Evanthe Cindersong

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To say that I havent enjoyed my time with Evanthe would be a lie. She's certainly... One of a kind. And now, she's mine... At least Skafloc and I dont want to tear each other apart though now. That's good though! Right? Right?

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She's not quite so much a warlock anymore. At least - I found that I could lie to her. Well, that's not entirely true. I tried to lie to her, but she saw right through it; read me like a book. I didn't get a chance to cut her and find out whether any more fel lurked in her blood. Maybe, though, I'm not so sure I want to?

She says she'd like to be friends. I'm not quite sure I believe her, but I really do want to. What was it about the way she kept gazing at me? My head was a little muddled at the time. There was just something... off... about how she kept looking me in the eye. Very bewitching.

There's the word of the day though, isn't it? She might not be a warlock anymore, but that doesn't mean she isn't still a witch.

...I hope she's a good witch.

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