Newfound life

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The young human moved from corpse to corpse, he was searching the dead for any loot he could possibly sell or use. He worked hard, not caring at all if anyone saw him or not. He had his body guard with him, a powerfull rogue to watch over him and take care of him should any horde attack. The moon hung brightly in the night sky. The stars blinked brightly in the night sky, winking down on the human as he works hard on looting the bodies.

Moving about the human found the body of a fresh kill, this one was different however. The body looked to be human, he could not tell for sure because it was face down. Reaching down he grips the body by the shoulders and rolls it over. The human looks down in shocked silence, his face a mask of horror. It was the rogue, the very rogue that was supposed to be watching over him. The human stands quickly and looks about with fear in his eyes.

The arrow seem to come from nowhere, coming into existance as if from nothing. The arrow flies straight and true, imbedding itself in the humans shin and out the backside. Another arrow came a split second later, slicing deep into the humans right shoulder.

Kromag watched from the darkness, his body hidden in the thick brush. He would let this human live, though he was sure he would bleed out by the time he got back to safety. Turning about Kromag headed out into the night, this human he let live was a sign of a new life for him.

He let the human go because Kromag actually felt the life coursing through his body. This one human he would let go, but from this day forward their will be no mercy for the alliance. This living, breathing orc would do all he could to wipe the Alliance into the nether. And bring about the rule of the horde.

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