Letter From a Stormwind General Spotlore

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To the King of Stormwind

The Battle in the Thandol Span did not go well. I have failed you sire.

The Horde once again outnumbered the Alliance there ten to one. It was decided to fight them off in the north lands at Thandol by me and my advisers.

The Horde jumped in early, before enough Alliance could make it to the battlefield and overwhelmed my men. Before I knew it, I was being taken to the heart of Alliance lands. The Horde wished to show the Alliance that they were not impressed with our lack of strength in the field of battle.

In my heart, I am also disappointed with the Alliance for the same reasons. I began taking Alliance banners from the Garrisons and towers in Elwynn. If the people of the Eastern Kingdoms refuse to respond to the Horde threat then they do not deserve to display a simble of their faction.

As a representative of the Alliance in the eyes of the Horde, it is insulting to be lead into the very lands that I am trying to protect and watch as they kill and destroy! But the only people I blame for this is the Alliance themselves.

The Horde released me with only one resolve. That the Allies need to show the Strength and willingness to protect what lands they call their own.

Spotlore, Commander of Front line Affairs

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She had heard of the battle; the words of hatred that spilled from the lips of both Horde and Alliance alike. She had heard the words of disdain of a member who formerly wore the banner of the Sanctum. One she still called friend.

Tears welled in Angeni's eyes and she sat atop the roof of the guild hall, staring down at the destruction that the Horde had brought with them when Spotlore had been brought, as a prisoner of War, to them. In one hand, she held the letter from Vilmah, who had been unable to meet with her at their first meeting in Booty the other, she held the missive that had come from the King of Stormwind to all alliance guild leaders.

There was a War coming.

All this hatred....all this anger...she didn't understand it. And because they had chosen not to fight...not to kill, the horde had brought the battle to them. A retreat had been called...and many had suffered.

With a large heaving sigh, Angeni stood long enough to replace her hood atop her head; tucking her ivory hair beneath it. Something needed to be done...and soon...she only hoped she wouldn't be slaughtered on sight when she approached the guild hall of Sanctuary.

((OOCly: Continued in post -- Unannounced Visitor))

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