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Talah- Hello

Ash- Lol

Andu- Ouch

Tal Tal osa- How are you?

Ast're- Goodbye

Do'rah- Attack

Mush- Help

Shardath-Thank you

Thats the little bit I managed to get from a Night Elf friend of mine. It helps when your talking to a Night Elf who RPs that they don't know Common. I'll try and get more.

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Thats the little bit I managed to get from a Night Elf friend of mine. It helps when your talking to a Night Elf who RPs that they don't know Common. I'll try and get more.

This is about actual meanings, not Blizzard's language encrypter.

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I always thought that Gutterspeak is a language made up of a number of slangs and a mish-mash of several other language where the most of it comes from Common. It is, according to WoWwiki, a language of choice used by thugs, pirates, assassins, thieves and all those shady types.

And for the Forsaken to favor this language over actual Common is because they felt that since the Alliance had forsaken them, they might as well go about butchering Common to show that they want nothing to do with the Alliance. And thus, they ended up using the more mish-mashed and broken version of Common used by shady characters: Gutterspeak, since it is very similar to Common, the language they used to use, and yet still far removed from Common that they are comfortable with using it without feeling like they are still part of the Alliance.

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I'm afraid I disagree with your OP.

Aka'magosh is actually a manly orc way of saying something as lame as, "Blessings upon you and yours," and making it really epic.

Lok'tar Ogar is also, "Victory or Death."

Also, I will second that I have heard, "Logre'gard" from Thrall in WC3.

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Sin'dorei words, Anyone?

I've done a bit of research of my own. After all, you can't make diplomatic trips to Silvermoon without knowing a bit of the language. Keep in mind that a lot of my Thallassian is based off of speculation. I will start off with the official phrases, intermixed with speculation, and dissection.

(Official Translations)

Al diel shala = Safe travels

Anar'alah belore = By the light of the sun.

Anaria shola = Speak your business.

Anu belore dela'na = The sun guides us.

Bal'a dash, malanore = Greetings, traveler.

Bash'a no falor talah! = Taste the chill of true death!

Doral ana'diel? = How fare you?

Kim'jael = "Little Rat"

Medivh = "Keeper of Secrets"

Quel'dorei = "high elves"

Quel'Thalas = "High Kingdom" or "High Home"

Quel'Zaram = High Blade.

Quel'Danil = High Peak.

Ronae = "Peaceful"

Selama ashal'anore = Justice for our people.

Shindu fallah na! = They're breaking through!

Shorel'aran = Farewell.

Sin'dorei = Children of the blood . Can also be interpreted as "people of the bloodline", referring to the continuation of the line of the Highborne.

Sinu a'manore = Well met.

Sunstrider = "he who walks the day"


I take most of my speculation from Illnab, so I think it might be best to show it to you, as taken from his page on WoWwiki.

Notes on symbols: I use very little verbs; what text does not have [] or () around it is what I think has solid evidence to prove it.

[] means that that theory is speculative, or that it is additional information.

() means that that theory is speculative, or is info on the grammatical form of the word.

|&| means a non-spaced conjunction of the words. a ` or a space is dialectal, I believe.



[Where English== nom.1|&|"of the"|&|nom.2]


Quel, in nom.2... [of that] which is high ranking, high status, high elevation

Medivh-- secret-keeper

belore-- many uses, context sensitive... goings, go, go [by]

---NOTES: Darnassian: "Fandu-dath-belore?" = "Who goes there?" [who [there, dath being a mere question word to prime the verb] goes?] and so I beg to differ that belore means sun but rather in the translations it is thought to meant sun it rather be... that which goes, that which is, a word of emphasis.

anar-- sun (Case: nom.2, gen); [fire, possibly?]

alah - light (Case: nom.1, [gen?])

zaram-- blade, (case: nom.1)

sin-- blood, (case: gen, [nom.2])

Thalas-- homeland, kingdom, land, (case: nom.1)

fallah-- person, ['bad' connotation] (case: nom)

shindu-- failing, case: nom, verbal nominative... [shin==verb?] [Additionally, likely a older, outdated formation]

dorei-- ones, people [neutral/good connotative...; nominative case...]

dor-- one, emphasis mainly.

anu-- elder/mutated form of anar... [honoring form?]

lithien-- assumably building, lodge, inn...

diel-- you, accusative... mutation of darnassian 'dieb'

al diel shala--may you be safe [in your goings]; lit. "to you, safety"

doral ana'diel-- How are you, by the sun? [Doral, how, 2nd] [ana, of the sun; formality][diel, you]

no-- of, only used in emphasising situations. [nom.2 'of' nom.1 formation;

cf. Bash'a no falor talah!

[[bad] death of chill taste you] ([you] Taste the chill of true [bad] death)

ana-- possibly sun in genitive formation/mutation?

danil-- peak(s?);

Thondroril-- roaring of green [Thon'droril; droril==onomatopoeia]

Dal'Aran [Dalaran]--city of magi

Dal -- magi [Da possibly magus?]

Endal--magic, that of magi

Shorel'Aran -- safety [to your] home; a farewell and idiom.

(Shorel being mutated [perhaps elder form] of Shala)

Anar'endal Dracon-- Magic of the sun [consumes/is as a] dragon

Endorel aluminor-- Cleanse my form [Magical properties; ancient; latter is a mutation of Darnassian "Allaminar!"]

Anara'nel belore-- may you all go through the fires

Endala finel endal!-- These magics are your last [magicking](?)

Anu belore dela'na-- The light being that of guiding

Retrieved from "http://www.wowwiki.com/User:Illnab1024/Thalassian_Ramblings"

Further speculation. (As taken from WoWwiki)

Anar/Anu = Sun but more likely light - used in Anar'alah belore and Anu belore dela'na.

Belore = Sun This translation has been all but confirmed.

Dalaran - "Aran" probably means "city" (cf. Darnassian names like Ameth'Aran and Bashal'Aran)

Danil = Peak - used in Quel'Danil.

Dal = Fury - used in Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury.

Diel = Travel - used in Al diel shala and Doral ana'diel.

Dorei = Born, Children, or Elves - used in Kaldorei, Quel'dorei and Sin'dorei. (This is also Darnassian.)

Malanore = Traveler - used in Bal'a dash, malanore.

Quel = High - used in Quel'Danil, Quel'dorei, Quel'Lithien Quel'Thalas, and Quel'Zaram. (This is also Darnassian.)

Quel'Lithian = Quel is high, Lithien is unknown (It may mean Lodge, as that is both similar to the word and relevant).

Serrar = Blade.

Shala = Safe - used in Al diel shala.

Sin = Blood - used in Sin'dorei.

Shindu = Failing - used in Shindu Sin'dorei and Shindu Fallah Na. (Our enemies are breaking through).

Thalas = Home or Kingdom - used in Quel'Thalas.

Thondroril = Greenrush

Thori = Star - used in Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury.

Zaram = Blade - used in Quel'Zaram.

Shan'dor - Note the similarity to the Darnassian word Shan'do, which means honored teacher.

Shindu Sin'dorei = Failing Children of the Blood Lament of the Highborne

My own speculation.

a': a' is a difficult translation, but something that is used in most phrases. Interpret it to mean "to be", but it is often prefaced by an implicit or explicit noun. For instance, if I were to say "You are well" I would say "Diel a'sinu" This is the reason why when you ask me "How are you?" I will respond with "a'sinu", because the verb: "You" is implicit. Here are a few examples

a'ronae = [noun] is peaceful

a'sinu = [noun] is well

a'talah = [noun] is bad/not well

a'shol dash = [noun] is speaking

a shol'a dash = you are speaking

That's another thing I need to talk about, use of 'a, which at the end of the verb most likely means in reference to "you".

Anu: "You" (Elder, more respected), or "the" - I take this from Illnab's speculation, but taking a little bit from what I know from Spanish. For example, in spanish, "tu" would mean you, but "usted" is a more honored form, used in addressing elders. I hold "anu" to mean the same as "usted", and "diel" to mean the same as "tu"

Belore: "Sun"

Bal: "To greet" - Just as a note, I often get in the habit of ramming Bal'a dash into Baladash, simply because it is one word. I interpret the 'a to be speaking to "you" and the dash to be the extension (ing).

Bash: To die. - As seen in "Bash'a no falor talah!"

No: "of" - also seen in "Bash'a no falor talah!"

Talah: "Bad" - according to Illnab. Take note, this is why you don't want to speak in Darnassian to Sin'dorei. The reason being is because "Hello" comes out as "Talah". You will either look goofy, scared, malicious, or angry. None of the things you want to look like when speaking to Sin'dorei

Dorei: People - dor most likely meaning person, and ei being plurality. ae is also used in a plural connotation, as in "of more" or "full of", as used in "Ronae"

Ronae: Peaceful.

Draenei - Draen'ei: People of Draenor - Draenor with "or" cut out, to most likely mean: "of Draenor" and "ei", being plurality.

Shol: to speak

Shal: to travel

Shorel: Travels (This is where the aforemented mixup came from.)

Aran: Home (This may transfer to Darnassian as well, as seen in Ameth'aran, but with Dal'aran as well.) take note, I did not say city, because of the phrase: "Shorel'aran" which means "Safety to [your] home" this indicates that Aran was indeed intended to mean "Home"

Dal: Mages

Da: Mage

Endal: Magic

Dracon: Dragon

Anar: Sun/Fire - Used in "Anar'endal Dracon!" (Nethermancer Septheria) meaning : "Magic of the sun [is as a] dragon!" but it could also mean: "Fire magic is as a dragon" considering that the Nethermancer is practically obsessed with it.

Alah: Light - (Again, taken from Illnab's research)

Thalas: Land/Kingdom/Domain.

Malanore: Traveller

Malan: To travel

ore: the suffix, "er"

Shan'dor: Teacher

Shan: To teach

-Take note, I listed both forms of the suffix "er" Malanore is Traveller, while Shan'dor most likely means "One who teaches" because of the word "Dor" which means "person" or "one"

Doral: How?


That's all I have for now. 100g goes to anyone who can accurately figure out what "Shar" means.

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Shar.. hmm.. a random guess.. because of Queen AzSHARa I'm going to guess "to learn" or "one who learns".

I'm not so sure. Let's keep in mind, first of all, that the language has almost certainly mutated over the 10,000 years since Queen Azshara lived. Aside from that, from what I've seen, it is one of the most heavily used words in the Thallassian language. It is also not conjugated the way a verb would be.

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"Atal'Hakkar" = "Devoted to Hakkar" or "In Honor of Hakkar"

"Atal'ai" = "Devoted Ones"

"'jin" = suffix, refers to the tribal chief or elder.

"fon" = suffix, means "loner": someone who has deliberately absented himself from troll society and its obligations and is little better than a pariah.

"Juju" = 1. a fetish, charm or amulet used by some tribes. 2. the power associated with a juju

"Kaz'kah" = "death totem"

"Mojo" = a magic spell, hex, or charm; broadly : magical power

"Voodoo" = a person who deals in spells and necromancy b (1): a sorcerer's spell : hex (2): a hexed object : charm

"Zufli" = "baby witch", corruption of the voodoo master prefix, "zul". It is a derogatory term for female witch doctors, but some females have taken on the title as a mark of pride.

"Zul'" = prefix, describes a voodoo master

"Zul'jin" = title/name, used for a "great tribal witch doctor

Those of the more discerning among you will notice that yes, this means that Zul'Jin's name has never actually been listed.

As a short primer on troll names:

Every troll is born with a one or two syllable name. As they accomplish things or achieve ranks within the tribe, other titles are added upon them. By way of a for instance, my character's full name is Zul'Tasti'Tingo'Jin. Tasti being his birth name, Tingo being an addendum that I created (out of a bastardization of one of the troll /cheers) to represent his shamanism. Zul being as you see above, and likewise with Jin. I heartily encourage all troll players to append their names like this so that they become evolving growing things like the characters they represent.

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