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Amurthius Milicanus II

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Full Name: Amurthius Milicanus II

Nicknames: Amurth

Date of Birth: all records lost

Age: adolescent

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair: Short, brown, and practical.

Skin: Lightly tanned and scarred

Eyes: Gentle Blue

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 135 lbs

Place of residence: Wherever the journey leads

Place of Birth: Redridge Mountains, close to the border of the Burning Steppes

Known Relatives: Melisa Milicanus (Mother), Amurthius Milicanus I (father), Crystala Milicanus (sister)

Religion/Philosophy: Currently in Turmoil

Occupation: Rogue Miner

Group/Guild affiliation: SI:7

Enemies: All those who abuse the innocent

Likes: Revenge, Rocks rich with ore, cold steel daggers.

Favorite Foods: Goretusk Liver Pie

Favorite Drinks: Fine Wines

Favorite Colors: Black and red interwoven

Weapons of Choice: Daggers and Crossbows

Dislikes: Loud busy places, large open fields, stuck up people

Hobbies: sneaking around, crafting powerful jewelry, improving interpersonal skills

Physical Features: Nothing special, Amurth prefers to lay low. He does not work to improve his appearance. To the average person Amurth would seem little more than a young, common miner who has lived a rough life

Special Abilities: Stealing, precision crossbow work, keen ability to milk rocks for all the ore they contain.

Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, a newfound sense of honor, desire to help all who are oppressed

Negative Personality Traits:Hot-tempered and prone to outbreaks of violence (particularly in the face of injustice), weak but improving personal skills, at times very brash and clumsy.

Misc. Quirks: Occasionally very caring and emotional, has an extreme passion for beautiful waterfalls, loves the way daggers slide silently into an enemies back.


The Past: Amurth's family lived a quiet, peaceful life farming in Redridge. When Amurth was seven his home was attacked by an orc raid. Amurth managed to hide, and he watched as his mother and father were brutally murdered. His sister (fifteen at the time) was taken into captivity, never to be seen from again. His home was razed to the ground. The young youth barely made it to Lakeshire where he was adopted by an honest miner and taught mining to make a living. Eventually Amurth ran away from the miner and began to pursue a life of crime. He honed his skills of sneaking around and stealing. When Amurth was only fourteen he was caught while sneaking around a farm in Elwynn Forest. Without thinking he immediately grabbed his dagger and plunged it into the chest of the honest farmer. His first murder. Amurth gradually developed until at twenty he was deadly killer, a keen thief, and a powerful miner.

The Present: About a month ago Amurth was thieving around Northshire Abbey when he was caught and subdued by the town marshal. His imprisonment was a major time of recollection in his life. He was made to do community service mining in a local quarry and was shocked how much the people appreciated his work, even though he had recently been their enemy. While in prison Amurth began to think and realized his life had become no different than that of the people who killed his parents. The marshal upon noticing this change brought Amurth to a rogue in the town who began to train Amurth and showed him he could use his skills for good. He could silently assassinate dangerous enemies, stealthily "recover" sacred artifacts, and use his mining ability to craft beautiful and powerful jewelry. He then started off on a new life, to honor his parents and avenge their deaths by holding to a newfound sense of honor and fighting against those evil who attack innocent people in the land of Azeroth.

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