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A Trusty Mithril Flask

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A Trusty Mithril Flask

It had been a month since Snowfeather regained the use of her stump. A month since the leg of Geltharis, a satyr, had been stitched on and “all was right with the world again”.

The nightmares started the first night. The pain came a few weeks later. A few in The Grim noticed Snowfeather would sometimes speak in demonic. This was something Snowfeather flat out denied, admitting would show her weakness. She could feel it though, a green mist in her brain taking hold like two giant eyes and .. expressing itself on occasion.

It was not something she was comfortable discussing with anyone in The Grim, let alone her trainer in Moonglade. That Elven druid already knew Snowfeather had intentions to kill him someday; he could read her face like the pages of an open book. She knew he knew and Snowfeather would not give him the satisfaction of knowing the inner struggle she was facing now.

The dreams started small, like a ripple in a pond. Every night a new one came. Twisted reenactments of the days events usually. .. Didn’t eat the dwarf, urinated on it and left it to the worms.... Didn’t help the Grim near death.. Drew out the vocal chant of healing long enough for the him to die.. Didn’t help the Tauren with her seeds in the Valley, instead cast them into the water and watched the fish enjoy the treat.. Took the money from the chest without telling anyone else in the dungeon.. Knocked the child from the top bunk of the bed in the Orphanage and smiled in delight at the way her little arm bent in all the wrong ways...

Dreams of fornication.. Dreams of excitable fury and passion.. Dreams would make a harlot blush. Visions of her Mithril Belt of Purity in the forge in Thunder Bluff and her smiling near the boiling metal with swollen stomach and no ring...

Horrible, dishonorable things in her right mind.. Horrible things in her mind that she did? Was thinking about doing? Snowfeather didn’t know, but she knew the one thing that always fixed it..

Her trusty mithril flask..

Two weeks ago she found herself strangling her rabbit. She could not recall taking him from his velvet pouch .. She couldn’t remember anything about him at all that day up until she found herself literally squeezing the life out of him. Fralump, with his soft white fur and brown spots, was staring back at her - his eyes bulging near to popping out of his skull. His tiny tongue hanging out of his mouth, a deep shade of purple, and he was using his back legs to dig and claw at Snowfeather’s large hand in an effort to escape this torturous death.

“What the hell?!” Snowfeather let loose as soon as she realized what she was doing to the poor thing. Fralump started to shake a bit and nestled his head in her lap trying to “make up” with the only master he had ever known. She picked him up by the scruff of his neck, noticed one of his eyes was nothing now but a large blood-filled marble of goo, gave him a kiss on the nose as delicately as she could and put him back in his pouch. Snowfeather pulled out her mithril flask and began to drink.

Nobody from The Grim knew what she had done and nobody was going to find out if she could help it. Nobody would see that rabbit again either..

One week ago she had lost a duel to Licidion in Booty Bay. That night, another dream came. Licidion near the pyre in Freewind. Dueling him.. trip.. into the pyre.. on fire now. Rush to his aid... strong push.. watch him fall from the top of the plateau like a firework... laugh. Take a stick from the fire and draw a stick figure holding a small skiv.. heart above his head.. little flames all around him.

Two days ago, she awoke from another nightmare, panting frantically and eardrums ringing. This one was more intense and realistic than the others. Yichimet lying in the tent at Freewind Post. It was just the two of them..the other Grims had left. Sweat turning his hair to slick tendrils. His milk-white eyes darting from one direction to another..never connecting on anything tangible. Taking his broken shell and rolling it on timber support and pulling him out of Freewind Post.... Hooking him up to Proot and walking him back to Darkcloud Pinnacle. Laying him in a tent..... Taking off his armor, his underclothes.. Everything.

Lighting a fire.. Covering him in furs, blankets, rugs.. Anything she could find to keep him warm.. Disrobed and got under the fur with Yichimet.

Moments later, small gasp from under the blanket.. She sat up .. Mouth covered in blood. Hot ..running down her neck between her breasts.. Down to her navel cooling and pooling between her legs. Spitting something in the fire.. A large chunk of meat.. Laughed as it burned and popped in the fire. Smell was nauseating.. Tossed the blankets back to reveal Yichimet lying there, his milky-white eyes no longer darting but looking straight up unblinking. A large gash in his neck where his throat was.. gone now.. Just a giant bubbling, frothing hole like the boiling water in the pools below them.

Yesterday in Booty Bay she was sitting on the bow of the Tavern. She had designs of jumping in the water and swimming the filth off of her. Drinking heavily now..stores almost empty again, she will need to head to the Faire soon and restock. Snowfeather can’t see a thing but the blue blur beneath her now. Dropping like a stone, she splashed in the water in full battle dress.. The weight carrying her to the bottom of the bay.

Yes, she could have muttered the words to swim and breathe, but she didn’t. She let herself drown. Moments before she slipped into the Gray a vision and a voice came to her.

“Maledictus has given you the power, Druid. Embrace this truth and love this as I love you.” It was an ugly deep voice. A voice filled with sardonic sweetness.. A voice she had heard only once before.. One month ago.

Another vision entered her mind. Danlily is fishing with Kitsu at her side. Just under the surface, Lily can’t see her.. A large fresh salmon in her seal muzzle .. Waving it like a toy in front of Lily’s ‘other’ woman. Kitsu approaches water edge.. Lunges and strikes a hit on her paw. Biting down hard now, blood dispersing in the water, she drags the cat under the water. Fast now, before Lily can call her back!

To the bottom of the sea.. Hold the cat firm, don’t let it get away! Laughs as the bubbles speed up then slow down..then stop. Nothing now but a limp yellow sack with black spots. Bite off the long tail.. Swim to the surface away from Lily.. Approaching Lily now as “Snowfeather”. Lily is panicked. Point out to the water now..back is to her.. Takes the tail from the satchel and wraps it around her neck.. Tighter..tighter.. Giggle at the gurgling and spittle.. Stroke her breasts like she does and laugh..

Gone now.. Toss the tail in the water.. Stomp her face until there is nothing left but a giant mass of bone and blood. Strip her down to nothing and leave a Crest from Stormwind at her feet. Become a seal again and lurk near the shore.. Clys arrives and finds Lily. Revel in the misery.

Gray vision and whispering voices soon entered Snowfeather’s mind. “Yes, ghost talker. I understand the penalty.” Snowfeather regains her corporeal form near the giant fish jaw gate of Booty Bay.

“Sweet Earthmother.. What is happening to me?” Checking her satchel she finds one last swig of ‘hooch’ and drinks it like it was her first drink of water in a month. She sighs heavily and mounts Proot. “Time to restock, little man. It’s the only thing that keeps it away..”

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