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While we are no longer running the weekly contest, here is the list of the winners for the year and a half or so that it was run.

Week 82: You Always Hurt ... by Izrail

Week 81: Destiny by Bloodscream

Week 80: Where Trolls Fear to Tread by Jeedup

Week 75-79 (site transition and craziness put the contest on hold for a month)

Week 74: Becoming Grim by Lovely

Week 73: (TIE) Pearls of Memory by Valenia and My Feelings on the Subject by Xyria

Week 72: Walking Through Orgrimmar by Melchisedech and Acherontia

Week 71: Through the Looking Glas (Part I) by Bloodscream

Week 70: (TIE) Speech Therapy by Chavie and Right in Two by Shadowspeak, Darkblade, and DjalliDhey

Week 69: Harvest and Torment by Acherontia and Melchisedech

Week 68: (TIE) Lest She Forget by Acherontia and Voyager by Thaena and Diomades

Week 67: Call to War by Acherontia and Melchisedech

Week 66: Decisions by Acherontia and Melchisedech

Week 65: Dear Mistress Clys by Clys et al.

Week 64: Hard Times in Silvermoon City by Phia

Week 63: Twilight's Hammer by Ashagga

Week 62: Immortal Triumvirate ~ Chapter Three by Danyxandra, Morgauth, Skafloc, et al.

Week 61: The Fall of Darrowshire - The Tale of Vasilius Forgehammer by Vasilius

Week 60: The Adventure Begins by Ephram

Week 59: Damned, A Tale of First Love Lost by Bloodscream

Week 58: Natural Reaction by Ashagga, Chingaso, and Orugasa

Week 56,57 (holidays): Troubles by Nadea

Week 55: Shattered by Sylennis

Week 54: (No winner... 10-way Tie!)

Week 53: Detective Togron by Terich

Week 52: A Bull Among Silk by DeStrasza, Clys, and Brogun

Week 51: (TIE) By the Moon by Shigana, Laron, and Upae, Redemption by Kurohane et al., and Ashagga Wolfskin: The Hanging Tree by Ashagga and Chingaso

Week 50: And So Becoming... by Malebrignon

Week 49: For the Crimson Lord! by Kurohane et al.

Week 48: I Need a Break! by Vilmah, Nouri, Nazshakul, and Niethan.

Week 47: More Surprises by Chingaso and Gorvena

Week 46: Taming the Beast by Sylennis et al.

Week 45: The Holy Proclamation... by Nouri et al.

Week 44: A Perfect Place by Vilmah

Week 43: A Toast to Excellence by Jobolg

Week 42: (TIE) By Candlelight by Yichimet and Dor Shando by Kurohane et al.

Week 41: Bound by Chavie

Week 40: Realization of the Past by Vilmah

Week 39: Front Page News by Kurohane et al.

Week 38: A Love Forbidden by Chingaso and Lelenia

Week 37: The Other Half by Malebrignon

Week 36: Interlude: Reconstruction by Niethan

Week 35: Operation:Long-failure by Kurohane

Week 34: Caged by Fhenrir and AkuTazee

Week 33: Catch that Corpse! by Jobolg

Week 32: The Sandfury by Vilmah

Week 31: Troubles by Shadowspeak

Week 30: Wild Child.. by Upae

Week 29: Deathknell Diary by Zasu

Week 28: Teelia's Story by Teelia

Week 27: (TIE) Choose Your Own Adventure by Vuudu and The End of the Line: An Introduction by Telemachos

Week 26: The Last Hunt by Lupa

Week 25: The Persistent Past by Alucian

Week 24: Met Tet by Lupa

Week 23: The Girl Named Rinnie by Chum and Caede

Week 22: Stabbing Time by Fhenrir

Week 21: (TIE) To Live, Always by Conidivh

Haunted by Rhowen

Week 20: Flowers by Laushin.

Week 19: The Booty of the Bay by Jobolg.

Week 18 (TIE): Monster by Netherlyn

Ashes to Ashes, Flesh to Flesh by Clys and Lovely

Week 17: Shattered Wings - The Fate of the Blood Ravens by Daedraug, Netherlyn, Haldren, and Eudocious

Week 16: Call of the Wild by Northface

Week 15: Sense by Akutazee and Fhenrir

Week 14: Born Again Priestess by Ellsbeth

Week 13: Fever by Kurohane

Week 12: And Thanks for the Mutton by Longcat

Week 11: The Massacre of the House of Kai by Zusteakai.

Week 10: Démoniste: the Felsprocket Memoirs by Deebum.

Week 9: Oh Dam! by Liadain and Morghoul.

Week 8: Surf and Turf by Lyona.

Week 7: The Cage and the Ceremony by Yichimet.

Week 6: The Immortalis by Clys, Danlily, Lovely, and many others.

Week 4,5 (Holidays): The King of Rats by Maledictus.

Week 3: The Resurrection of Sammuel by Lascivious.

Week 2: Into Death's Grasp by Fallacy.

Week 1: Crimson Tainted Blade by Liadain and Morghoul.

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