Aimira Aletohs

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((Just getting started here, some details likely to be added.))

Full Name: Aimira Aletohs

Nicknames: Aimira

Date of Birth:

Age: 63

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Female

Hair: Grey

Skin: Rosy


Height: Average height, I only stand out in a crowd of gnomes

Weight: Heavier than some, but it’s all muscle!

Place of residence: Whatever patch of ground my pet warms up.

Place of Birth: Family farm outside Ironforge

Known Relatives: I have two close cousins: Nug and Grumble; then a slew of Toh clan members

Religion/Philosophy: None to speak of…just try to live for the moment.

Occupation: Hunter and bomb-maker

Group/Guild affiliation: Toh Clan

Guild Rank: meh – we’re all cousins in the end

Enemies: Depends on who’s payin’

Likes: A good laugh and a decent drink made all the better with the company of a lad

Favorite Foods: Ravager dogs have recently replaced Thelsamar sausages at the top of my list

Favorite Drinks: A good dwarven stout is all that I need

Favorite Colors: Red and black

Weapons of Choice: A loud boom-stick and two supple axes

Dislikes: Being alone or out of control, Authority figures

Hobbies: Lads

Physical Features: Nothing of great distinction. I’ve been told I have a cheery twinkle in my eyes, but you’d have to be close enough to see it.

Special Abilities: I have a close affinity to my various pets and seem to make friends with them easily. Having grown up in a clan of hunters, I don’t see anything I do as all that “special.”

Positive Personality Traits: Easy to laugh, very open with family and friends I hold dear, never keep secrets

Negative Personality Traits: Running from any real responsibility

Misc. Quirks: Often I let a pet Toh check out new companions before I make judgements

History: Me history, eh? Wha’s t’ say? Ai grew up surrounded by me kin on th’ clan farms jus’ outside th’ Forge. Due t’ th’ generally cold season, we “farmed” pelts, goats, an’ ore more than real crops. Many o’ th’ family be hunters an’ sev’ral be artisans as well. Ai learned th’ basics o’ huntin’ an’ engineerin’ at a young age an’ helped provide fer th’ clan.

As Ai neared me 40th year, me pa announced tha’ he had found me a fine clan t’ join…a fine dwarf t’ marry. Arranged marriage ye ask…aye. Dinnae happen in all cases but our elders understood th’ importance o’ makin’ strong allies an’ expandin’ our influence. Havin’ met th’ old codger, Ai sought a way out o’ th’ situation. Wit’ me cousins Nug an’ Grumble recently joined t’ th’ King’s army, Ai announced me enlistment as well.

Regiment life dinnae sit too well wit’ me. Far horizons an’ freedom pulled at me heart an’ it were nae long ‘efore Ai said th’ wrong thing t’ th’ wrong officer. After words were exchanged an’ threats were made, Ai removed me red an’ gold tabard an’ took me leave o’ th’ Forge. Since then Ai’ve mapped lands far from home, fought beside e’ery race, an’ gained me own fortune.

Pity Ai’ll nay set foot in Dun Morough again.

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