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Family picture taken on Christmas Day before I started feeling terrible!


My mother is all sour-faced because she was eating cherries as the photo was taken. xD

I also got a whole crapload of halo presents. The Arbiter and Drone in the 3rd photo were the most recent additions. The drone is amazing awesome. >_>

I think I got 6 presents. Only one of them had nothing to do with Halo. Apparently I'm the easiest person to shop for in the family. I can only imagine why.

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This was a gift for Noj's parents from us and his brothers and their women.


Try to guess which one I am!! (Talk about a bad hair day.. yikes.)

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Monthly nevada trip to go out shootin <3.



A brown kind of day.......



Me with a messed up eye after my MMA match, I still won but the jerk ruined my eye -.-

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Aminals! My pets at home.

Jake is a little bastard.


Sheba is not amused by your shenanigans.


Fritz is unsure of where he is.


And my baby, Sadie. She's....curious.


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Woo, menageries!


Missy is my personal dog. Kind of hard to tell in the picture, but if it looks like she's squinting it's because she has only one eye. She managed to pop it out in an empty kennel cage, and an infection eventually took it. She's lying on her back because she wants her belly rubbed, the fatty.


Buford is Missy's brother, believe it or not. They were part of a litter dumped in the park across the street from my house; we know of at least two more that survived and ended up with a different family on the opposite side. Unfortunately, Buford had a food allergy that went undiscovered until it was too late to save his vision - he's now blind, which means between the siblings there's one good eye.


Kirby is a patchwork pup. One of his ears stands straight up while the other one is permanently slumped over, and one of his front legs is a half-inch shorter than the other which gives him a Nazi-style goosestep. He's so ugly, he ends up cute. He has two good eyes, but he still runs into things.

There's still two more animals, but both like to hide from the camera. Hopefully I'll get them.

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OKAYS! Since my gamecard ran out and I don't get paid for about a day or two, figured I can contribute.

4:30 in the morning and bored as hell. Not nekkid. >.>

I eat puppy dogs for breakfast....

My baby, Patchrick, playing in the monkey grass. Quite possibly the cutest picture of him ever.

And finally, me and my better half on my graduation day a couple of years ago.

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I've had this hanging on my wall for a few months now and have been meaning to take a photo of it. I only just remembered it today.


After I did the propaganda poster for the Raven Cross, I got a professional print done through deviantArt. It turned out EXTREMELY well, and likely won't be the last professional print I get through them. It's A4 sized, and looks brilliant up on my wall.

I was considering actually getting the addresses of a bunch of close friends in the Cross and sending copies of the poster out to them for Christmas, but deviantArt got backlogged with orders around that time and my little plan fell through.


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Hey! Photos, eh? I can do that! This is my favorite picture of myself. It's the glasses, lol. Gotta love headache-inducing sensitivity to sunlight... (that's a big image)

And yes I trim my beard now. That was taken about 8 months ago when I thought I could grow a "long" beard as opposed to a "poofy" beard. Damn.

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Ok ok I'm on it. /rummages through endless pages of photobucket garbage/

Sorry if these are too big, some are from my camera phone, some are from my normal dig.

Image11s-1.jpg Oldish. Bad bangs...





Okay enough of that... [if they're too big, I'll switch them to links.]

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Incoming imagedump:


Christmas means beating your relatives with your Wii.




I can't pass a DDR machine without giving it a go.


Me and Femmons, and some crackwhore we picked up off the streets.


Not pictured: Shot of Ice 101 in my other hand.

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