Sifar Beld

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Full Name: Sifar Beld

Nicknames: None - unless you know her really well

Age: 37

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Female

Hair: Long and Black and usually tied up in braids

Skin: Milky grey

Eyes: Piercing green

Height: Average, for a dwarf, just over 4'

Weight: Slender

Place of residence: Roaming, but often returns to Ironforge or the northern mountains

Place of Birth: Helm’s Bed Lake, Dun Morogh

Known Relatives: Mother, Lisset, in hiding; Father, Temo, dead to her

Religion/Philosophy: Has a general belief in the titans and creators of the world but does not follow any religious practices. She has more faith in her own abilities than any external force. When "blessed" by Light -wielders, her retort is often a wish for the shadows to keep her safer.

Occupation: special combat, sometimes spy

Group/Guild affiliation: none currently

Guild Rank:

Enemies: Anyone who hurts her friends

Likes: Serving others, keeping busy, pushing her abilities

Favorite Foods: Blood sausages, Thelsamar sausages, Ravager dogs, really anything sausage-like

Favorite Drinks: Water, but will try a dark lager on occasion

Favorite Colors: Black, followed by Silver

Weapons of Choice: Whatever small weapon gets the job done (Damn, but those mugs were nice...)

Dislikes: wasps, muck and dirt, zealots of any type

Hobbies: Potion making and giving “light believers” a hard time

Physical Features: Slender and athletic, she's pretty much built of muscle. Her dusky skin tone suggests her heritage. A half-inch scar circles the base of her neck. Recently added rune tattoos to her left arm.

Special Abilities: Getting out of tight situations

Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, sometimes to a fault, and quite willing to give of her time or possessions. Once a person is past the reserved exterior, they should find a warm-hearted lass inside.

Negative Personality Traits: Sometimes single-minded of purpose to the exclusion of reasoned thought (aka ram-headed), can carry a grudge for years beyond reason. Very awkward in social situations.

Misc. Quirks: She learned early to remain silent when she had nothing positive to say. She fidgets when bored and almost always blushes when talking with lads.


((The following was originally written upon my joining the Ironforge Regiment in Sept. '06. Much has happened since then...))

I was born not far from Helm’s Bed Lake some thirty years ago in a modest cottage. My Ma was a kindly woman, more likely to bake me a treat than to make me do chores. Her given name were Lisset. As I grew into my teens and twenties, we grew closer…seemed to have an understanding of each other. It’s an understanding I never had with my Pa.

They both worked hard, Ma and Da. He made sure we always had food to eat and a solid roof over our heads. Ma took care of things around the house, turning bland roots into delightful stews and scraps of wool into warm quilts. She tried to teach me to cook several times, but I could never get the same aromatic results she did. However, I learned much about the herbs she kept in her garden and their various uses. I miss her. Looking back, I realize she tried hard to keep a happy home. There was always a smile on her face and summer flowers on the window sill. But, there was a shadow in the house. Da wasn’t happy growing a few vegetables and hunting for our table. I think he always wanted more. Ma said he felt we were holding him back, stopping him from some great place in life.

Life was wearing on him and his shadow grew darker. I think they kept most of it from me, but you could feel the strain right under Ma’s cheery smile. “Ah’m givin’ yeh a chance teh leave here, child. Ah foun’ a potion maker in Ir’nforge dat will take yeh in. Yer teh study wit’ her ‘til yer ready teh make yer own way.” So, I packed my few things and said good-bye to my Ma at the north shore of the lake. She seemed truly sorry to see me go, but determined to see me off. I arrived in Ironforge without incident having walked most of the way with a mountaineer by the name of Tundern. He kindly pointed out the ram ranch where seasoned fighters bought their mounts and the path to the fallen city of Gnomeregon.

I had not seen the gates of Ironforge in many years…the sight of the statue at the gates continues to impress me. But, enough of that…I found Tally Berryfizz’s shop with few problems and she warmly welcomed me and set me to work sorting herbs. Every once in a while I caught her clucking her tongue and shaking her head, but the gnome had little to say.

I was surprised at how quickly I fell into a routine there, when, just a week later, a note arrived from my Ma. In her straightforward way, she said she was off to Auntie Odamet’s place by Loch Modan and I shouldn’t go by the house. I took this to mean Da was in a dark mood and I should leave well enough alone.

Weeks later, I saw Auntie Oda stopping by the bank. I asked her how Ma was and she just got a puzzled look on her face. “Chil’,” she said, “I ‘ave nay seen yer Ma in months. Must’a been las’ Spring dat we spoke.” Puzzled, I told her about Ma’s note. Her face grew dark and she said, “Lass, I dunnae wot teh say. I’ll ‘ave Kinet stop in teh see aboot yer Ma.”

Well, there was no way I was waiting for Uncle Kinet to find the time to eventually stop by the lake. I rushed back to Berryfizz’s and begged leave to check on my family. Tally shook her head but I was walking out the door as I asked. With a wave, I promised to find Earthroot on my way back.

Rounding the last hill, I caught sight of my parent’s cottage and my breath caught in my throat. It looked so…so deserted. My steps quickly turned into a jog. It was obvious no one was there. The chimney was still and no light beamed from within. The second thing I noticed was Ma’s garden. Gone were the neat rows of tended plants. Dead leaves and upturned roots were all that remained in the gouged earth. Strangling a cry, I ran inside to see more devastation. The family table where we shared so many meals and did so much work was knocked sideways against the wall. A broken chair lay near the hearth as if thrown there. Pottery was smashed and chunks of wood were missing from the doorframe. I could almost picture the fight that had erupted there.

My vision blurred, I found my way to our closest neighbor. He had little to add but thought he’d seen Da southeast of the lake leading some troggs. They even call him captain. Following his glance, I could just make out the dark shapes on the far side. With a similar shadow claiming my heart, I returned to Ironforge and searched out Hulfdan Blackbeard, leader of the local thieves’ guild.


Ill Fated Investigation, personal story:

Well Layed Plans, with Laron and Najme:

Journals, with Ninorra:

The Edge of Mercy, Latiyana:

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Exposed Connections, with Light and Dark Ale:

. Relaxing by the shore

. Venting my frustrations, with Laron:

Taken Back, Righteous Hand episode:

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Rage and Fury, with Rand, Lucci, and Geofforan:

For Sisterhood, award winner :D


A Simple Journal, old:

An Old Friend, new:

Character Pic: (yeah, I need to find somewhere to host this)

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I was sitting in a bar in Stormwind. Probably not the bar you're thinking of. Not a lot of people go there. Not longshanks anyways. It's a proper dwarf bar, despite its location. You'd hardly know it, but there are almost as many dwarves living in Stromwind as there are in Ironforge, so there's gotta be someplace for us to find a decent drink. It's the only place in the whole bloody city you can get a stein of Thunderbrew or Shimmerstout.

So I'm sitting there, in the corner under the stairs, as usual, after my patrol wrapped up. Ever since getting transfered to Stormwind that's where I spent my evenings, that or passed out drunk in the barraks. I'm halfway through my sixteenth.. or was it seventeenth?.. Thunderbrew when this little pink haired twit of a gnome shuffles on over and sticks his ugly mug in my face. I was more than a little tossy by this point and I don't like company on a good day. Well, leastwise not since... hmm nevermind.

Anyhow. The little bugger starts babblin' on about something. I'm not paying much attention and then I catch the name Sifar.

" 'ang on thar wee fella." I says to him. "Whotcha wantin' ta know 'bout tha lass fer?" He twittered some nonsense about oh-do-you-know-her? like I'm an idiot.

"Bloody hell ah do! Good lass. One o' tha few ah knew back in tha' day tha' were worth 'er salt. Bit young, still learnin' tha ropes but loads o' potential.." that's when I see the device. Now I have to tell you, I fekin' hate gnomes. Wee freaks irradiated their own city. They're flippy and floppy and batty as a Darkshire belfry. Not a one of the lot knows when to keep their yaps shut, and you can't be too careful in these days. So I grab the thing, looked like a souped up chatbox, in one hand and the front of the peck's overalls in the other. I lift him off the ground and get right in his face and I says to him.

"Look here ye wee bugger. Ah dunnay like tha smell o' ye an' ah certainly dunnay like yeh sniffin' about here fer infermation on tha lass. She's been through 'nough already. Iffin' she's in any trouble, ye'd best get it out now b'fer ah beat it out o' ye.... Nay trouble ye say? Whot? A paper article?! Now look here lad, ye take this wee thing an' ye shove it. If ah hear ye've bene askin' about Sifar again ah'll be comin' down ta bust some heads y'hear?"

Towards the end there it was hard to keep a straight face. Little fella went white as a ghoul and started sputtering and muttering. When I finally let him loose he took off post haste. Ain't seen his little pink head since. Good riddance if you ask me. Still.. it makes me think... where did Sifar end up? Wonder if she's still in the ranks. Havn't seen her since I left. I wonder if she's still got those daggers....

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Worked with her once or twice. Very skilled rogue, pretty one to boot. I hope to work with her again if the need arises. Rare, to find a pick pocket who knows what they are doing these days... And I think I owe her a drink as well.

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When I was in Haven, she made for good conversation and followed orders well enough.

I wish her good luck in whatever endeavors she might encounter.

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When I first met this very skilled Dwarf, I was glad to have a person that I could talk to once in a while. But with recent events and all she has done for me and my family I couldn't imagine being with out my new partner.

May your blade find it's mark and your pockets stay full Sif.

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Najme smiles.

"I am happy that she is my husband's partner. She is kind and sweet, but woman enough to do what needs to be done."

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"I have spoken with Sifar, though only briefly. She showed nothing but enthusiasm and compassion, and though I have followed another path than the one she offered, I do hope she finds peace on hers. The Light bless her."

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"Ach, Sifar be a sweet lass, strong in character and in person. She served under me wit' conviction and honor." Light pauses to consider her next words.

"We lost contact for a while after I left th' Regiment. I be truly sorry tha' happened as I might have prevented th' current situation. Me husband can be a wolf a' times an' has taken things too far wit' this one."

"All tha' bein' said...I be certain tha' she'll come out o' it alright. She always has."

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"I have overheard mention of this dwarf, while eavesdropping on members of Sanctuary in Shattrath. Much like others, I have never had the... pleasure?... of meeting her in person, though perhaps that will change. I may even forego eating, torturing, or killing her."

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Amoola quickly writes something down on a piece of parchment. Satisfied with what she has jotted down she passes it to the Goblin.

She smiles happily as she watches the goblin read the note, an odd twinkle dances in her brown eyes.

"You have got to be kidding me lady!" The goblin squeaks back in disbelief.

"Are you calling me a liar? If so I think you should think about how big my hooves are and how little you are in comparison." She says sternly the smile beginning to fade.

"I also think that you should eat that note as well. It wouldn't do for you to be passing that along. I'd have to send you to Duti Bess. I recall her having a recipe for goblin turn overs." She shifts the weight of the large, glowing purple staff on her back.

After listening to the goblin sputter and squeak in dismay for a few moments she shifts her weigh and begins to lift a hoof in it's direction.

After the goblin quickly stuffs the note in it's mouth and franticly chews she pats it on the head as it swallows.

"Now there is a good goblin. If you see a green troll with wild orange hair. Well that's just Swift. He'll be keeping an eye on you. You just won't always know when he is there." She says as a grin creases her face and she turns to walk off.

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Sounds like the little dwarf girlie I found in Shattrath. Can you believe I thought those things were a myth? She was too tall to be a gnome, and not hairy enough to be a man.

She seemed sort of nice, maybe a little uneasy. I shouldn't hug stuff from the Ebon Banner.. Never usually stops them from trying to kill me, but I really wouldn't want to hurt this lady. It would be like killing a unicorn-- Maybe even a talbuk. What's a little less rare than a unicorn but more rare than a talbuk? ...A lady dwarf!

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"Sifar? She's full of surprises, that's for sure. And I mean that in the nicest possible way... she's very wise. I've really not met many female dwarves out in the field - let alone spoken with them in the way I have with Sifar. Were there more people in the world like her, I believe it would be a far better place."

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Miss Sifar is a pleasant dwarf to have around! I really hope to spend more time getting to know her. Friends seem to be forever in short supply and a cheerful, cherub face is just what the medic orders!

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