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Salt in the Snow

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The night started out as usual. The Grims were gathered in Felwood working on the favor with the Furbolg. Snowfeather was excited this night. She might actually get to see the lands where she was born.

She was weak, too weak to be hunting these beasts, but she did the best she could. She always enjoyed the company of her guild.

Of course, many times through the hunt, her thoughts wandered. Watching Muatah... the strong Tauren and his beautifully deadly white tiger. Deadly hunter with a beast to match. The Forsaken mages and warlocks calling up the magic to destroy beings three times their size with little to no effort. How did they do that, being so fragile?

Then she saw her friend.. but who was he today? Salty or Stinker? She couldn't be sure, but she always enjoyed watching him kill. Licidion was the most talented rogue she had ever known in her short time in the War. He sapped one beast then ran off to another striking it down like a sapling. He was like a dancer when he killed.. and his devotion to The Grim was unmatched.

Grainger gave the signal to end the hunt. Most of the Grim left to handle their own affairs, but being the true leader he is, Grainger offered to escort Snowfeather to Everlook. Hektar, the strong orc shaman, also came along. Licidion charged ahead of them all.. not saying a word but his intentions were clear.

Entering the snow covered pass, Snowfeather could hear her mother's words in her mind. The Moonkin offering her shelter, food and companionship. A new mother and child safe from the extreme cold .. ironic. Snowfeather drowned out the voice with her flask..

Arriving in Everlook, Snowfeather bartered with the Flightmaster to stamp her book. He drove a hard bargain - it was not often a greenhorn showed up this far out. She didn't mind. What was some Kodo Stew and Cherry Grog to one who only eats dwarf and drinks Darkmoon Reserve?

The group found a nice place to sit and reflect on the night on a rotting, snow covered log.

The conversation started out friendly enough, but soon made Snowfeather very uncomfortable.

Licidion, who was Salty at the moment, starting asking Grainger about how the Forsaken came to be. How, if two personalities were in one 'mind' could be separated. Things that made Snowfeather flash back to the night in the Gallow's End when she had her first encounter with the "odder", Stinker. That part of Licidion she hated. Even hearing him speak about it in the snow made her sick.

Grainger explained some aspects of being Forsaken, and of course, Snowfeather drowned them out again.. too much thinking for her.

Grainger did that to her though. She admired him for it, but at the same time he made her feel inferior with his demeanor and his ability to destroy with the arcane.

Snowfeather tried to change the subject. She asked them both if they remembered who they were before they changed.. it was a fascination of hers. Thinking this subject would hold less pain then the previous, she tucked away her flask.

Grainger was brought up in Dalaran with the wizards. That made sense to her. He was probably the most intellectual Forsaken she had met outside of Maledictus.. and that made him dangerous. Grainger spoke of his hatred for the wizards there and his goals involving their complete destruction... all noble and justified to Snowfeather.

Licidion started to ramble. It wasn't long before the flask came out again.. the words he spoke filled her heart with remorse and sorrow.. the tale of death, entrapment and insanity were a little too much for her.


Had Abric really assisted Licidion in their mutual deaths? Did they really starve to death in that house for the insane or was this a fantasy of a touched mind?

Snowfeather didn't have time to press the issue. Licidion tossed himself from the log backwards in a seizure. He lay in the snow for some time muttering incoherently... and then he woke. Angry and screaming about squirrels, he attacked a guard..


Before he killed him, Licidion ran like someone on fire out the front gate of Everlook with the Grims in pursuit.


They found him babbling and walking in circles about a mile from Everlook. Without warning, he attacked Snowfeather... screaming "KILL de squirrels!! Kill dem ALL!"...


It must have been his fragile state, but Snowfeather easily beat him into submission. He sat in the snow, pouting and mumbling about acorns. Snowfeather removed her wolf mask, and like a child seeing a rainbow for the first time, Licidion looked up and 'saw' her.


"What are we doing out here?" He asked.

"Nothing." Grainger answered cooly. "Let us make our way back to Everlook, aye?".

They returned to their log, but none of them made mention of what happened. Snowfeather knew she wouldn't ask Licidion again about his past.. but she did make a note to speak to Abric.

Snowfeather sat down on the log and took out her flask once again...

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