. It was here that he believed he could best serve the Forsaken by fighting the Scourge and preparing for the attack on Icecrown.

It was at the Argent Tournament that Swerto met Trysteza of the Fabled Order. Trysteza was a Death Knight who had begun to question her loyalties to the Alliance, she was drawn to Swerto. The Knight decided he would appease Trysteza, and gave her a chance.

Their 'relationship' was broken off when it became public knowledge within Fabled Order, Swerto seemed unaffected by it as he continued fighting the Scourge.

As the Tournament progressed Swerto rose in ranks until he was recognized as both a champion of the Forsaken but the Argent Tournament as well. Now a Crusader he found himself in prime position to serve the Dark Lady's interests from within the Tournament.

As the time to assault Icecrown Citadel grew closer Swerto spent more time focusing on Forsaken interests and less on Argent, when the notice went out that the Ashen Verdict had been formed and they would be assaulting the citadel Swerto was put in charge of the Dark Lady's escort to Icecrown.

Swerto was among the team that entered the Citadel with the Dark Lady after the battle, and in recognition of service and proven loyalty Sylvanas awarded him with the title 'Dark Crusader'.

After the Lich King died Swerto returned to Lordaeron and patrolled regularly, running into someone he had not seen in quite some time. Trysteza, the one who had made him so weak. They began their forbidden romance once again, part of Swerto could not regret it, the rest called him a weakling.

His father, Cenco Ænimus took advantage of their romance and followed Swerto to a place where he intended to meet Trysteza. There Cenco slew his son using the Der'Ænimus. Swerto's last thoughts were of blinding rage, and of Trysteza.


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I met Swerto a few days ago and he seemed nice, albeit sort of at a loss. I kind of felt sorry for him seeing as he doesn't remember his past. I can't imagine not remembering at all... but it might be less painful to remember it. Swerto had a little attitude change in the middle of our first meeting, but he said it was like a different side of himself so... I don't really fault him for it. I don't know much about the forsaken so I don't really know how to take what they act like as normal or not.

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There was a time when I too forgot the usefulness and ingenuity of the Horde. There was a time when I too spoke only Gutterspeak, unaware of how inconsiderate that was and how I fouled the language by using it as a barrier to me and the outside world.

I hope this one knows that he was only capable of dropping that warrior with my heals and the heals of the tauren beside me. Only with us. Elsewise, he would have died. This one will need to learn that if you are arrogant, you need a reason to be.

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((I didnt know you were Scarlet Crusade... I will have to get with you with Anaie to see if there may have ever been prior interaction :P Ill start a former scarlet thread to see who else I might have a tie too in a miniscule way... more rp ties are good))

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Rohan sighs, running a whetstone down the length of his blade, "My former commanding officer. Swerto was simply too weak-willed to be apart of the Crusade..."

"And it cost him dearly."

"His hesitation to attack a member of the Forsaken was clear evidence he was not fit to lead. So, I relieved him of duty and finished the job myself. I do not regret doing so, nor should I ever... What I regret is that he went insane during his capture, and struck down a follow member of the Crusade."

He sends sparks flying with a rather lengthy stroke, "Swerto Aenimus doomed himself, I had no control over his actions. As it was, he was executed... by fools. His body was left intact and was harvested by the Forsaken. They twisted his soul into something foul... a pervertion of his former self."

Rohan gives one last, angry, swift stroke to the blade before examining it, "Whatever was left of the man is gone. Whats left is the monster... a being without mercy or pity... Ironic, considering..."

Rohan points his sword at the goblin, "For his crimes against humanity, I shall drag him along on a chain, and ride horseback across the realm intill he is nothing but a pelvis wearing a belt!"

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"Swerto?" Catilyn blinked a few times at the Goblin's question and, with a pause, replied with a finger against her lip.

"He's... kinda cute... I mean, for a Forsaken."

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*pauses for a moment, attempting to recollect the name, mouthing it silently*

Swerto. It seems to roll off the tongue. One of the Forsaken, you say? Armour that seems to be nothing more than a thick hide? A second skin? Wields great weapons with relative ease?

Oh. THAT Swerto.

I saw him once. In Dalaran of course, though he did seemed preoccupied. There's nary a Forsaken that looks lethargic, especially when they smell blood on the wind. But there was something I could see that plagued him. I haven't seen him since that moment.

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Why so gloomy little brother? Did death really hurt that bad? How does it feel to be destroyed by my blade in the hands of our father. I'm sure the light seared your flesh away in the most painful way possible. Do not fret little brother, our father shall meet the same end as everyone else. The Der'Ænimus shall be returned to me. Perhaps I should raise your bones as a pet, yes I think I'll do that.

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You would make your brother a pet? *The Death Knight shakes her head violently.* Do you have no respect for what was once living? I would say that you don't. You may be dead. Your brother may be dead as well. As for you father, well I have no idea about that. I have taken many innocent lives, sense I was made a Death Knight. I regret taking those lives. Still you can't turn back the hands of time. What's done is done. So you wish to take revenge on your father. You are foolish. Perhaps it is better that you are dead. Although I'm not one to judge, considering I'm a Death Knight. *Seiena shakes her head and mounts her Deathcharger, and rides off into the distance.*

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