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This bio will be updated as more is discovered by others around her and rumors have time to circulate.

Full Name: Amulette is the only name she will give at this point

Nicknames: None

Date of Birth: Non disclosed

Age: Elusive about her age

Race: Some kind of elf

Gender: Female, that much is definate

Hair: Formerly long curly, flaming orange-red. It is now medium length and golden to strawberry blonde

Skin: Formerly yellowish golden like maple wood. Now her skin is a peachy color

Eyes: Emerald green with a glow when the light hits them the right way.

Height: Just a tad shorter than average

Weight: A tad heavier than average among her peers. She has an ample cleavage, small waist but very full hips.

Place of residence: Undisclosed

Place of Birth: Undisclosed

Known Relatives: Undisclosed

Religion/Philosophy: Undisclosed

Occupation: Traveler

Group/Guild affiliation: none at the moment

Guild Rank: n/a

Enemies: undisclosed

Likes: Sunlight, rest is undisclosed at present

Favorite Foods: cheeses

Favorite Drinks: wines

Favorite Colors: whatever looks best with her complexion

Weapons of Choice: daggers, swords

Dislikes: undisclosed

Hobbies: undisclosed

Physical Features: She wear an amulet around her neck, a pendant in the shape of a crimson dragon, hanging on a heavy gold chain.

Special Abilities: Pure, glorius luck. Even though she is the clutziest, worst rogue known across several worlds, she still manages to kill whatever she hunts, less by skill and more by accident.

Positive Personality Traits: Yet to be revealed

Negative Personality Traits: Yet to be revealed

Misc. Quirks: Yet to be revealed

Played by What Famous Person: A cross between Michelle Pfeifer and young versions of Lucille Ball and Leslie Ann Warren

Theme Songs: Pink's "Cuz I Can"


So I'll cash my checks and place my bets

And hope I'll always win

Even if I don't I'm fucked because

I live a life of sin

But it's alright

I don't give a damn

I don't play your rules I make my own


I'll do what I want

Cuz I can


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I met her in the Silvermoon Inn the other night, for the first time. She seems intelligent enough, but very ignorant of things that are common place. She didn't know what a Tauren was. She didn't know that she was Sindorei, even, or that we have enemies. Frankly, she acts like she's from some other place entirely.

Still, I found her interesting and compelling, and my protective side rose up. I hope I see her again. She needs a teacher, a mentor, of some kind. Besides, she has a very nice butt. I'm a sucker for a nice butt.

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"Ah yes, this lovely little treasure... Perhaps still a bit naïve, she can learn." Ilevia stood eyeing her Journal, recording the events that took place when she first retold her story to Clys and Amulette.

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