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The Desecration of Nalia

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Lascivious stood nervously among the crowd of gathering Horde in Darnassus. She was pleased with the speed of the summoning, but as a first-time raid leader, her nerves were on edge and drawn tauter from the night’s lack of sleep.

After crawling through the defensives of the city the night before, she had struggled to take rest in their hiding place among the shrubbery. Zorlonos the warlock slept easily confident in his felhound watching over him. Next to him the Troll mage Ensidious snored incessantly. Each breath of air he expelled cause her to cringe and only the need to have him present to summoning kept her hands from his throat. That and the displeasure it would mostly likely incur from Maledictus.

Today was not much better. Each growl of a pet, every sound of clinking armor brought a wince to her face.

Anything, Abric?

Nothing. They are sitting in a circle. There are some Blades here.


No, Whore. Your brother is not among them.

She sighed is disappointment. “How are you progressing, Morghoul?”

“We are all here,” the Crimson Watch commander told her. “How long will you be?”

“Only a few more minutes I should think.”

Once assembled, she motion for the force to move out. They followed along behind her treading as lightly as possible. At the top of the ramp, Grainger stepped forward casting a spell that suddenly turned one of the guards into a bleating lamb.

“Death to the Alliance! Glory for the horde!” she yelled as she rushed forward. The others followed screaming their battle cries!

They struck the guards into the front quickly and forced their way into the Temple of the Moon. Lascivious searched for the elf maid’s body. In truth she felt nothing for the elf. She was nothing. She was less than nothing. In death the Dark Lady found her wanting and so left her to rot. But she meant something to the human dog Jerone and this alone was enough for the desecration. She was devour the elf’s flesh before his eyes.

And there he was, the arrogant self-appointed keeper of the ruined heap called Stromguarde, standing like a pompous peacock as the others rose to face the onslaught. Suddenly, elven militia was everywhere. Pincus let loose his infernal on them. It laid them low, but there were so many of them.

Damn sneaky elves!

The horde fought valiantly, laying low several Alliance dogs, and making general mayhem in the elf holy place. But as more guards were summoned to the temple the tied began to turn. But it did not matter, they had accomplished more than expected. Reluctantly, the retreat was sounded.

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