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Lascivious lifted the blade from the bucket of water next to the Undercity forge and held it out in front of her eyeing it’s steaming edge. The blade was unpolished and still in need of finishing touches, but she could tell already it would be her finest creation. It would be several more hours before she finished and attached the shaft.

A few short years ago, she would never have been able to lift such a blade, but the strength of the Dark Lady coursed through her muscles allowing her to hold the weapon deftly in one hand. Although she had acquired the ability to make the finest axes, polearms were her first love. And nothing less would do for this weapon. For this blade was not meant for her enemies. It was meant for her, Sammuel. Her brother and love.

Despite the interference of the Blades of Lordearon and several near misses in her search, a reckoning was coming. She could feel it in her bones. She could hear it in the fluttering of her Forsaken heart. The time for half measures was over. She would find Sammuel. She would free him from his prison of life. Together they would bask in the terrible love of the Dark Lady and lay waste to the humans who had betrayed them.

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