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Alice McKay

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(( Alice is the owner of The White Rabbit Tavern. This is mostly for reference for folks wishing to interact with her in an NPC fashion. I've reserved the name Alice on TN (she's a level 1 mage) for occasional RP events, but otherwise she's an open NPC, feel free to put words in her mouth! :twisted: ))

Full Name: Alice Leani McKay

Nicknames: Alice, someone once called me Old Lady McKay, I would not recommend following their example.

Date of Birth: None of your business!

Age: Why I never,.. such rudeness deserves a smack on the hand!

Race: Human I should hope.

Gender: I am a Lady, I should think that would be obvious.

Hair: It is NOT grey... silver yes that is much better.

Skin: Well it is not nearly so fine and white as some noble lady's but I am fair enough.

Eyes: My Roland used to say they were the blue of the ocean on a cloudy day.

Height: Tall enough to reach the high shelves.

Weight: *gasps in horror*

Place of residence: Stormwind, Park District

Place of Birth: Westfall

Known Relatives: *sob* I don't want to talk about it!

Religion/Philosophy: The Light blesses us with its guidance.. blah, blah, blah. Are you going to order something or should I call the guards?

Occupation: Propatier of The White Rabbit Tavern, best food in all the human lands! In my youth I studied the arcane, but my family was too poor to afford advanced training.

Group/Guild affiliation: Stormwind Restraunters' Association, The Orphan's Assistance League

Guild Rank: SRA secretary.

Enemies: You mangy, stinking, mongrels! GET OFF MY LAWN!

Likes: Freshly cut mageroyal.

Favorite Foods: Westfall Stew with a side of moist cornbread. Top it off with some fresh cherry pie if you please!

Favorite Drinks: I tell you what I don't care for, wines these days.. far too fresh for my tastes.

Favorite Colors: Gold. *cough*

Weapons of Choice: W...weapon? *laughs* Oh you are a jester I see!

Dislikes: Light blasted dogs IN MY FLOWER BED! OUT OUT OUT!

Hobbies: Oh, I like to knit little sweaters for the local orphanage.

Special Abilities: Well I do cook a very fine cherry pie if I do say so myself.

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