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Full Name: Arnor Morrigan Dawnspire

Nicknames: Redcap

Date of Birth:

Age: 45

Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Male

Hair: White

Skin: depends on how long he is in the sun

Eyes: Gray

Height: 6'6”

Weight: 245

Place of residence: Grim Hall

Place of Birth: Silvermoon City

Known Relatives: Orisa (sister, priestess, and business factor) Mahakali (sister, Paladin, and tormentor, lost in a magical portal 4 years ago)


Occupation: Spellbreaker

Group/Guild affiliation: The Grim

Guild Rank: Minion

Enemies: Gnomes

Likes: His new family

Favorite Foods: Turtle Bisq soup

Favorite Drinks: Rum and Ale

Favorite Colors: Black, Red

Weapons of Choice: Sword and Dagger

Dislikes: bing ignored, disloyalty, being weak

Hobbies: Learning more pirate lingo and stealing from humans

Physical Features: Looks very very young

Special Abilities: Pickpockets and Kidney Strike

Positive Personality Traits: Treats others honestly, pays his own way, loyalty

Negative Personality Traits: Too Inquisitive, too cheerful, dislikes a lot of blood elves

Misc. Quirks: Speaks with a dwarven accent, broken sailor and perfect Blood Elf depending on the situation. Buys/finds odds and ends and sends them to people

History: Sent to learn a trade when the Blood elves were part of the alliance, was held captive during the last war. Learned to distrust magic as a child, he has almost no ability for magic. Escaped after the end of the war and made his way home.

Has lost touch with all family aside from his sister Orisa. Wondered into Grim Hall one day and sat quietly and listened until he found the recruitment pledge.

While training in the Ghostlands met his stalwart companion the Blood Elf Paladin, Mintche.

Fought in a battle against the Alliance in south shore with his new guild, helped defend the gates later against a large Alliance army.

Is known to frequent a Tavern on the outside of Undercity.

Recently seen traveling around the Arathi Highlands.


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Redcap has recently been seen on a black hawkstrider named Shadow.

He still continues to adventure with the Blood Elf Mintche.

Seen in taverns drawing in the corners.

Known Companions: Mintche, Taintedone, Durfang, Cwen

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Known Relatives

Vendaria - Oldest Sister - died in Second Battle of Quel'Thalas - Warlock

Mahakali - Second Eldest - lost in portal accident during last war - Guardian

Orisa - Youngest Sister - Business Factor located in Silvermoon - Priestess

Vendaria was only a figure in Redcaps early years, she had a dark bent and he actually liked her since her magics scared mother and her smiles and small gifts from various places for a younger brother made his day whenever she would pop in.

Mahakali - arrogant, high minded, jingoist, everything a Blood Elf should be. Redcap didn't hate her more like feared her she could turn sunshine into gloom and since seeing what the war had done to his home Redcap is in the process of rethinking what his lost sisters words.

Orisa - Closest to Redcap in age and more evenly tempered to his now now now attitude on life, she is entrusted with all of his financial decisions and has slowly built him a store of coins and property that would surprise him if he actually knew how much he owned.

Mother - More Coming Soon

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Redcap has recently been promoted to wear the Grim Colors and is a Hatemonger.

Dueled the Blood Knight Zethrin in front of the Gates of Silvermoon.

Last seen running errands for Abric

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Redcap's quests and searching for The Truth have lead him far and wide.

Wondering why both of his sisters have returned Redcap has spent a lot of time in Inn's and taverns and not a lot of time on the field of battle. He seems to be trying to regain the balance he had before they both reappeared.

Unknown to his friend Qabian, Redcap spends a lot of time following him around trying to figure out if he, Redcap, wants to act like a Blood Elf or like the Grim Killer he has become.

He followed Abric for a while but the wily forsaken always seems to spot him. Besides Redcap already knows how to not speak and when he speaks to speak cryptically. Following Abric is a exercise in patience which may be what the rogue is teaching or most likely Abric doesn't care that the young Sin'dorei is there.

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I wonder what he does sometimes when apparently tasked by Abric, but the boy started off correctly with me, so I more than tolerate him. Perhaps I even count him a friend, though my appreciation for that term has dwindled considerably over the past few years.

When he gets all puckish and cheerful, he can be quite annoying, but he's also reliably vicious and an artist with his blades.

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Redcaps Song

Artist: Mystikal

Song: The Edge of the Blade

[intro:] [Mystikal]

Man I got something to tell you

I don't know how to explain it

But I'm different (crazy)


I'm, I'm, I'm not like you

I'm not like others

It's like I've been here before

[Verse 1]

504 is the domain I don't sang

My rhyme go bang

Nigga, ain't in the place get a flame and ya act like propane

No sweat, no blood, no pain, no gain (Blade)

No cards, no deal, no dice, no game, no thangs

I'm givin you bitches something vicious

Now I'm partin the pieces like porcelain dishes

I'm dirty

I get all the way down in the ground witch


Memorize, take a picture, nigga write a book, I don't give a fuck

I'm blended bile, ground rip up

Darem here

They down to give up

Nigga you underneath, me out my entrance

Off by inches I can count a hundred thousand pennies

Help me center

Look at that, look at that, look at that, get back

I get that respect like that gatlin bitch whats happen

I rip tracks and pop tables

I'm so popular they just got the rock I spread

Time I got a blunt what I said (Blade)

I gets pride cus I'm from round where the crocodiles play

(singing) ??? gonna be none that

I make em' say

Aww give it to me don't be that way

I'm tellin ya from cuttin ya tellin what the music

I've been doin this shit

I'm highly trained on how to use it

Start checkin somebody bout the prospective

Passes are selective maximum effectiveness

Brain celftic

Brown completic

It just don't get no ???

I'll perfect it

Yall niggas couldn't pop a rubber band on my parade

Choppin and slicin with the edge of the blade

[Chorus:] The blade [x 24]

[clip from movie]

[blade:] There are worse things out tonight than vampires

[Girl:] Like what?

[blade:] Like me

[Verse 2]

I turn a sucka into supper

Got suffer

Mighta hada enough

Thats why I cus (come on fucker)

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired

They can't hide from the pain cus the noise don't stop

They don't stand a ghost of a chance but the try

One side of my mind tell me to get the other say let em' ride

Even when a couple of hundred years gone by

They still gonna bite and I'm still gonna fly

Yes....five fingers around their necks

I'll run through your back and come out your chest

You movin to fast you forgot to pace your self

Aww shit here it comes nigga brace your self

Oh my goodness

Don't worry I'ma getcha no matter how I put it

Imitates, I'm limit, tall limit, tell it (Blade)

Let me finish hedgehog and answer fella

You would if you could but you dont get up off

And I'm the hand on tha hammer on the nail in the coffin

I'm marchin to a different drummer

At the head of the parade

I'm the edge of the blade

[Chorus x32]

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"Last I remember Redcap, he was rogue working for Qabian and the Grim.

We fought a duel over an unfortunate Alliance rogue girl. This distracted him long enough for Dakker to escape with the girl. Too bad the whole thing ended being in vain. Bloody mage...

We didn't see eye to eye on the Alliance, but he did have a sense of honour I think.

He's definitely one of the most skilled swordsmen I've faced. I hear he's turned into a death knight... that's well, an interesting development if true. Not sure what to make of that."

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