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(You open a tattered leather bound book, that appears to be much older than yourself. It was found in a burned heap of what used to be a much grander house, in the countryside of a sparely populated area. The first pages of the book look to be missing, but rumors have been spreading about the pages being found here. The rest of the book seems to be filled in using a black ink quill, the scratch marks are evident. The writing is very legible, and unusually neat. Turning the pages, you find that the book is full, and, upon closer inspection, that the earlier pages are actually filling themselves out. Whoever this journal belongs too much still be alive, and using some sort of magic to write their life story in it as they proceed without it. Whoever it is seems to have just begun recording their journey. You see from the front of the book, their name was Luke Dallinger, although this has been slightly marked through, and replaced with a new name. Lucron.)

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