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The Hand of Nozdormu [Letter]

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((Posted on the server forums as well.))

-Posted in all large cities, scribed in all languages-

To all peoples of Azeroth,

I, Herenth Absalom, Fallacy, the Burning Executor, Council Elder of Decimate, and the Hand of Nozdormu, have been ordered to assess the situation of the races of the world, and their impact on Azeroth's future. Using my own past experiences, and those told to me by the Timeless One, I have come to determine the greatest threat now facing us, and the actions that must be taken to prevent it.

On Fandral Staghelm: The Night Elves must take responsibility for the course that the Archdruid has taken. During the War of the Sands, he betrayed the Dragonflights and shattered the scepter to open the gates of Ahn'Qiraj, and vowed, against the Bronze, that he will recover his deceased son by any means. Nozdormu has anticipated and percieved that he will try to twist time to his own purpose, to stop the death of his son to the Silithid, disrupting the order. He has already done an act of defiance against the Green Dragonflight by creating the bastard offspring of the World Tree, Teldrassil. If no effort is made to stop this madness by the Night Elf people, I must perform the will of the Timeless One, no matter the course, even if it leads to assassination.

If to prevent destruction, so be it. The survival of the world is what my master is most occupied with, and, as his Hand in the mortal world, I will enact his will. Be assured, I do not wish for conflict, but for the better of all.


Herenth Absalom

((With the upcoming release of Ahn'Qiraj, I wanted an RP reason for Fallacy to participate. With his recent dedication to Nozdormu, I thought this to be the best way.))

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