Slaid Markee

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Full Name:Slaid Markee

Real Name: Kirai Sunari

Nicknames: Slaid

Date of Birth: Unknown

Age: Depending on which age table you use: 52 in human years. (17 in elf years.) Or just plainly 17 years old.

Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Female

Hair: Deep Bluish Black, nearly Violet

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'4

Weight: Undisclosed

Place of residence: She wanders nowadays and is reluctant to stay in one place at this time.

Place of Birth: Silvermoon City

Known Relatives: Malanior Sunari (Father -deceased), Shiorei Sunari (Mother -deceased), Solanin and Silanna (cousins)

Religion/Philosophy: Do your best and live without regret.

Occupation: Rogue and mage in training.

Group/Guild affiliation: Pale Heart

Guild Rank: Avatar of Life.

Enemies: Lothsin.

Likes: Her fiance Keldorin. Her adoptive father, Stelson. Tinkering with odd inventions. Her Netherwing Drake Elliot. El Roco, the hawkstrider left to her by Ellysiah. Zan'gaji, the strange troll she met in Stranglethorn Vale. All fellow members of the Pale Heart. Studying Magic. She loves to sing.

Favorite Foods: Springpaw Appetizers, Crisp Red Apples.

Favorite Drinks: Melon Juice

Favorite Colors: Red, Black, Violet, Navy

Weapons of Choice: Daggers, swords, limited magic and the occasional staff.

Dislikes: Unwanted attention. Lothsin. Beind called or thought of as a child.

Hobbies: Tinkering with odd inventions, training, spending time with Stelson.

Physical Features: This young tomboy carries the weight of one who has changed a lot over the course of a half year on her shoulders. Slim, slight muscular limbs and developing curves make up her once, lanky beanpole build. Her deep violet hair is slightly longer now and is usually bashfully shielding part of her face if she is not wearing her over-sized engineering goggles.

She still dons a more masculine attire out of habit and comfort, but can still be occasionally seen wearing more feminine dresses, and robes of the magi. In fact, if it weren't for her delicate facial features, her voice and barely developing breasts, you'd almost think she were a young, pretty boy.

When her right hand is ungloved, a long scar can be seen diagonally across the palm and is reluctant to reveal its origin. She is also reluctant the explain why the very tip of her left ear seems to have been cut off, making it ever so slightly shorter than the right.

Special Abilities: Engineering, Cross-dressing.

Positive Personality Traits: Endearing once she trusts you, Loyal to a fault.

Negative Personality Traits: Though not as stubborn, and her fits not as frequent anymore, she can still be quite a brat every once in awhile. She has a bad habit of not thinking things through before it's too late. Sometimes she's so shy that it's difficult to hold a proper conversation with her. She's also a little too curious for her own good, which often gets her into trouble and is a little more on the clumsy side for someone who often classes herself as a rogue.

Misc. Quirks: Still dresses as a boy out of habit... she still looks like quite a convincing boy until she speaks.

Theme Songs: "See Who I Am" by Within Temptation, "Stars" by Roxette & "Short Hair" from Disney's Mulan

History: Kirai Sunari once lived happily with her mother and father in a small house outside Silvermoon City. The eve of the Scourge invasion, her mother was slaughtered along with countless other elves. Kirai continues to live with her father, who becomes obsessed with her following his late wife's footsteps, and pushed her to study magic of the elements and arcane energies. After five years, Kirai finally cracked under the pressure and ran away from home, cutting her hair, taking up the blades of the Rogue class and garbing herself in masculine clothing to pass as a boy to join the Horde ranks and hide from her overbearing father, fashioning her- 'himself' a new name: Slaid Markee.

After some time on her own, she was found outside the Ruins of Lordaeron by a young Tauren Shaman by the name of Stelson Longstride, whom she would eventually name as her adoptive father despite his young age. He took her into he first family in a long while- the guild of the Hand of Oblivion. A month passed, and a small argument with a fellow guild mate by the name of Velorian fueled her will to learn the art of magic again and follow in her mother's footsteps. Soon afterward she confront her father for the first time in a half year with the support of many guild mates, hoping for his approval of her new life, wanting him to support her as she continued her magic schooling.

She was not accepted well by her father, and left on less than satisfying terms once more, but with a little progress at least. With a smile to her adoptive father, Stelson, she announced that she no longer felt the need to disguise herself as a boy anymore, and thus began to live her life as Kirai Sunari once more. She began to train again in the arcane arts, under the watchful eye of a tiny mana whelpling by the name of Elliot, who appeared to her after the confrontation with her father. Elliot has promised to teach her everything that her mother would have taught her, claiming that he had known her in another life and could bring her to glory. Along with Elliot, something else had come to her after her confrontation with her father: She began to have unsettling dreams about M'uru, the Naaru in the basement in Silvermoon City. Not linking these dreams with the simultaneous appearance of her confidant, Elliot, she became obsessed with the idea that the captive Naaru was sending her messages through her dreams, as well as instructions of how to find a fabled truth and help him escape.

She would often find herself waking up in odd places, with no recollection of how or why she was there, and would suffer frequent headaches. Completely convinced that the Naaru was guiding her and wanted her help, she insisted that the she felt M'uru's presence during the headaches. Stelson, somewhat wiser, saw the potential harm to this obsession, and forbade her to return to Silvermoon City for a while. Heeding her adoptive father's order, she packed up and left for Mulgore to live with Stelson shortly after the Hand of Oblivion disbanded. The dreams seemed to stop while she was away from Silvermoon, she she forgot about them and lived happily in the fields of Mulgore for a short while. Though happy there, she began to decide that the life of an innocent child was not suiting forever, realizing just how little she really did on her own and how much she was taken care of by others. Running into her biological father one night in Bloodhoof Village and finding that she still disappointed him tipped her hand in deciding to change.

So again, little Kirai packed up her few belongings and set off to live in the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale after saying goodbye to her loved ones, assuring that she would be fine. Stelson was so saddened by her choice to leave that he took out his blade sliced one of his braids clean off. He gave it to her telling her of the importance that a Tauren's braids held for them, wanting her to have it. She vowed to keep it with her always.

It was in the jungle that she met a strange troll named Zan'gaji who had ended up looking after her while she attempted to find strength and independence during her life there. She also met the mistress Videlle in her few wanderings of Booty Bay, whom she would soon think of as a dear sister.

She only returned home once during her life in the jungle to visit her father, but found him dead in their house upon her arrival. Seeing the mutilated corpse of what was once her only remaining biological parent drove her into a state of shock that rendered her mute for weeks to come. She returned to Zan'gaji silent and stunned, making it difficult to communicate with her for the most part without the use of a writing utensil. As the weeks passed, the troll was able to train and fight alongside her as moral support until the event occurred that would shake her from her vocal impairment. During a small bounty on a group of ogres, something had gone wrong. Kirai, as usual in her mournful, introverted state sat high above on a tree branch as look-out while Zan'gaji did all of the killing, since killing wasn't little Kirai's cup of tea. When things had grown out of control, she watched in terror as Zan'gaji was pummeled to the ground, almost killed. Not wishing to see another friend die before her, she leaped to onto the ogre's back and aided in her first killing of another humanoid creature.

Mortified at her own hand in such an act and frantically relieved that Zan'gaji was safe... for the most part... she crumpled before him and wept, something inside of her snapping and allowing her voice to wail freely through her throat, hoarse after lack of use for a month.

Short time passed, and Kirai felt that her personal mission in Stranglethorn was complete. She had grown stronger, hopefully wiser, and she had begun to hold her head a bit higher with a slice of pride. She soon decided to head home to find reunion with many of her friends and family. A little sadder than he would have ever admitted, Zan'gaji decided to escort her as far as Grom'Gol Base Camp.

As they trod down the road towards the camp, Kirai's bag of possessions slung over her shoulder and Elliot flapping close behind, they met a familiar elven priestess whom Kirai had known back in the days of the Hand of Oblivion. The graceful Ellysiah Crescentio dismounted her beloved Hawkstrider, El Roco and handed his reins to her with a warm smile, telling her that her beloved adoptive father was missing her, and that she ought to hurry home quickly. Zan'gaji took her aside to say his goodbyes, cutting the palm of his hand and hers before clasping them together, the gesture insinuating that they would always be together by blood. She mounted the ebony feathered Hawkstrider and flashed a happy, energetic smile at Zan'gaji and thanked Ellysiah before taking off toward the camp on her own. It would be good to see everyone again.

It wouldn't be long after that she would take part in a final showdown against the servants of Accalia alongside Lady Videlle and her friends. They were victorious, but the war was far from over, and Kirai's life was again cast in shadow as the nightmares about M'uru and her blackouts returned tenfold, along with rumors of the deaths of Blood Knights that seem to happen during said blackouts.

Since Elliot had saved her life after the final battle, she was indebted to him. She infiltrated the lower ranks of the Blood Knights, killing lower ranking soldiers consciously and stealing from beloved M'uru to gain energy for Elliot, whom she had now realized was a being named Lothsin, a man poisoned of evil and Fel energy, and who had also been the teacher of Kirai's mother, Shiorei. Kirai reminding him much of Shiorei, he felt an odd attachment to the girl.

Wanting Lothsin's aid in avenging her dear friend Taeln, she continued stealing life energy from others to restore him to his former body... She was abandoned by him immediately afterwards. Lothsin escaped in laughter, promising her eerily that he'd be back one day to return the favor, leaving Kirai to avenge Taeln on her own.

While she planned, she found a new home at the secret tower of the Pale Heart, a newly founded guild with many of her old friends. Finally out from under Lothsin's shadow, she found that she might finally be able to find peace within herself soon after avenging Taeln's attack... Perhaps she had finally found a place to call "home."

It would be a year after Taeln's disappearance and her reunion to her old, childhood friend and current fiance Keldorin Emberlight that her peaceful life would be interrupted again by Lothsin. The whelpling Elliot, whom had been stuck in such a small form while being possessed by Lothsin was able to return to his full size of a Netherwing Drake. He soon reunited with Kirai and continued to aid her in her travels. During one of her frequent trips to the jungles of Azeroth in search of Zan'gaji, Lothsin and another of the Blue Dragonflight attacked the members of the Pale Heart. News of Lothsin's attack as well as the news that he was also of the Blue Dragonflight shook her, and once again she must prepare herself for more horrors to come.

She received the mark of The Nameless, which caused her to relive the memories and hallucinations of her past. She was visited by the ghosts of the Blood Knights she had killed both willingly and unwillingly for Lothsin. Over the course of a few days she was haunted and tormented until she finally broke free of the cursed mark, deciding to leave and hunt Lothsin down by herself, for herself. By not acting like a child and wanting to prove herself to others, but herself, this allowed her to shed the mark left by The Nameless. She then gathered her belongings from her home, The Grey Tower of The Pale Heart and set out to search for Lothsin with no companion but Elliot.


Upon finding Lothsin (Lothygos) in a cave somewhere in Storm Peaks, Kirai was captured, held hostage in the lower parts of the cave for a few days before being frozen solid in a block of ice for nearly a month. Elliot was trapped in the form of a whelpling once again, and struggled to find Kirai's friends in The Grey Tower.

The Pale Heart finally took down Lothygos, recovering Kirai and restoring Elliot to his true Netherdrake form. She currently lives out her days happy and carefree, finally out from under Lothsin's shadow. Her skills of magic continue to improve and blossom into something that would make her deceased parents proud.


She continues, as always, to use the handle Slaid Markee as a nickname, or even a code name if you will, and still tends to dress in masculine attire often out of habit, as she isn't used to being seen in a feminine way again yet.

She never goes anywhere without what seems to be a severed, thickly braided lock of hair which was given to her by her father, Stelson. It symbolizes their bond as father and daughter and keeping it with her gives her an internal strength. She keeps it in a pouch at her waist.

She keeps her scar on her right palm a dear secret and refrains from explaining its origin to anyone.

Songs she's sung:

"Fear" by Sarah McLachlan

"Stars" by Roxette

"Country Road" Whispers of the Heart Version.

"Sora" (a song that her mother, Shiorei used to sing to her as a lullaby)


"My Name Is Slaid" (The Origin of Slaid)

"Instict" (A collection of adventures Slaid has in STV. WIP)


(Current picture of Slaid)


(Collage of scribbles)

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((You should see the one she did a week or so ago...))


"What? Can't you see I'm busy right n-... Oh. Kirai. Or was it Slaid?"

"No, no I will not talk about Slaid. I will, however, be happy to tell you about my daughter, Kirai. It's a shame, really. She had so much potential, so much talent. And then, who-knows-where, gets the idea that she has better things to do with her life? It's just irresponsible, is what it is. If she did not want to be one of the Magisters she should have at least finished her education. Such knowledge is never looked down upon, even outside their circle. Besides that I feel certain she would have realised what her true calling was once she finished.

No matter, this is likely just a faze. She'll get over it."

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You mean my dynomite testing target?

Hah, just kidding. I only throw firecrackers at her. Sometimes you have to go to the extremes to get a rise out of people. She seems a bit timid at times, and then energetic at others. Nice enough for an Elf. She is my friend and I would be happy to help her in any way I can.

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She was mean to Evanthe, and I thought for a moment she would lose her soul. But I think when it was all said and done it all turned out to be one big joke. I'm still not sure what to think of this girl.

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A pleasant young lady with an amusing sense of humor. She is modest and unassuming, and I like those virtues about her. I would not be surprised if there was more to her than meets the eye.

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Rannoch smiles warmly, "Ah, Kirai... a very sweet and caring young girl. I was surprised the first time I met her.. she is quite thoughtful and responsible for one her age. I hope her friends know how fortunate they are to have one like her watching out for them. Her father , Stelson, must be proud."

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I remember this girl, she picked me up from a bloody sobbing pile. Everyone stood around in shock and hurt, I will admit even I was paralyzed by grief. Her face seemed young and friendly, we both did not speak to each other given the grim situation. She helped me to my feet and that was enough for me to regard who ever she is a friend.

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"She is as beautiful as she is nimble and quick. I treat her like a younger Sister, if you may. She's given me quite the happiness ever since we met within Booty Bay, even if under struggling times. I am sure, though, that in passing times, we'll be able to get to understand one another more. She'd recently gained her voice again, and that's made me feel a bit of relief that it wasn't permenant."

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((Maddyson: ))


((*chops her own hands off after writing like that*))

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Slaid? Ya, mon. I be knowin Slaid. Not very well, don' care ta eida. I be sayin' fo' a long time datchoo can't trust an elf. Dey betrayed de Alliance, an' now look how eaga dey are ta be takin de lives of dere fo'ma broddas. Neva trust dem.

I ran inta Slaid a few weeks ago, seemed like she be needin' my help. Jus' a child, so I decide ta go an' see wha' she be needin'. Not five minutes lata an' I be surrounded by angry dwarves. T'reaten me, t'reaten my family.

Managed ta talk my way out of dat, but I haven' fo'gotten her, her face, o' wha' she did. De child seems frightened of me. Considerin' wha' she did, I t'ink dat be wise.

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