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Brothergrim's Complete Tale

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The following Story is told by Brothergrim before the truth was revealed to him

My Name is BrotherGrim i am an orphan. I was raised by a skilled blacksmith in the outskrits of the barrens his name was Gragthor Greyhammer. He took me in not as son but as slave labor many days were filled with hard work and lifting heavy ores. He was not a kind orc but fair after my labors each night he would teach me the ways of weapons and show me a bit about blacksmithing.He kept me feed and clothes my back. I was proud to have learned a skill for many orphans never find a home and considered this lucky.Gragthor wasnt a orc of many words he was an orc of action skilled in the art of the bow i saw him take many rogue down and brought back much meat to fill our bellys.Most of the time he communicated with grunts or looks ,i surely found out which grunts and looks were bad and good.Never a rich orc he made enuff to keep us cothed and his blades sharp. On very few occasions he would talk with me by the fire drunken from ale.he told me storys of the orc's past and how we should be proud of who we are and take care of the land. Those were my fond memorys of Gragthor. I asked Gragthor once if i could take this name he told me i was not worthy of his name a slave orphan would never carry his name he beat me that night. His son was killed outside the crossroads i could sometimes hear him wispher his name at night.Grim.....Grim,,,.After my nineth birth year give or take a month Gragthor died his time in the barrens had come to pass he pulled me close with his last breaths said search for your father through proudmoore.

The only memorys i have of my parents are fading blury images smiling faces ---some screams--red glows of fire--and i a smell i have come to recognize as death.I shall search for my past through this proudmoore a place, a man, a demon? I named myself BrotherGrim for i am a brother to all orc's and Grim for my owners son's name without Gragthor i would be a begger outside of the crossroads.

At my 13th season as a warrior i found a kind brave orc Brakogar of The FrostWolf BrotherHood .I have heard many tales of these orc's proud honorable clan from my owner Gragthor.He saw honor in my words and now i have flurished under there teachings. Somehow i feel at home maybe this was my home all along.My Brothers have said they would help unravel my past i shall write down more of my past as it becomes fact.Long live the Horde!


The Frostwolf Brotherhood

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The following story tells the Aftermath of the trial held by The Frostwolf Brotherhood against Brothergrim for consorting with members of the Burning Blade in a misguided attempt to find out about his past and himself and therefore exposing his soul and spirit for manipulation by the twisted warlocks.

After Brothergrim was sentenced to exile by the Frostwolf Brotherhood and the Horde, Brakogar the leader of The Frostwolf Brotherhood felt conflicted as he felt guilt at having exiled someone who was one of his closes friends, but knew that this action was necesary to make sure that Brothergrim had truly redeemed himself and abandoned The Burning Blade. Brakogar hoped that Brothergim will refelct upon himself while in solitud just as Orgrim Doomhammer once did and find a way to make things right for himslef.

Brothergrim was indeed reflecting on what had transpired in the past few days. His desires to know more about the mysteries of his past and how this desire had brought him to seek The Burning Blade and how he allowed them to both twist and manipulate his passions to their own ends. After reflecting his current state, he realized the Thrall's teachings were correct and that following the Burning Blade only resulted in himslef been manipulated like a puppet and exiled from the Horde.

After much thought in solitud, Brothergrim knew what he had to do! He knew that the Burning Blade and The Burning Legion still had a small hold on him and in order to rid himslef of the curruptive Bloodlust, he needed to destroy the source of it just as the mighty Grom Hellscream had once freed the Horde by destroying Mannoroth!

Brothergrim jouneyed to Thunderaxe Fortress in Desolance where he knew one of the Burning Blade Warlocks most responsible for his current curruption resided, he knew that once he was dead he would be his old self again. As he entered ThunderAxe, he was greeted by The Burning Blade Guards, but Brothergrim returned their greetings with the blade of his axe. He defeated many of the Burning Blade guarding the wretchet Warlock, using the very Bloodlust they had given him against them by striking with fierce unnatural strength. Soon only cut and mangled bodies paved the way to the main chamber of Thunder Axe Fortress. Upon reaching the Great chamber Brothergrim Sighted the Warlock and roared at him, the warlock's reaction was only a wicket smile, and then responded by saying "You wield the Bloodlust as well as your father once did. You are indeed a worthy diciple, it is a good thing that you scaped from Admiral Proudmore's fleet otherwise you would have met the same fate as the rest of your demon ridden family!" The Warlock then pulled a strange medallion from his pocket and displayed it for Brothergrim to see. "This medallion was once sought by your father and then by Proudmoore himself, It holds everything you ever wanted to know about your past and Your father was too weak to understand its power and was killed for his ignorance, he was not worthy enough to hold it!" The Warlock simply laughed mockingly and said "Go on strike me and you will have served your purpose!".

Brothergrim in a fit of rage beheaded the Warlock and took the medallion from him. He did not understand how the medallion related to his past or the death of his family, but decided to take it with him in exile.

At that moment in time a great force swept the Nether, so strong that all Shaman, mages and Priests throughout Azeroth felt its power. Many did not udnerstand but some did, some Shaman within the Horde knew that there was some kind of presence, an artifac that both did and did not have the blessing of the spirits or the elements, many went almost into madness trying to undertand this, but Drek'Thar of the Forstwolf Clan managed to figure what it was. He approached Thrall and said "Warchief Thrall, the origins of the disturbance we now feel is from an artefact of outmost power with origins dating back to the creation of the universe, perhaps the Titans themsleves, and that this Item could be used to both create and destroy all." Drek'thar also mentioned that who ever now holds it is under much turmoil and his state is volitile and anything could happen, at that moment Brakogar of The Frostwolf Brotherhood walked in and said "I know who has it, it is Brothergrim and I know where to find him."

Krasus a reknown Mage of Dalaran was the first to inform the Alliance of what was been felt in the Nether. He understood it best as he was no ordinary mage but a Red Dragon in Humanoid form. He approached the Dalaran council who was still bussy reconstructing their once great city and said "It has been done, The hand of Sargeras has been activated."

Both the Alliance and The Horde knew that they must get to Brothergrim first as whoever holds the Hand of Sargeras would would be able to either Destroy or create as the artefact represented absolute power. Both sides intended to destroy it, but there was so much hate between them now that each side was convinced that their counterpart would only use it for evil and as an advantage towards the other. The Alliance was determined to stop the Horde from acquiering it and the Horde was determined to find it and destroy it.

Written by


Former leader of The Frostwolf Brotherhood

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The following Story begins shortly after Brothergrim defeated the Burning Blade Warlock in Desolace and concludes at the End of the Great Search conducted by The Frostwolf Brotherhood.

It had been almost 3 weeks since Brothergrim had confronted and killed the Burning Blade Warlorck leader in Desolace. The Warlock had been responsible for reigniting the dreaded Demonic Bloodlust that resided within his soul and was once a curse designed to manipulate the actions of the Horde to do the bidding of the Burning Legion.

Brothergrim had been sitting in a crudely made camp which he made every night and packed up every morning leaving no trace that he was ever there. It was a dark night in the shadowy Forest of Ashenvale, Brothergrim tried to keep the pain and shame of his rescent actions that lead to his exile away from his thoughts by preoccupying himslef with the hunting and killing of the rogue demons that resided in certain areas of the forest. The Demons were what remained of the Legion's failed invation of Kalimdor a few years past. Without their masters to command and direct them, the chalenge of the hunt was litle more than killing stags, but it served to keep his mind at ease as demons were responsible for much of the suffering that his race and himself have endured.

Since his attack of the Burning Blade stronghold of ThunderAxe Fortress, Brothergrim had thought every night of the words spoken by the Burning Blade Warlock before his death, his words haunted, but in particular he remembered what he said about his father:

"You wield the Bloodlust as well as your father once did. You are indeed a worthy diciple, it is a good thing that you scaped from Admiral Proudmore's fleet otherwise you would have met the same fate as the rest of your demon ridden family!"

Brothergrim did not understand what the Warlock meant as he had no recolection of who he was and where he came from. Brothergrim's earliest clear memory was that of been found,cared and taught by an old Orc blacksmith by the name of Gragthor Greyhammer. He was told by Gragthor that he had been found washed ashore in one of Kalimdor's shores among the wreckage of a ship. It had been Brothergrim's desire to find out which clan he was from and who his parents were and now after listening to the Warlock, his heart felt fear at the thought of learning about his origins.

One night as he lay under the tall trees of Ashenvale, he found himself once again thinking about the Warlock's last words. This time he remembered about the strange Gold Medallion that he had shown Brothergrim before death.

"This medallion was once sought by your father and then by Proudmoore himself, It holds everything you ever wanted to know about your past and Your father was too weak to understand its power and was killed for his ignorance, he was not worthy enough to hold it!"

Brothergrim had been carrying the medallion all this time with him, but did not give it much thought due to its plain looks. Again the Warlock had mentioned his father in relation to the amulet and had also once again had mentioned this Proudmore. Brothergrim had heard the name before, it was the name of a Human leader or lord responsible for a massive attempted invation on the Orc's nation of Durotar just before he had been found by Gragthor. Brothergrim knew that the human had been slayed by Thrall himself at the end of the battle, but did not see any relation between him, his father or the amulet. Proudmore was afteral a Human. He dismissed Warlock's words as he was likely raving mad from demonic curruption.

Brothergrim did not notice it, but he felt asleep as he was holding the Amulet within his hands. Within his dreams, Brothergrim found himself as a bodyless entity watching the entrance of some great temple. The Temple looked Night Elven in its architecture and similar to the ruins found around Ashenvale Forest, only that this time they appeared to be on some sort of Sun lit tropical Island in the middle of the Great Sea. Although Brothergim was aware that he was dreaming, he felt an elevated sense of conciousnes and awareness. He continued to watch the Temple's entrance until he saw a figure emerge from its depths.

Brothergrim saw an elaborately dressed Orc emerge from the Temple, The Orc was clearly dressed in Warlock garments with a hood that covered most of his head, he appeared old and worn. The old warlock was not alone, right behind him there was a similarly dressed Warlock, only that he seemed both young and strong. As the old Warlock emerged from the shadows of the temple, he removed his hood, and despite his face been twisted by age, he had a pround and arrogant look on him. The young warlock emerged to the light and to Brothergrim's surprise he found him to be very familiar, too familiar in fact as the young Warlock had an uncanny resemblence to himself. The old Warlock begun to speak in a rough but commanding voice.

"Medivh's visions were accurate, We have finaly found the Tomb of Sargeras! I shall venture further within with the aid of the Shadow Council in order to find the Eye of Sargeras and have this entire wretchet world kneel before me!"

The old Warlock then reached into his pocket and removed an old, badly coroded amulet. He gazed upon it with dire admiration for it and offered it to his follower.

"You will need to take the amulet we unearthed within the Tomb's entrance. It may not be as powerful as the Eye of Sargeras, but there is great potential in it. Take it back to the main land and guard it with you life.

The Warlock suddenly appeared to loose his confidence for a moment, and faced his younger follower.

"There are many potential traitors among us, I have taught many of my followers too well and will likely attempt to betray me and take the power of the Eye for themselves. However your loyalty to me has always been strong. if you do not hear from me again, you are to return to this island and do as instructed"

The Warlock then handed the Amulet to his follower. The younger orc then Stood up straight and bowed as a sign of respect.

"I shall guard the amulet with with every drop of my life, I only exist now to protect it and do you bidding master! I shall await your return and if you do not, I will come back and perform the ritual!"

The younger Warlock suddenly saluted his master as an equal and said.

"Unimaginable power awaits you Great Gul'dan, we shall see each other again!"

Gul'dan just nooded to his aprendice and headed back into the temple. Brothergrim somehow knew that the Warlock would meet his fate within the depths and never see the sky again .

Brothergrim woke the following morning with a sense of confusion and fear. He checked his body and limbs to see if he was now a whole being and not just a spirit haunting the forest, to his relieve his found that he was still made of flesh and bone. He checked his surroundings to make sure that he was safe and then begun to think about his dream. He had learned from his former leader and mentor, Brakogar, that Gul'dan was once a powerful but wicket Warlock who manipulated the Horde for his own crazed quest for power and eventualy his actions caused the break up of the Orc Clans and the Victory of the Second War. He then disapeared along with many of his followers and presumed dead.

Although still shaken by his dream, particularly of the resemblence that Gul'dan's follower had to himself, but as the sun rose further up into the sky, he dismissed the whole dream as just that, a dream created by his fears and confusion and therefore of no importance.

The following night, Brothergrim noticed a change in the amulet, it had begun to glow brightly. He tried to keep it concealed so that it would not give away his position, but the light was getting brighter and brighter. Brothergrim then begun to feel a vibration in the earth, as if a great army was moving accross Ashenvale. The vibration had quickly changed to the thumping of feet and he soon begun to hear shouts. At first Brothergrim feared that the Alliance had amassed a large Army and was headed to invade the Horde lands, but as the shouts and thumping got louder, he knew that they were not marching in formation but appeared to be devided in many directions.

"Search Teams! Whoever they are, they must be searching for me!" though Brothegrim. He then noticed the bushes ahead of him being cleared and as some figures emerged from them. Brothergrim readied his axe and was ready to defend himself, but instead of seen the Alliance charging at him, he saw Horde search teams emerging. When they reached Brothergrim they begun to demand for him to hand over the amulet.

"Hand over the Amulet, before it is too late. The Alliance may be near, we are fortunate to have reached you first!"

Brothergrim saw a strange look in their faces and did not know why the Horde or the Alliance would be looking for the Amulet. He reached within his pocket and grabbed it with his bare hands and in that very instance he seized to be in Ashenvale Forest and was once again a spirit overlooking the strange island.

This time he was closer to the Island's shore near the beach. He could see the entire island much more clearly now and realized that it was very small, not much larger than the temple constructed upon it. Brothegrim was facing some kind of ancient stone Altar, but there appeared to be no living soul nearby. Brothergrim once again felt an elebated sense of awareness and heard something approaching from the sea. It was an old Orcish transport vessel, crudely made of whale bones and dried skin. It appeared badly damaged and was barely able to reach the shore of the island. Shortly after the boat hit the shore, an orc jumped from it. It was Gul'dan's aprendice, the young Orc that Brothergrim had seen speaking with the dreaded Warlock in his previous dream and who had an uncanny resemblence to himself. The orc did not look as youthful as before, he appeared to have aged somewhat and had several battle scars in his body and some on his face. The Orc Warlock was clearly no longer a follower, but his own master.

The Warlock was not alone, shortly after he disembarked, an Orc woman followed him out, she was also dressed in elaborate Warlock garments. Brothergrim felt something within him that he could not identify when he saw the Orc woman, he somehow knew the woman and cared for her, but what shocked him the most was what emerged from the boat after her. Brothergrim was startled by what he was seeing, it was a young Orcling barely old enough to hold an axe, he appeared confused and disoriented. Brothegrim could not see him properly as he seemed to always be behind the Orc woman and covered his head with a raggy cloack to protect himself from the harsh sear wind. Brothergrim assumed that the Warlock had fled the mainland and brought his family to the island for safety.

The three Orcs begun to make their way towards the nearby Stone Altar on the beach, The young Orcling followed his parrents closely. Upon reaching the Altar, the Orc woman signaled the Orlcling to move a small distance behind it. Gul'dan's former aprendice then reached into his pocket and removed the same worn amulet that Gul'dan had given him. Due to the Orc's appearance and the fact that he now had a family, he suspected that several years had passed since he left the Island at Gul'dan's bidding. The Warlock then placed the badly coroded amulet on top of the stone altar and both him and the woman positioned themselves around it. Both the male and female Warlocks begun a strange chanting that Brothergrim could not understand and suddenly the amulet begun to vibrate violently and a fearsome Light begun to emerge from the top of it.

It was a portal! Using the power of the amulet and their own magics, both warlocks continued their chanting and with every passing moment the portal grew larger and larger until it was about twice the size of a full grown Orc. After the warlocks were satisfied with the size, they change the rythm of their chanting, the amulet then begun to eminate a transulscent field of power encircling both the altar and the portal. The portal suddenly begun to spin and a Demon materialized from within it, but not just any demon but an Eredar, the race of demons that made up much of the leadership caste of The Burning Legion. The Eredar first appeared startled as the portal had pulcked him from the depths of the Twisting Nether into the depths of Azeroth, the demon attempted to break free but was encased within the magical field. The demon then stopped his attempts of breaking free through his magical case and looked down upon the Warlocks who had now seized their chanting.

"You wretchet Mortals! Once I am free I will give you the pleasure of a slow and painful death!"

The young Orcling was horrified and hid further back behind some bushes, but the Warlock pair looked unimpressed and begun their chanting once again. At first there appeared to be no reaction to their arcane words, but suddenly the Demon begun to scream in pain and appeared to be slowly melting into the amulet. It was a grusome site for Brothergrim, despite the fact that it was a demon, he saw how first the skin then the innards and finaly the bones of the demon slowly melted into the the amulet.

Once the demon had been fully consumed within the amulet, Borthergrim could see that it no longer looked worn and battered, but in fact looked identical to the amulet that was now in his possession. The Warlock couple seemed pleased with themselves and suddenly a loud voice was heard from the sea.

"This is Lord Admiral Delin Proudmoore of the Kul Tiras expeditionary fleet. On behalf of King Terenas of Lordaeron you are commanded to seize your sorcery and surrender inmediately!"

The three Orcs and Brothergrim himself were so preocupied with the summoning and sacrifice of the demon that they did not realize that a large fleet of human ships had surrounded the entire Island.

"This is your last chance, surrender now and you will be shown mercy. You and your family will be safely placed in an internment camp where you can live out your lives in peace. Otherwise you will be taken by force!"

At that moment both Warlock looked and smiled wickedly upon one another as if they had been blessed with some kind of opportunity. The female Warlock motion for the young Orcling to come closer and stay behind the altar and at that moment words of power were spoken by the warlocks and the magical field that once imprissoned the Demon now grew to encircle the three orcs.

"Seize your vile magics or we will be forced to open Fire!"

As soon as Proudmore ended his warning, one of the ships closest to shore was inmediately engulfed in a ball of fire. Almost inmediately all ships surrounding the island opened fire upon the Warlocks, but each strike that would have decimated the whole Orc family was absorved by the barrier that now surrounded them. Brothergrim noticed that the amulet now begun to spin on the Altars surface violently. The young Orcling remained hidden behind the altar, with a frightened look in his eyes.

The Warlock couple appeared to be linked to one another through the amulet and seemed to act as one concentrating on keeping the arcane shield up while the cononandes continued. As soon as there was a slite respite in the massive shore bombardment, both Warlocks faced the next closest ship, lifted their hands simultaneously upon the air and then a massive fireball came down from the sky striking the Frigate, the damage was so great that the ship exploded and sunk shortly after.

Another round of canonades begun and the magical field was once again absorving the ferocity of the imapacts, Brothergrim noticed that each time the power of the amulet was used to attack the ships or to absorve the canon fire, it begun to spin more wildly on the altar. Brothergrim also noticed a change in the wielders of the Demonic amulet, they seemed as if they had aged decades in just the few minutes since the battle begun, it was clear that the amulet was also powered by their life esence. Brothergrim was not the only one who noticed the impact of the amulte's use upon its wielders, The young Orcling had now rissen from behind the altar with concern for his parents and desperately tried to warn them, but they commanded him to stay back. The young Orcling obeyed his parrent's command and positioned himslef behind the altar but did not hide behind it. He observed the amulet closely glaring at its wild movements and then back at his parents with concern and fear.

As the fleet continued their canon fire, the largest of the warships begun to get closer within range of the shore. The male warlock pointed at it and said.

"That must be Proudmore's Flagship, we must focus our attacks upon it!"

His mate nodded and again they raised their arms and a massive fireball came down from the sky and impacted upon it. The impact had created a smoke screen around the wreckage and it was at first impossible to see anything, but as the smoke begun to clear, both warlocks were shocked to see Proudmoore's warship still afloat. Parts of its surface had been badly damaged and some spot fire could be seen, but the ship was largely intact and still approaching closer. As the ship came closer and closer to the shore, Brothergrim could see that there were several figures standing in formation around its top deck, they were Clerics, paladins and mages all using their combine power to create a protective field around the deck of the ship. Once again Proudmore's voice was heard.

"Your Demon ridden sorceries are nothing when compared to the Power of the Light!"

Both Warlocks were now filled with rage, allowing their bloodlust to dominate them and using the powers of the amulet they begun to attack Proudmoore's ship again and again in an attempt to break the Alliance's devine shield around the deck. It appeared as if the Warlocks were about to succeed as with every impact they managed to kill or drain some of the casters maintaining the shield, weakening it with each succesful strike, but by now the Power of the amulet had taken a severe toll on them, they looked almost like undead beings more bone than flesh. The young Orcling was now shouting at his parrents to stop but his cries were ignored.

The Warlock couple realized that they needed to take down Proudmore's shield at once and so begun to chant once again in some kind of ancient tongue. As they continued their chanting another canonade begun striking the Warlock's barrier and it appeared to be weakening. The Warlocks still continued their chant and with each word of power they both begun to glow and at the same time a firery storm begun to form on top of the entire fleet. Both Warlocks were now willingly giving their entire life esence to the storm and the Amulet begun to spin faster and rose from the Altar's surface while continuing its wild spin right in front the eyes of the young Orcling. The Orcling saw their parents dying as they completed their spell.

Several Bolts of lightning and fire begun to rain from the Demonic storm, striking several ships simultaneously with much of the strikes focused on the Flagship. Several Clerics were killed and its mast came down, but their Devinse shield managed to absorb much of the power but was not likely to sustain another attack. The Orcling watched in awe at the destructive power of the storm, but suddenly his mother collapsed to the ground, despite this his father continued with the spell. The Orcling ran to his mother and lifted her only to see her body fall to ash within his hands. It was now clear to the Orcling that just as his mother had, his father was also sacrificing himself to destroy his enemies. The Orcling lifted his hood and pleaded to his father to seize the spell, but it was too late, the Warlock was already consumed by his Bloodlust and would defeat his enemies even at the cost of himself and his family's lifes. The Orcling could no longer wait for his father to be consumed by the demonic talisman as his mother had been, so he reached towards the altar and seized the Talisman from mid air. The Barrier the protecting them suddenly seized to exist and the the Firery stormed seized. His father shouted at his son to place it back, but as he tried to reach his son a cannonball struck between him and the altar blasting away both father and son.

Brothergrim could not believe at what he was witnessing, and furthermore was shocked to recognized who the Orcling was. He then saw the humans begining to land on their ships to scout the area. Proudmore was among them aswell as several mages and clerics. They approached what was left of the altar and from under the wreckage they pulled out the broken remains of the Warlock. One of the mages found the talisman nearby and secured it within a small metal box, he then motioned to Proudmoore and said.

"We must take this East, back to Dalaran, it is an arcane artifact of outmost power. We must study it so that we can know its secrets"

Proudmoore looked at the mage and dismissed his words by saying.

"This is not a research expedition, Kralan. We are here to capture the renegade Orcs who have fled accross the great sea. If we allow them to regroup and gather their forces, they will force another bloddy war upon us"

As Proudmoore finished speaking, one of the sailors searching the Altar's wreackage called out.

"Sire we have a life Orc here, he is badly wounded."

As they were pulling the young Orcling out of the wreckage Proudmoore looked upon the unconcious Orcling with some contempt for all the ships and lifes that had been lost in his parrents attacks, but decided to show mercy as it was they way of the light.

"Take him onboard and tend to his wounds. We will keep it as a prisioner as we must sail West in search of the rest of it's vile race."

Brothergrim found himself back in Ashenvale Forest. Several Horde Search teams had now gatehred around him demanding for the amulet to be handed over. Brothergrim ignored their demands and begun to focus on what he had just witnessed. He now knew that what he saw on the island was no dream but a vision from the past given to him by the amulet. He was overwhelemed by what he had seen and tried to slowly put it together in his confused mind. Despite the initial shock, it was clear to him that the Orcling was himself as a child, captured by Proudmoore and taken to Kalimdor along with the amulet on his ship. The ship must have been destroyed during Proudmoore's failed invation of Durotar and the young Brothergrim was washed ashore along along with the amulet. Brothergrim was then found and cared for by the Orc Blacksmith Gragthor Greyhammer, while the amulet found itself into the hands of the Burning Blade Warlock.

Brothegrim now realized that the Amulet had been glowing because there were some among the Search Teams that wanted the amulet's power for themselves alone. More search teams then arived including The Frostwolf Brotherhood lead by Brakogar, the Orc who had exiled him only a few weeks past. Brothergrim knew that Brakogar would want the item destroyed, but could no longer trust any mortal in possession of it as its power was now very alluring. The item glew more brightly now as if it could sense the greed of the groups around it and suddenly an Undead mage by the name of Soraxis with a crazed and power hungry look on his face approached and demanded that the amulet should be handed to him and inmediately others begun to argue on who should take it. Weapons begun to be drawn and it appeared as if the Horde was about to tear itself apart for possession of the demonic artifact. Brothergrim inmediatly thought that perhaps that was what the Burning Blade Warlock in Desolace wanted all along, to have the Horde tear itself apart through their greed for the amulet's power and therefore reigniting the Demonic Bloodlust within the entire Horde.

Brothergrim thought once again of his visions and some startling facts begun to sink into his mind. His father was once a Stormreaver Warlock of Gul'dan's Shadow Council, his mother also a warlock of the same vile clan and both had been consumed and killed by their greed for power of the demonic amulet that he now held in his hand. The amulet fed from the greed for power of its wielder!

Brothegrim now realized that the Amulet was too dangerous, and anyone who wielded it would not only destroy himself, but everything he cared about. Brothegrim felt his rage grow, fueled by the anger and sufferint that his parents' Warlock ways had brought upon him and themselves. He was now fully aware that the Demon's ways only lead to self destruction and suffering. He then placed the amulet on the ground and focused all his rage onto his axe, and destroyed it.

The Amulet broke into several Gold pieces shattering its Demonic bonds to the arcane, making them powerless.

Brakogar of the Frostwolf Brotherhood then approached the still shaken Brothergrim and said.

"At ease Warrior! you have done it my friend, you have redeemed yourself."

Brothegrim gave an apologetic but confused look to Brakogar, Brakogar responded by saying.

"You were in possesion of unimaginable power, yet you chose to destroy it for the good of not only the Horde but the entire Realm"

Brothergrim now understood and saluted Brakogar. Brakogar saluted back and said

"We would be honored to accept you back with us. You have now proven that you can walk both the light and dark paths and not be lost in their endless cycles, but choose you own way and that has made you emune to any further curruption"

Brothegrim accepted Brakogar's offer and rejoined the Frostwolf Brotherhood. However he could not shake the feeling that this entire ordeal had been some sort of test of will imposed to him by the spirits but he knew that he was now stronger and wiser than ever before.

The End

Written by


Former Leader of The Frostwolf Brotherhood

The above stories are based on Brothergrim's initialy submitted tale and expanded by Brakogar as a series of RP events and stories conducted by The Frostwolf Brotherhood. The above story concludes Brothergrim's Tale of discovery.


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